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Here, players can choose an already boosted account with any race, class, profession, and immediately start a new game with a ready-made account.

WotLK Account for sale to start your WotLK journey from scratch

When creating and improving their account in WoW Wrath of the Lich King expansion, players, one way or another, may miss some important detail, such as the BiS gear, a rare mount, armor, weapon and much more. There are so many different events in WotLK that it is very easy to lose sight of something. If you want to purchase an account that has all of this or want to try out a new class or maybe prepare for the new WotLK expansion, visit Frostyboost! Here, players will have a large selection of various accounts, with different classes and professions, so you can choose any account that you like. This is a great opportunity for players to try their hand in new expansion at playing a new character, a different class, to become a valuable member of the guild or an invincible player in the arena! 

If suddenly you decide that you want to start your journey in Wrath of the Lich King expansion from scratch, but you don’t want to spend time replaying all the main WotLK moments, we offer you a great solution! After all, we imagine how sometimes a player wants to simply and quickly, without any hassle, get a new character, a new account, and therefore we offer you our boost services in WoW WotLK Accounts for Sale. By selecting the character, its class they want, players will also be able to specify additional boost services you’d like to have, and we will achieve it! So, your new account will have all the achievements, gear, rewards, mounts and everything you want!

Why should you choose Frostyboost?

Our Frostyboost team is experienced professionals in all types of boost services. We have helped thousands of real players in all the released expansions achieve the desired results, and therefore creating and upgrading a new account will certainly not be difficult for us! By creating a new account for sale, we will take into account all your wishes!

Frostyboost guarantees you the security of the accounts we sell. All accounts are created on fake names and solely for the purpose of selling them. The security of such accounts is at the highest level!

We will provide you with a new account fairly quickly. You will only need to write to us and indicate your wishes, and within 24 hours you will receive a new and excellent account with the desired class and achievements!

Frostyboost offers its customers only high-quality WoW WotLK boost services. And provides all boost services quickly and safely! We respect and value our customers, and therefore we always keep our words and promises!

Our boost services in WotLK Accounts for Sale

Fresh Character 

Do you want a new character? Excellent! This boost service means that you’re able to choose absolutely any character you want, with the most interesting and suitable class and race for you!

Pre-raid geared Account

We will prepare for you a character with any class of your choice and with excellent pre-raid gear.

Full PvP geared Character

By choosing this boost service, you will get a level 80 character with a high level gear.

The finest new account from the Frostyboost team

Sooner or later, every player wants to try the game on a new character, with a new class and new game mechanics. But overcoming all the difficulties in WotLK expansion, going through all 80 levels and boosting your character from scratch is a very tedious activity. That is why WoW WotLK Accounts for Sale presented by our Frostyboost team will be a great solution for you! You can choose any new account and order any additional boost services! We will prepare an account for you in the best possible way!

Can I order additional boost services for my account?

Surely, you can order any additional boost services to your new WoW WotLK account.

How soon will I get an account?

Account delivery takes from 1 to 24 hours.

How safe is buying an account on Frostyboost website?

All our accounts are created on a fake name and are made solely for sale, so account security and its purchase are absolutely safe for you.

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