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You are free to choose any achievements you would like to have and Frostyboost team PRO players will get this achievement by completing the tasks corresponding to the achievement.

wotlk achievements boost

Buy WotLK Achievements boost – The most enjoyable way to get Achievements

With the release of the updated WoW Wrath of the Lich King expansion, players will have a huge number of opportunities to earn Achievements points. However, some achievements are very difficult to obtain. It can take hours, or even days, to receive them. You need to be very diligent and hard-working, and also have a lot of time to get this or that achievement in WoW WotLK Classic. An excellent solution would be WotLK Achievements boost. Frostyboost team boosters will take on this difficult burden and give you all the achievements you want. This is truly the fastest, most enjoyable and productive way to get any, even the most difficult, achievement in WotLK.

Why should you choose Frostyboost for WotLK Achievements boost?

  1. Quality

Buying WotLK Achievements boost on our Frostyboost website, you get a 100% result. Our boosters are high-ranking players with vast experience behind them. They are very responsible and hardworking guys. They never give up in case of failure, but only stubbornly continue to achieve their goal. When ordering from Frostyboost, you will not hear about the transfer of the order or even about the cancellation. They will reach the goal, and you will get a 100% result.

2. Completion of the order on time

As mentioned above, we do not transfer work and do not postpone it, which means that your order will be completed within a clearly defined time frame. In which case, we will warn you of any difficulties that have arisen, so that you do not worry again.

3. Security of your personal data

We understand how important it is to be confident in the service you use and the security it provides. We guarantee you that we are always careful and accurate in our work. By providing us with your account, you will receive it safe and sound. The risk of getting banned when applying to Frostyboost team for boosting services is always minimal.

4. Low price for boosting services

The Frostyboost team always tries to keep prices low and comfortable for customers. But the quality does not suffer from this. We only strive to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to use high-quality and affordable carry services.

What services can we provide for WoW WotLK Achievements boost?

The Immortal title

This rare title is given for completing a raid. We will need to defeat all the Naxxramas bosses and you will get this title.

The Undying 

In order for you to earn this title, we'll need to complete the 10-player update of Naxxramas between the weekly resets. This will need to be done so that each member of the team remains alive until the very end of the dungeon.

The Arena Master title 

Achievement is obtained during the battles in the arena. You will need to win 300 battles and raise the arena rating to 2200.

Glory of the Hero

Completing all dungeons in Heroic mode will earn you this title and a quick Red Proto-Drake mount. 

Last Man Standing

Being the only survivor in a 5v5 ranked battle is not an easy task, but we will achieve it for you. You’ll have the Last Man standing Achievement and all loot obtained during the boost.

The Explorer 

A lot of travel awaits the one who will undertake to achieve this title, because we have to uncover the entire map and all the regions available in WoW WotLK. Thanks to this, you will receive the Explorer title, 880 Achievement points and the entire map of WotLK will be open to you.

The Loremaster

Completing about 2000 quests in different zones will allow you to get The Loremaster title. As a reward, you will receive this respected rank and a tabard.

Hero of the Horde / Hero of the Alliance Achievement boost

This achievement is considered one of the highest and most significant. Players need to be diligent and skillful at the game to earn this achievement. You can get it by getting into the first 0.5 of the ranking table of your faction.

The Insane in the Membrane Achievement boost

In order to get this achievement, you will need to achieve an improvement in the attitude towards your character in several places in the game. It usually takes a lot of time and effort, so you yourself can go a little crazy. But our boosters will do it faster and without any sacrifice on their part. You will receive the Achievement Insane in the Membrane, The Insane title, and the Exalted reputation.

WotLK Khan Achievement boost

If you want to get the Khan PvP achievement, Frostyboost PRO players will have to complete a very large number of battleground grinds. So you’ll have the Khan title, a big amount of Achievements, conquest and wins points.

Honor level 500 

Frostyboost team players will have to participate in PvP battles every day to get honor points. Upon completion, you will also receive the Prestigious Bloodforged Courser.

100 Exalted Reputations 

This achievement is earned by getting the Exalted reputation with 100 different factions. Boosters will complete daily tasks and boost all reputations in WoW WotLK.

Nemesis Warlord of Draenor 

Before the boosters, the task is to complete all of the Nemesis quests and kill 500 representatives of each enemy faction on Draenor. As a reward you will receive the Warlord of Draenor title.

Honorable Kills Achievement boost

This achievement is given for achieving 100 000 or 250 000 honorable victories. You will also get the Bloodthirsty title. 

You can also choose any festival achievement that will appear as the holidays roll around. We will be happy to help you achieve the special festival achievement!

WoW WotLK Achievements boost Discount 

Please visit our Frostyboost website periodically to check for the latest information. Here we often report about discounts for various boosting services. Discounts are from 5% to 15%. Do not miss the opportunity to purchase carry service at a very favorable and pleasant price! You can also check the information on discounts in a live chat on our website.

Achieve more with Frostyboost

Before you there is a huge selection of achievements for all tastes. Choose the WotLK achievement that you really want to get, contact Frostyboost and we will get it together! 

What WotLK Achievements can I get with Frostyboost?

We present to your attention any kind of achievements. You can choose any of the types of achievements presented on our website and we will achieve it for you. Among the most requested services: Glory of the Hero, the Arena Master and some others.

What achievements in WotLK are more prestigious?

It depends on your taste, goal and from the direction of your game: PvP or PvE.

How many achievements are there in WoW WotLK?

Players can have over 800 different achievements.

Is it hard to get the WotLK achievement on your own?

Yes, it is really very difficult. Many achievements require excellent, even professional, gaming skills, a team of like-minded people, diligence and a lot of time.

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