WotLK Ulduar Boost
  • ETA: 3 hours
  • Description: A team of skillful boosters will complete the Ulduar Raid in order to get the most valuable rewards. Or come along with us!
  • Rules: Character level 80; Account sharing (if you have chosen Ulduar Boost by pilot); Active WoW account with WotLK expansion
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WotLK Ulduar Boost and make this process fun and productive

The old prison of the ancient god Yogg-Saron keeps in its depths many rewards for all the brave players who dare to enter it and defeat all the bosses here. However, only the most courageous and strong players can do all this. So be one of them! Together with the Frostyboost team, with its unsurpassed boosters, this will not be difficult at all. Buy WotLK Ulduar Boost, choose the mode you are most interested in: normal or heroic, raid size: ten or twenty-five people, and embark on a new journey for amazing rewards. Here you can get great level 219-239 equipment for your toon, Mimiron's Head mount and many other achievements. In addition, you will increase the level of your reputation in WotLK factions. And most importantly, you will do all this so quickly that you won’t even have time to comprehend what is happening, because you will have a team of experienced Frostyboost players with you. With Frostyboost all this process will be fun, interesting and productive! So let's complete the Ulduar Raid, defeat all 14 bosses, take the finest rewards and go further on to conquer the WotLK world!


Character level 80

Account sharing (if you have chosen Ulduar Boost by pilot)

Active WoW account with WotLK expansion

Way it works

  1. Select normal or heroic mode, raid size, and move this boost service to your cart.
  2. Please pay for the order.
  3. Let our manager know the date and time you would like to have the Ulduar Boost and the items you would like to receive. If you have chosen the boost by pilot, please provide your account login details.
  4. We will select a suitable team of boosters and inform you at the agreed time about the readiness to start the boost service.
  5. Time to start the Ulduar Raid and collect all the rewards! Don't miss our booster’s request if you have chosen selfplay boost.
  6. As soon as the raid is completed and you get the desired achievements and items, the boost service will be considered completed.

Thank you for your order!


Passing the Ulduar Raid in a team with experienced players is always more fun and productive! Don't miss this great opportunity to promptly and guaranteed to get the desired result!


How long will it take us to complete the Ulduar Raid?

It will take us approximately three hours to complete this raid.

Where is Ulduar located?

It is located in Northrend, or more specifically, in The Storm Peaks.

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