All Druid Runes Locations Guide in Phase 2 SoD

Dreamstate Rune in SoD Druid Phase 2

Embark on the journey to harness the forces of nature with the Dreamstate Rune, the first Druid Rune in Phase 2, specifically tailored for Balance specialization. Follow this swift guide to unlock the Dreamstate Rune and amplify your capabilities in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery.

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How to Obtain the Dreamstate Rune

Location – Desolace:

  • Venture to Desolace and head to the open area between two huts.
  • Encounter centaur mobs ranging from levels 31 to 33 in this region.

Looting the Seed:

  • Engage and defeat the centaur mobs to loot a desiccated seed pod, resembling a small seed.

Watering the Seed:

  • Proceed south to the ponds in Desolace.
  • Submerge the seed into the water, magically watering it.

Returning North:

  • Head back north to the top-right area of Desolace.

Planting the Seed:

  • Locate a soil pile in the top-right region of Desolace.
  • Defeat any enemies guarding the area, then plant the watered seed in the soil.

Harvesting the Dream of the Rune:

  • After planting, a Dream of the Rune (Rune of the Dreamer) will appear.
  • Loot the dreamy essence to acquire the foot slot Rune of the Dreamstate.

Benefits of the Dreamstate Rune:

  • The Rune of the Dreamer provides a 20% bonus to critical damage and enhances nature damage.
  • Additionally, enjoy the perks of increased Mana regeneration, empowering your druidic prowess.

Equip the Dreamstate Rune, embrace the harmonious connection with nature, and embark on your adventures with newfound strength in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2. May the spirits of the wild guide you on your path.

Berserk Rune for Druids in SoD Phase 2

Prepare to embrace the primal might of the Berserk Rune enchantment as Druids delve into the mysteries of Season of Discovery Phase 2. The key to unlocking this empowering ability lies in obtaining the coveted Idol of the Heckler. Follow this guide to learn how and where Druids can acquire the Berserk Rune and tap into its formidable capabilities in World of Warcraft Classic.

How to Obtain the Berserk Rune

Location – Southern Barrens:

  • Venture into Southern Barrens and seek out the Beastly Effigy located at coordinates 68.55.

How to Obtain the Berserk Rune

Acquiring the Beastly Effigy Buff:

Learn Challenging Roar:

  • Ensure you have acquired the Challenging Roar ability from your trainer, available at level 28.

Summoning Zai’enki:

  • Activate Challenging Roar in proximity to the Beastly Effigy. After a brief moment, Zai’enki, a ghostly level 28 Elite hyena, should appear. Defeat Zai’enki, making use of your Druid skills. If needed, consider enlisting the help of a friend for additional support.

Looting the Berserk Rune:

  • Upon Zai’enki’s defeat, loot the Berserk Rune directly from its remains.

Harnessing the Power of Berserk:

  • Equip the Berserk Rune and unleash its power by activating the Berserk ability. This potent skill allows your Mangle in bear form to strike up to three targets without a cooldown. Furthermore, it reduces the energy cost of all your cat form abilities by 50%, granting you 15 seconds of enhanced combat prowess.

King of the Jungle Druid Rune Guide

In Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery, a formidable Rune known as “King of the Jungle” has been introduced for Druids. This Rune transforms Tiger’s Fury from a basic damage boost ability into a percentage increase, accompanied by an energy boost. However, the cooldown is significantly extended to prevent spamming. If you’re eager to unleash the true power of the jungle, follow this guide to obtain the King of the Jungle Rune.

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Acquiring the King of the Jungle Rune

Embarking on the Quest and Location- Journey into the Shadows:

  • Begin your quest at Deadwind Pass, located between Duskwood and Swamp of Sorrows in the Eastern Kingdoms. Head to the eastern side, descend down the path, and reach the Dalaran camp. The Dalaran agent there will provide you with a Relic Aridan Sigil, unveiling the presence of Dark Riders.

Hunting the Dark Riders – Relic Retrieval:

  • Form a group with at least two members ranging from levels 38 to 40. Venture to the locations of the seven relics guarded by level 40 Elite Dark Riders.

Relic Locations:

  • Curious Dalaran Relic: Northern Deadwind Pass, by the little creek

Hunting the Elusive Dark Riders - Relic Retrieval

  • Odd Dalaran Relic: Eastern Swamp of Sorrows, east of the Phow Sanctuary.

