WotLK T8-8.5 Ulduar Gear Boost
  • Description: The most experienced boosters who are familiar with the tactics for all WoW WotLK raids, especially Ulduar, will do their best for the client to get the highest level gear for your character. In the Ulduar raid you will also be able to get many hard-to-find and highly respected achievements.
  • ETA: During 2-5 raid-resets
  • Rules: Character level 80; decent PvE gear for Ulduar;
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Buy WotLK T8-8.5 Ulduar Gear Boost

Tier 8 sets are class-specific sets of 5 items that can be obtained in Ulduar raids. There are different versions of each set for 10 and 25 people, which players sometimes call tier 8.0 and tier 8.5 accordingly. All tier 10 sets have the prefix Valorous and tier 25-man sets have the prefix Conqueror's. Regardless of which tier 8 level you are wearing, all items count towards the set's benefits in the same way. The items that make up the sets are purchased with tokens that are dropped from various bosses in Ulduar.

Why us

However, if you don't want to spend all your valuable time searching for a guild-static that isn't yet guaranteed to ensure you with the items you require, then you can buy the boost from our professional gamers.
Additionally to getting all the tokens of T8-T8.5 gear dropped on your character, you will significantly increase your item level with other outfit things for the current realities of WotLK Classic. You will also receive all of your accumulated Gold and all of the Emblems of Conquest. More importantly, you will do it so rapidly that you won't even realize it is happening, because you will have the team of experienced players with you. With us the whole process will be fun, interesting and, above all, productive!

How it works

  1. If you are interested in our attractive boost service and decide to buy it to get T8-8.5 Ulduar Gear and other high level items for your class, put the boost in your cart and confirm your purchase request
  2. Alternatively, you can inform us of your account details for piloted boost
  3. The FrostyBoost team will choose the appropriate boosters for you and they will definitely go with you to conquer Ulduar 10-25man to get all the T8-8.5 gear you need

Our requirements

  1. Max character level (80)
  2. In case you have chosen to boost by “account sharing”, please provide your account login details.
  3. Active subscription WotLK Classic
  4. Decent PvE gear for Ulduar raid

You will be one of the first to obtain T8-8.5 Ulduar Gear

With the support of our team,you'll obtain the truly difficult T8-T8.5 gear and other the highest PvE level items in the Ulduar 10/25-man without too much trouble. You will undoubtedly be one of the lucky few players to get 5/5 set items and some hard-to-mine achievements!

How many items will I receive after mastering Ulduar in WoTLK Classic?

Thanks to the support of our boosters, you are 100% guaranteed to receive some bis items that would be dropped from the bosses.You will also receive several Ulduar raid achievements and Emblems of Conquest.

How long does it take for your Pro-boosters to complete the assignment?

Assigning a booster usually takes no more than one to two hours, depending on the time of day.

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