WotLK Rival title boost
  • ETA: During the arena season
  • Description: A team of the best PvP boosters will seek to get into the top 3-10% of your battlegroup in order for you to get the Rival Title.
  • Rules: WoW account with WotLK expansion; Account sharing; Character level 80
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WotLK Rival Title boost and become a truly powerful Rival!

Rival Title is a measure of a certain player's PvP skill. If you want your toon to have such a title, you have to fight long and hard in the PvP arena, increase your arena rating to 1800-1950 and get into the top 3-10% of your battlegroup. Doing all this can be tricky if you don't have enough time and skills yet or if you don't have a cool team to fight in the arena every day. But for the boosters of the Frostyboost team, this is an easy task. We have an excellent team of the best PvP players for whom the arena is their favorite location in all of WotLK. They also have enough time to help you and skills that will help them to achieve the Rival Title for you and your toon. Buy Rival Boost WoW WotLK and get Rival Achievement with all related rewards, gear, loot, and of course with the Rival Title itself. This is the fastest and most affordable way to get the desired arena achievement!


WoW account with WotLK expansion

Account sharing

Character level 80

Service Progress

Choose WotLK Rival Boost and pay for the service in the way that suits you best.

You will receive a message to your e-mail or in the live chat of our Frostyboost website. We will have to agree on the start time of the boost, and you will share access to your account.

The Frostyboost booster team will begin fulfilling your order. They will fight non-stop in the arena so that you get your account back as soon as possible. Our goal is to increase your rating to 1800-1950 and get into the top 3-10% of the battlegroup they fight in and get the Rival Title.

Once the boost service is finished, we'll notify you, get your account back to you, and at the end of the season you'll get the Rival Title you want.

Don’t miss the opportunity to quickly get the Rival Title

Rival Boost WoW WotLK is the fastest and most convenient way to get Rival Achievement and Rival Title. And this is not difficult for our experienced and professional team. So do not miss your chance and become the proud owner of such a significant title for the arena! Show all your opponents in the arena who you are!

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What level is required to buy WotLK Rival Boost?

Your toon should have the 80 level.

How can I get the Rival Title?

You’ll have to get into the top 3-10% of your battlegroup at the end of the season. The prompt way is WotLK Rival Boost provided by the Frostyboost team.

Is it difficult to get the Rival Title in WotLK?

It’s not the hardest title to achieve. However, for those who do not have sufficient skills or a powerful team, it will be difficult.

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