Naxxramas raid boost
  • ETA: 1-7 days
  • Description: By choosing the boosting mode that suits you, you will begin the Naxxramas Loot Run. Passing all the challenges, you will achieve the ultimate goal - the drop of the Tier 7 pieces and get the most powerful equipment for further play.
  • Rules: Character level 80; Active WoW account with WotLK expansion
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WotLK Naxxramas raid run

WotLK Naxxramas Loot Run is a raid for players who have reached level 80 in WoW WotLK. Its passage will provide your character with Tier 7 gear. This equipment will prove to be very useful and powerful. All the items that you can loot during the raid have very good stats and will be useful to you in the future. 15 bosses are waiting for you, not everyone can cope with them. The support of experienced and skilled boosters would be welcome. Buy naxx raid run and get your desired Tier 7 items!

Requirements for Naxxramas raid boost

Character level 80

Active WoW account with WotLK expansion

More about WotLK Naxxramas Raid

There are two modes of running the Naxxramas Raid. The first option is to complete the Naxxramas raid for a group of 10 players. The second option is for 25 people. Together with your group, you will have to go through all areas of the Naxxramas raid and defeat all 15 bosses. To complete Naxxramas Loot Run, you will need to get some of the best loot in WotLK, including Tier 7 armor pieces.

Naxxramas Boss List

Anub'Rekhan is the first boss you will fight in the Spider Wing of Naxxramas. He will be guarded by two of his assistants, who should be killed immediately.

Next will be Grand Widow Faerlina. She will also not be alone. There will be as many as 7 mobs next to her. You will need to try to get rid of Grand Widow Faerlina's enraged mechanic and avoid Faerlina's Rain of Fire.

Maexxna is the final boss of the Spider Wing. All raid members need to avoid Maexxna's web and be ready to attack the web with fire.

Next up is the Plague Wing of Naxxramas and the Noth the Plaguebringer boss. The most important task in this raid should be clearing the Plaguebringer's Curse that this boss will attack with.

Heigan the Unclean will put players through Heigan dance. This will require players to move quickly to avoid the poisonous slime.

Loatheb is the boss that casts Necrotic Aura on raid players. You will need to use the spores he summons against him. Here you will be able to get Tier pieces.

Next, you will move to a new area, the Deathknight Wing, where you will encounter the seventh boss, Instructor Razuvious. He will be with four Deathknight Understudy. To defeat this boss, it will be necessary for the Priests to act and control the minds of the accompanying Instructor Razuvious and turn them against him.

Gothik the Harvester will meet you at the next level. Your raid group will have to split into 2 groups to deal with the adds this boss summons.

Four Horsemen Chest are the best death knights that are waiting for you to fight them in level 9 of Naxxramas Loot Run.

Patchwerk is the one waiting for you at level 10 in the Abomination Wing of Naxx raid. This boss has an incredible amount of health, so how much health the tanks have will play a decisive role in the battle with this boss.

The Grobbulus boss will attack your party with his poisons. You have to move well to avoid his poisons.

The next one, the twelfth boss, Gluth feeds on Zombie Chow and thus restores his health. Therefore, you will have to get rid of Zombie Chow as soon as possible.

Thaddius is the final boss here. In the first place your raid must split into two groups and kill two sub-bosses, Stalagg and Feugen who must die at the same time. Then, players will be capable of killing Thaddius itself.

And now the fun begins, Sapphiron is already waiting for you. He is the penultimate boss guarding the entrance to the sanctuary of Kel'Thuzad.

The final boss of Naxxramas is Kel'Thuzad, the Lich King's most loyal servant.

Selfplay or Piloted Naxx boost

Completing Naxx raid with our experienced and knowledgeable boosters will be much safer and more enjoyable. You can choose any boosting mode that suits you best. It can be Selfplay WotLK Naxx Boosting Service or Piloted WotLK Naxx Boosting Service. By choosing self-play naxx boost, you will go through all the levels of the raid together with our boosters. In pilot mode, you will provide us with a password and login from your account, and our boosters will do everything on their own. The choice is yours.

Buy Naxx raid run and get Tier 7 pieces

As you have seen for yourself, in this raid you will find a lot of battles and dangerous enemies. But it's worth it. You will get a chance to get Tier 7 pieces, excellent gear, achievements of the selected model and a lot of impressions. Anything can work out, especially with the members of the Frostyboost team. Our boosters will carefully guide you along with them throughout the raid and together you will get the desired items. Buy WotLK Naxx raid run and get it all!

How long does it take to complete the Naxx boost?

The Naxx raid boost takes about a week to complete. You can check the exact time in the live chat of our Frostyboost website.

What level is required to complete the Naxxramas raid?

Required level to complete the quest is level 80.

How many bosses are in the Naxx raid?

There are 15 bosses in the Naxxramas raid.

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