Return and refund policy

  • Cash and credit refund

Cash refund: • In accordance with European law, Frostyboost grants all of its customers (including non-European) the right to receive a refund within 14 days if the service has not yet started.

If our booster has already accepted the order and started preparing for its execution and we communicated to you that the booster has been assigned, the service has been launched and a full refund is not possible even if our booster has not yet logged in your account. The same can happen if a self-play boost is assigned and will be running soon. In such situations, these actions are considered part of the fulfillment of your service.

Frostyboost will refund your money if the service is not completed within DOUBLE the agreed time. For example, if the service is designed for 1-3 days, on the 6th day you have the right to demand a refund, even if we have already launched the service. In this case, you can receive a cash refund for the part of the service that has not yet been performed.

Seller pays return shipping upon return.

If the client has confirmed the performance of the service in full, the order is considered completed.

  • You cannot change the order, our boosters will fulfill the order in full, all additions will be made as a new separate order.
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