WotLK Mimiron’s Head Mount Boost

WotLK Mimiron mount boost
  • Description: The most advanced players, who have repeatedly obtained this mount for themselves and our customers, will make the reputation and collect the necessary currencies for you in order to get a valuable and admired WotLK Mimiron's Head mount
  • ETA: 1-5 resets
  • Rules: Active subscription WotLK WoW; Character level (80), decent gear
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Foreword about Mimiron's Head Boost

Mimiron's head mount is a wonderful riding tool from the famous Mimiron mechanic. This item is still one of the most popular because it looks really great, the developers have put a lot of effort into creating it. With this Mimiron's Head, you can simply head into the skies of Azeroth on the huge engineering device. To get this vehicle, you need to kill the last boss of Ulduar raid or buy the boost on our site.

How to receive Mimiron's Head in WotLK

However, this in-game transport mean is quite difficult to obtain. Despite what the name might suggest, Mimiron's head doesn't actually drop from Mimiron. Instead, the popular mount drops from Ulduar's final boss, Yogg-Saron. Unfortunately, just killing the boss isn't enough. In order for Yogg-Saron to drop the gorse, you must complete the Alone in the Darkness achievement, which requires players to defeat Yogg-Saron without the help of the four Guardians. To make things even tougher, only the 25-man version of the raid counts towards the achievement and the mount.

Why us

However, if you don't want to spend all your valuable time searching for any 25 man guild-static that isn't yet guaranteed to provide you with the items you require, then buy the boost and leave all this work to our pro-gamers.Whatever goal you set for our members, we will achieve it perfectly. We ensure you feel safe and secure dealing with us. We will carry out all WoW boosting services quickly and efficiently. The quality of our services is consistently high, as well as the quickness of the boost.

How the service works

  1. In case you are interested in this boost and decide to order it in order to receive WotLK Mimiron's Head Mount Boost, please put the boost in the shopping basket and confirm your purchase request
  2. One of our team managers will contact you to get the account details
  3. Afterwards, we will select the most relevant boosters for you, who will immediately begin fulfilling your order
  4. The order will be completed as soon as possible, then you will be asked to submit an approval and payment of a certain amount of currency

Our requirements for the client

  1. The details of your account (if you don't choose SOLO) where you would like to get Mimiron's Head Mount Boost
  2. Valid subscription WoW WotLK Classic
  3. Max character level 80
  4. Decent PvE Gear

Become one of those who own the Mimiron's Head

You can receive the Mimiron's Head quickly and easily with the support of our boosters. Become one of those players who own this unbelievably amazing mean of transport in WotLK!

What time will it take your PRO-boosters to proceed with the assignment?

The assignment of a booster usually takes no more than 1-2 hours, depending on the daytime.

Is this service truly safe for the client?

The FrostyBoost team cares about keeping you safe and secure with us. For that reason, we have software that allows us to complete your order and protect your account from being blocked.

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