WotLK Classic Trial of the Crusader 25 HM Boost

WotLK Classic Trial of the Crusader 25 HM Boost
  • Description: Players who have conquered the WotLK expansion raids in World of Warcraft are dedicated to assisting others in obtaining the best gear for their characters. The Trial of the Crusader raid is a challenging and prestigious achievement that requires significant effort to accomplish.
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Foreword about the Trial of the Crusader 25 hm raid

The dungeon known as the Trial of the Crusader is a location in World of Warcraft situated in the Northrend continent, and it can be accessed from Icecrown. It first appeared in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and players must be level 80 or higher to participate. The dungeon consists of five challenging bosses, ending with a battle against the powerful Anub'Arak. Players can attempt the Trial of the Crusader at either normal or heroic difficulty levels. In the third phase of the Classic version of Wrath of the Lich King, players were able to observe the changes to loot in all modes of the Trial of the Crusader compared to the original expansion version.

Why should you buy our boost

If you don't want to waste time searching for a reliable guild that may not provide the necessary items, Frostyboost's boost service is the perfect solution. Our experienced gamers will take care of everything, allowing you to enjoy the game without any worries in TotC HM Raid. With our boost service, you can quickly and significantly improve your gear level in the current state of WotLK Classic. With a team of skilled Frostyboost players supporting you, you won't even notice how fast it's progressing. The whole process will be enjoyable, engaging, and, most importantly, productive!

How it works

  1. To purchase the WotLK Classic Trial of the Crusader 25 in hardmode Boost, simply add it to your shopping basket and complete the process.
  2. After your purchase, one of our managers will contact you to obtain your account information for account sharing.
  3. We will then assign the most suitable booster for your service, who will commence the boost promptly.
  4. Our team will strive to complete the service as quickly as possible, and we will ask you to confirm your satisfaction and make the payment once it is done.

Our requirements

  1. Max character level (80)
  2. In case you have chosen to boost by 'account sharing', please provide your account login details.
  3. Active subscription WotLK Classic

You will be one of the first who will pass Trial of the Crusader 25 hardmode raid

Our experienced boost team can help you obtain rare and coveted items from the challenging new version of the TotC WoW raid. With our guidance, navigating the raid and acquiring these scarce items will be a breeze. You will join the exclusive group of players who have successfully overcome the Trial of the Crusader 25 hardmode raid and be able to proudly display your achievement.

How many items do I receive after passing Trial of the Crusader 25 hardmode raid in WoTLK Classic?

With the support of our boosters,you’ll be 100% guaranteed to get 5 best items from Trial of the Crusader 25 hm mode.
And in addition, you will gain elite achievements from Trial of the Crusader raid as well as gold.

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