Odd Dalaran Relic

  • Glittering Dalaran Relic: Duskwood, Raven Hill Cemetery, northeast of Raven Hill.

Glittering Dalaran Relic

  • Slippery Dalaran Relic: Southern Badlands, northwest of the Mesa.

Slippery Dalaran Relic

  • Worn Dalaran Relic: Arathi Highlands, east of Refuge Point.

Worn Dalaran Relic

  • Heavy Dalaran Relic: Kalimdor, west of the Crossroads.

Heavy Dalaran Relic

  • Creepy Dalaran Relic: Desolace, south of Nigel’s Point.

Creepy Dalaran Relic

Returning to the Dalaran Agent – Rune Bestowment:

  • Once you’ve collected all seven relics, return to the Dalaran agent in Deadwind Pass. Hand in the relics, and you will be rewarded with the King of the Jungle Rune.

Mastering Tiger’s Fury – A Jungle’s Roar:

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  • With the King of the Jungle Rune in your possession, Tiger’s Fury becomes a force to be reckoned with. It transforms into a percentile increase in damage and provides an energy boost. Be mindful of the increased cooldown.

Further Guidance – Navigating the Druidic Paths:

  • Seek additional guidance or quests from the Dalaran agent to deepen your understanding of the druidic arts.

Eclipse Rune for Druid in SoD Phase 2

Druids seeking to harness the power of celestial balance can obtain the Eclipse Rune in the Season of Discovery. This enchanting Rune, akin to the Dream State Rune, is discovered in Desolace. Follow these steps to embark on the journey of acquiring the Eclipse Rune:

How to Obtain the Eclipse Rune

  1. Activation at Level 30:
  • Ensure you have reached Level 30 to initiate the process of obtaining the Eclipse Rune.
  • Head to the designated campfire at the red-circled spot on the map in Desolace.
  1. First Quest Location

Starting the Highway Robbery Quest Line:

  • Begin the quest line in Desolace, located just northeast of the Cenarion Wildland Graveyard. Find an abandoned camp on a bluff and interact with the campfire. This starts the “Highway Robbery” quest line, and you must be level 30 or higher to participate.

Highway Robbery

Seeking Clues from Bibby F’utzBuckle in Desolace:

  • Follow the quest line to Bibby F’utzBuckle in Desolace, situated in the middle of the map above the ridge near a set of huts. Bibby F’utzBuckle mentions Marauders as likely culprits and hints at their presence in pirity areas, leading you to Stranglethorn Vale.

Bibby F’utzBuckle

Toal and the Cherry Grog – Booty Bay Inquiry:

  • Head to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale and locate Toal in the Inn on the bottom level. Purchase a Cherry Grog from the bartender and bring it to Toal to proceed with the quest.

Illari DuskFeather – Seeking Answers in Arathi Highlands:

  • Toal informs you about Illarri DuskFeather, who can be found near Arathi Highlands. Fly to Arathi Highlands, head south to the bridge, jump into the water, and look for a rowboat. Use the rowboat to reach the eastern side of Arathi Highlands.

Illarri DuskFeather

Confronting Illari DuskFeather:

  • On the docks of the eastern side, find Illarri DuskFeather. Question her about the attacks in Desolace. Depending on your race, you may have a dialogue option to sympathize, leading her to give you the key. If not, prepare for combat.
  • Combat Option: Engage in combat with Illarri DuskFeather, a formidable opponent. Having a friend to assist you is advisable, especially given her high-level status.
  • Upon defeating her, she will leave behind a satchel containing the key to the nearby chest.
  1. Chest and Jewel-Encrusted Box:
  • Find the chest near the little shack on the north end of the dock.
  • Open the chest with the key obtained and complete the quest to receive a Jewel-Encrusted Box.
  1. Learning the Eclipse Ability:
  • Open the Jewel-Encrusted Box, right-click the Rune, learn your Eclipse ability, and apply it to your belt.

Eclipse Ability Interactions:

  • Casting Starfire increases the Critical Strike chance of your next two Wraths by 30%.
  • Casting Wrath reduces the cast time of your next Starfire by 1 second.
  • Star Surge has a double-dip effect, applying both Lunar and Solar procs.

Additional Effect:

  • Both spells gain a 70% chance at all times to not lose casting time when taking damage.

Embrace the celestial balance, Druid, and wield the power of the Eclipse Rune to enhance your spellcasting prowess. May your lunar and solar energies converge for unparalleled versatility on your journey.

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