Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Transfer Service

Dragonflight Gladiator Mount Boost
  • ETA: 15-30+ days; express(3-7 days)
  • Description: The Crimson Gladiator's Drake is a unique mount that was obtainable during the Dragonflight Season 1 in World of Warcraft. As an account-wide item, it can be used by all characters on your account who meet the minimum level requirement of 1 and have the Apprentice Riding skill. This striking mount is truly a mark of distinction for those skilled in Player vs. Player (PvP) combat. As described in the game, it is "Forged in the fires of conquest, and armored to the teeth"​.
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Crimson Gladiator's Drake Mount Transfer Service

Did you miss your chance to get the Crimson Gladiator's Drake mount during Dragonflight Season 1 in World of Warcraft? No problem, we at Frostyboost have a solution! We have prepared a selection of accounts with the unused Crimson Gladiator's Drake mount in the bag, ready to be transferred to your main account.

How it Works

Our service involves transferring the Crimson Gladiator's Drake mount from a pre-prepared account to your main account. This includes renaming the account where the mount resides and transferring it to your main account. This will allow you to summon and use the mount on any eligible characters.

Why Choose This Service?

If you failed to get the Crimson Gladiator's Drake mount for any reason, this service allows you to acquire this prestigious mount that is no longer obtainable in the WoW Dragonflight. The service is absolutely safe and eliminates the risk of getting banned.

Please note that this service is priced a little higher than our regular gladiator boosting services, as the number of these pre-prepared accounts with the mount is limited.

How to Get Crimson Gladiator's Drake Mount now?

To acquire this mount, you must achieve Gladiator title in Dragonflight season one. Presently, the sole method to obtain it is through our exclusive Crimson Gladiator's Drake Transfer Service. By transferring a character that has already secured the mount(but in bag) and title to your main account, you can effortlessly unlock the mount and add to your collection. The Gladiator title season 1 will be applied to your account automatically.

Get Your Mount Today!

Don't miss out on the chance to ride the stunning Crimson Gladiator's Drake mount. Reach out to us at Frostyboost and make this exclusive, unobtainable mount yours today!

What is the duration of Dragonflight Gladiator Mount Transfer Service?

It will take us just a few days

Who will fulfill my order?

For these purposes, we select a team of the finest, the most experienced and responsible PvP players. They will be able to get the title you want in the shortest possible time.

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