WoW WotLK Ulduar HM Boost

WoW WotLK Ulduar HM Boost
  • Description: The most experienced players who have successfully completed all WoW WotLK raids will do their best to ensure that you gain the highest level of equipment for your character. You can also gain many difficult to obtain and highly respected achievements from Ulduar raid.
  • ETA: During one reset
  • Rules: Character level 80; decent PvE gear for Ulduar hardmode
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Foreword about the Ulduar Hard Mode Raid Boost

As 2nd phase of Wrath of the Lich King Classic began testing, players were able to find out the changes to Ulduar's loot across all modes in relation to the original version of the expansion. The developers have decided to raise the item levels of the raid, so that it will remain relevant for longer and gamers will continue to enjoy it and stay motivated to visit the game even after the launch of the 3rd phase.
You can check out how exactly the ilvl of Ulduar's HM epic items changed in the following link: Buffing item levels in Ulduar and pre-nerf Ulduar for Wrath Classic.

Why us

  • However, if you don't want to spend all your valuable time searching for a guild-static that isn't yet guaranteed to provide you with the items you require, then leave all the work to our pro-gamers.
  • Furthermore, you will significantly increase your equipment level in the current realities of WotLK Classic. And even more importantly, you'll do it so fast that you won't even realize it's happening, because you'll have a team of experienced Frostyboost players with you. With us the whole process will be fun, interesting and above all productive!

How it works

  1. If you are interested in our attractive service and decide to order it in order to get the best possible items for your class, put the boost in your shopping cart and confirm your purchase request.
  2. Inform our team of a suitable date and time when you would like to start the WotLK Classic Ulduar HM Boost. Also you should tell us the items you are interested in receiving.
  3. The FrostyBoost team will find the right boosters for you and they will surely go with you or your character to conquer Ulduar in hard mode.
  4. The order will be completed as soon as possible and then you will be requested to confirm and submit your order for payment.

Our requirements

  1. Max character level 80.
  2. In case you have chosen to boost by 'account sharing', please provide your account login details.
  3. Active subscription WotLK Classic

You will be one of the first to receive max ilvl items

With the support of our boost team,you'll be able to obtain such truly hard-to-mine items in the Ulduar Hard Mode WoW raid without too much trouble. You will undoubtedly be one of the lucky few players to get 252ilvl items!

How many items do I receive after passing Ulduar Hardmode in WotLK Classic?

With the support of our gamers,you’ll be 100% guaranteed to get 5 bis items from Ulduar Hard Mode.:In addition, you will gain some achievements from Ulduar raid as well as gold.

What does the Ulduar in hardmode mean?

Certainly with the 3.4.1 WotLK Classic release, Ulduar-type raids now include the Hard Mode. This means that in addition to the normal difficulty modes, raids now have a more difficult mode. Activating Hardmode Ulduar will reward you with 239 and 252ilvl items.

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