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WotLK Raid Boost

WotLK Raids Boost and let your raids be amazing

Lich King Raids are such a part of the game that you can’t do without. To complete them, many skills, diligence, patience, and sometimes the help of professionals are needed. With the release of the updated add-on, raids will be carried out in two modes: 10/25 players. There will also be a choice of Normal or Heroic raid options. Completing raids is a rather difficult gameplay, and therefore you can immediately buy WotLK Raids Boost and be sure that together with PRO boosters you will definitely succeed. And the rewards will be more awesome!

Raids that awaits you in WotLK

At the beginning you’ll have an opportunity to complete these 3 WotLK raids:


There will be 15 bosses. The hardest level boss is Kel'Thuzad. This raid consists of 5 quarters, each of which will have its own boss. Running this raid you’ll be able to establish teamwork and learn how to plan and develop a strategy.

The Eye of Eternity 

Despite the fact that there is only one boss, the Blue Dragon Aspect, Malygos, the raid will be quite interesting and challenging. Upon completion, you will obtain loot and achievements corresponding to the selected difficulty level.  Your item lvl should be about 213-226.

Obsidian Sanctum 

You will find yourself in a hot place filled with creepy dragons. There are a lot of mobs here. You will have to apply strategic thinking to get rid of two mini-bosses and finally get to the main boss Sartharion.


Impressive in its scope and its quest line, Ulduar WotLK Raid has quite a few bosses in store for you. Over the course of hours, you will have to explore the vastness of prison for the Old God Yogg-Saron's most dangerous creature and eventually fight him and 13 other bosses in this raid.

Trial of the Crusader

This 10 or 25 player raid dungeon is designed as a place where crusaders of the Ashen Verdict will be able to train and fete their movement. You should have item lvl 232-258 and be ready to fight with 5 bosses.

Onyxia’s Lair

This is the real dragon lair, where you and your raid group will have to win one of the most dangerous dragons on Azeroth.

Icecrown Citadel

There will be a huge amount of undead in the Citadel and you’ll need to fight them so you get to the Frozen Throne. Here you’ll have the opportunity to defeat the main character of all WotLK raids, the Lich King itself! It will be a truly unforgettable sight. And you will need a lot of courage, skills, experience to enter Icecrown Citadel and fight all the bosses here, and there will be a lot of them.

The Ruby Sanctum

This is the sanctuary of possibly the mightiest dragon creature. With your raid party of 10 or 25, you will defend The Ruby Sanctum. To defeat the boss of this raid, Halion, you will have to work hard and prepare special combat tactics.

These are the main Classic WotLK Raids that you can complete. All of them are exciting and can bring you a lot of achievements, and especially battle experience. Buy Lich King Raids boost to feel more confident fighting bosses with an experienced and skilled player of Frostyboost team.

Why should you choose Frostyboost for WotLK Raids boost?

Our boosters are well aware of how difficult it can be for players to complete full raids run WotLK. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or have already played the game. Lich King Raids actually require a lot of time and effort. So Frostyboost players are ready to support you and guide you on the right path, suggest working tactics and procedures. Raiding with PRO players is a great solution if you want to not only run raids, but also have fun doing it.

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How do we work?

  1. You select the raid you want to complete with our boosters and pay for it.
  2. You will receive a message from our manager and you will need to discuss the details of the order. If you have paid for selfplay WotLK raids boost, then discuss a convenient time for everyone. If you chose piloted WotLK raids boost, please tell the operator the password and login from your account.
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  4. As soon as the raid is completed and the result is achieved, our work is done and we are sure that you will be completely satisfied.

We hope to see you again among our clients!


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Win with the best Frostyboost players

Buy WotLK Raids boost provided by Frostyboost team and complete all the raids in the pleasant company of the best team players, while collecting the best loot and defeating all encounters!

How many players can be in a raid group?

There may be only 10 or 25 players in a group.

What is the first raid I need to complete?

The first and introductory raid is the Naxxramas raid. Here you’ll face 15 bosses.

Why do I need a WotLK Raids boost?

Raiding is far from easy. Here you need skills, experience, special tactics and a well-coordinated procedure. This is often lacking for beginners, so going through raids together with a competent and well-informed booster could help a lot.

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