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Frostyboost is a great and friendly team of professionals that never stands still. We are always striving for development and day by day we improve both our service and game skills. We started our activity back in 2013, but our team became full-fledged, high-quality and truly invincible by 2020. During all this time, the Frostyboost team has completed thousands of orders for the legendary WoW, New World and other games! There are many more games ahead in which we will show our boosting abilities and help you achieve your goals!

Frostyboost always supports players in any of their endeavors, and therefore we offer you our boost services in absolutely any direction. There are only the best and most skilled players in our Frostyboost team. The level of professionalism of our boosters is really high. These are players who have years of experience. Thanks to their experience, they know the best ways to achieve your desired goal. In addition, all our boosters are responsible, reliable and skilled players. As for the boost services themselves, Frostyboost provides all services quickly and at the same time with the highest quality. Prices are affordable for all players, despite the high speed and professional quality of our work. We understand how important safety is for our clients. Your confidence in the safety of your data and your account is extremely important to Frostyboost team. That’s why we use all possible measures to protect your account from a ban, so the risk of getting it is minimal. If we have any doubts, we will notify you immediately! Frostyboost team is always ready to support you and help in any situation! Achieving success is easier and more enjoyable with the Frostyboost!

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Why should you choose Frostyboost?

Continuous Self-improvement
Day by day we improve our service and gaming skills to provide the best boost services.
A Team of Unrivaled Frostyboost Players
We have only the most motivated, experienced and talented boosters in our team.
Prompt and Quality Boost Services
By the time agreed with you, you will have a finished result that will definitely please you.
Affordable Prices
The prices for our boost services remain low and affordable.
Frostyboost guarantees the safety of your personal data and promises you reliability and complete confidentiality.
Support 24/7
You are free to contact us on the live chat or in Discord Frostyboost#6417 at any time.

How to place an order?

Choose the boost service that interests you the most, place it in the cart and, please, pay for the order in any way convenient for you.
Our manager will contact you to discuss all the details, questions you are interested in and the start time of the boost service.
At the agreed time, you will be able to start working together with our boosters if you have chosen a selfplay boost, or wait for the results when ordering a boost by a pilot.
Everything is done and you can enjoy the result! We look forward to seeing you again and wish you a great game!

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