WotLK Challenger title boost
  • ETA: During the arena season
  • Description: Trust the team of Frostyboost experienced players. They will fight in the arena until they are in the top 35% of the players in your battlegroup. And you will get the Challenger achievement.
  • Rules: Active WoW account with WotLK expansion; Account sharing; Character level 80
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WotLK Challenger Title Boost and this cool title will be yours!

WotLK Challenger Boost is a service for those who are collectors of Arena achievements and titles. Despite the fact that this title is not the highest in WotLK, it is respected and demonstrates your PvP skills and determination to other players. After all, to get the Challenger Title, you need arena skills and a friendly and strong team that can achieve 1400-1600 arena rating and get into the top 35% of your battlegroup at the end of the season. It sounds easy. It is especially easy for our PRO and EXP boosters. They are the most superior PvP players and therefore will be able to get this arena title for you quickly and as easily as possible for you. Buy Challenger Boost WoW WotLK and become one of the few who owns such a bright and significant Challenger title!


Active WoW account with WotLK expansion

Account sharing

Character level 80

Service Progress

First of all, on our Frostyboost website you need to select Challenger Title Boost service and pay for it.

Then we will contact you to discuss all the parameters of the order. And also you will need to provide a password and login from your account.

Once logged into your account, boosters will start fighting in the arena in your battlegroup and will do so until they are in the top 35% PvP players of the battlegroup they are fighting in.

As soon as the arena goal is reached, we will notify you of this, and you can enjoy your new and respected Challenger title.

Frostyboost get the Challenger Title especially for you!

If you really like to fight in the arena, then you will definitely need an achievement that will show other players who they are going to fight! And the Challenger Title can become such an achievement! We are sure that you yourself could get it, but suddenly you simply do not have the time or the most important thing - the team. Don't worry, our boosters are the best arena players and without any problems they will get the Challenger Title especially for you!

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Who can get the Challenger Title?

It can be obtained only by those players who’ll occupy 35% of the most powerful players in their battlegroup.

What will I get from Challenger Boost WoW WotLK?

You’ll have all the arena points, experience points, all loot, gear and rewards. And, surely, you’ll have the Challenger Title itself.

What rating should I have to get the Challenger title?

Your rating should be 1400-1600.

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