WotLK Duelist title boost
  • ETA: During the arena season
  • Description: The most experienced and talented PvP players of our Frostyboost team will go with your toon to the arena and fight there for getting into the top 0.5-3% of the best players in your battlegroup and for the Duelist Title.
  • Rules: WoW account with WotLK expansion; Account sharing; Character level 80
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WotLK Duelist Title boost and show everyone what you are capable of!

Only some of the most skillful and dexterous PvP players will be able to get this worthy and important for the arena Duelist Title. Not everyone can become so good at arena battles that they can get into only 0.5-3% of the best players in the battlegroup in which they play. If by the end of the season you did not manage to achieve success in achieving this title, then the Duelist Title will go to someone else. Of course, there may be many different reasons due to which you may not have time to get a Duelist Title: lack of time, insufficient skills, not strong enough team, but the fact remains, because you can miss this worthy Duelist Title. But neither you nor we want that. Therefore, Frostyboost offers you to buy our Duelist Boost WoW WotLK and achieve the desired Duelist achievements. Our experienced and skilled PvP players will do their best and you will receive this respected Duelist Title. Let all opponents in the arena understand what a successful and powerful player they are messing with!


WoW account with WotLK expansion

Account sharing

Character level 80

Service progress

Select WotLK Duelist Boost on our Frostyboost website, indicate all the characteristics of your character, if necessary, and proceed to pay for the boost service.

Our team manager will contact you shortly. You will be able to discuss the time to start the boost and share the password and login from your account.

After discussing all the details, our boosters will start their work and will fight in the arena until they reach the required number of victories, increase your character rating to 2100 and join the top 0.5-3% of the best players.

Upon completion of the boost service, you will receive a notification from us about the end of the boost. At the end of the season you will receive Duelist Achievement, Duelist Title, all rewards, great gear and loot.

Achieve Duelist Title with Frostyboost

Duelist Boost WoW WotLK is the best solution if you want to get a Duelist Title for your toon. Contact Frostyboost and let this worthy Duelist Title become worthy of such a cool player like you!

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At what rating can I get Duelist Achievement?

Your character’s rating should be 2100.

How can I get a Duelist Title?

You need to continuously and successfully fight in the arena, reach a rating of 2100 and get into the top 0.5-3% of the players in your battlegroup. The best way to achieve all this is to buy WotLK Duelist Boost provided by Frostyboost.

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