All Shaman Runes Locations Guide in Phase 2 SoD

Spirit of the Alpha Rune for Shaman Phase 2

For shamans seeking to enhance their group dynamics and fortify their allies’ threat generation, the Spirit of the Alpha Rune is a powerful addition in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery. This unique rune empowers shamans to provide a substantial boost to a target’s threat generation, fostering a sense of valor and strength. To obtain the Spirit of the Alpha Rune, shamans must embark on a journey to Freewind Post in Thousand Needles, where the rune awaits among the totem poles.

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How to Obtain the Spirit of the Alpha Rune

Location: Head to Freewind Post in Thousand Needles.

Locate the Weathered Cache:

  • Between two totem poles near Freewind Post, spot the Weathered Cache situated along the ramps.
  • Safely descend to the cache by carefully navigating the ramps. Consider using Ghost Wolf form to ensure a smooth descent.

Looting the Cache:

  • Once at the Weathered Cache, heal yourself if necessary and take a calculated jump to reach the cache.
  • Loot the cache to secure the Spirit of the Alpha Rune, which will occupy the feet slot.

How to Obtain the Spirit of the Alpha Rune


Insert the Spirit of the Alpha Rune into your feet slot, unlocking a brand new ability that grants a substantial threat boost to the targeted ally. This buff boasts a commendable duration of 30 minutes, providing shaman tanks with an invaluable tool to bolster threat generation in dungeons and raid environments.

Decoy Totem Rune for Shaman in SoD Phase 2

In the dynamic realm of World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2, shamans can amplify their defensive prowess with the Decoy Totem Rune. This rune bestows shamans with a unique guardian, the Decoy Totem, capable of absorbing a single physical attack and granting immunity to movement impairing effects for a brief duration. To embark on the journey of obtaining the Decoy Totem Rune, follow this comprehensive guide.

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How to Obtain the Decoy Totem Rune

Gathering Materials:

  • Location: Head to Thousand Needles and defeat Cloud Serpents scattered throughout the zone.
  • Collect three Cloud Serpent Fangs dropped by the defeated serpents.
  • Proceed to the Harpy Den in the same area and eliminate harpies until you acquire 10 Strong Harpy Feathers.

Additional Material:

  • Visit any trade supplier to obtain Silk Thread.

Crafting the Offering for the Wind Serpent:

  • Combine the Cloud Serpent Fangs, Strong Harpy Feathers, and Silk Thread to create an Offering for the Wind Serpent.

Locating the Wind Serpent Statue:

  • Venture to Thousand Needles, specifically the Grimtotem Camp.
  • Behind a tavern-like building, atop a pillar, discover the Wind Serpent Statue.

Empowering the Rune:

  • Utilize the Necklace associated with the rune, granting a 30-second buff.
  • Take a leap off the cliff near the Wind Serpent Statue, ensuring the Rune pops into your inventory.

Activating the Rune:

  • Upon landing, activate the Decoy Totem Rune, infusing its protective power into your boots.

How to Obtain the Decoy Totem Rune

Rune Effect – Decoy Totem:

The Decoy Totem acts as a guardian, absorbing a single shot from melee or ranged physical attacks. Additionally, it grants immunity to movement impairing effects for a duration of 10 seconds. This potent defensive tool is a valuable asset for shamans navigating the challenges of dungeons and raids in Season of Discovery Phase 2.

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Ancestral Awakening for Shaman in Season of Discovery Phase 2

For Shamans in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery, the Ancestral Awakening Rune brings a powerful healing touch. This Rune transforms critical healing moments into a benevolent force, summoning a friendly Spirit to heal an ally with low health in your party or raid. If you’re ready to embrace the ancestral spirits and elevate your healing capabilities, follow this guide to obtain the Ancestral Awakening Rune.

Acquiring the Ancestral Awakening Rune


Embarking on the Highway Robbery Quest Line:

  • Initiate the quest line by visiting Desolace, located just northeast of the Cenarion Wildlands graveyard. Seek out an abandoned camp on a bluff and interact with the campfire to start the “Highway Robbery” quest line. To undertake this quest, you must be level 30 or higher.

Highway Robbery

Bibby F’utzBuckle – Seeking Clues in Desolace:

  • Follow the hints provided in the quest line, directing you to Bibby F’utzBuckle in Desolace. Locate him in the middle of the map, just above the ridge near a set of huts. Bibby F’utzBuckle will provide information about Marauders being responsible, leading you to Stranglethorn Vale.

Bibby F’utzBuckle

Toal and the Cherry Grog – Booty Bay Inquiry:

  • Head to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale and visit the Inn. Look for Toal on the bottom level, near the innkeeper. Toal will task you with bringing her a Cherry Grog, which you can purchase from the bartender in Booty Bay.

Illari DuskFeather – Seeking Answers in Arathi Highlands:

  • Toal will share information about Illarri DuskFeather, who can be found near Arathi Highlands. Fly to Arathi Highlands, head south to the bridge, jump into the water, and locate a rowboat. Use the rowboat to reach the eastern side of Arathi Highlands.

Illarri DuskFeather

Confronting Illari DuskFeather:

  • On the docks of the eastern side, you’ll find Illari DuskFeather. Question her about the attacks in Desolace. Depending on your race, you may have a dialogue option to sympathize, leading to her giving you the key. If not, you may need to engage in combat with her.
  • Combat Option: If you choose to fight Illari DuskFeather, be prepared for a challenging encounter. She is a high-level mob, and having a friend to assist you is advisable.
  • Upon defeating her, she will leave behind a satchel containing the key to the chest.

Unlocking the Chest – Rune Revelation:

  • Use the key obtained from Ari Dusk Feather to unlock the chest found nearby. Inside the chest, you’ll discover the Jewel-Encrusted Box.

Claiming the Ancestral Awakening Rune:

  • Open the Jewel-Encrusted Box to reveal the Ancestral Awakening Rune, a symbol of Shamanic healing prowess.

Harnessing Ancestral Power – Healing with Spirits:

  • With the Ancestral Awakening Rune in your possession, every critical heal will summon a friendly Spirit to aid an ally with low health in your party or raid. Embrace the ancestral spirits and let your healing powers shine.

Enhance your Shamanic healing journey with the Ancestral Awakening Rune in the Season of Discovery Phase 2 in World of Warcraft Classic!

Two-Handed Mastery Rune for Shaman: Phase 2

For shamans seeking to master the art of wielding a two-handed weapon, the Two-Handed Mastery Rune in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery offers an unparalleled opportunity. This rune enhances your proficiency with two-handed weapons, allowing you to unleash devastating attacks and cleave through adversaries with newfound mastery. However, obtaining this rune involves a lengthy and challenging journey that commences in Deadwind Pass.

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How to Obtain the Two-Handed Mastery Rune

Start at Deadwind Pass:

How to Obtain the Two-Handed Mastery Rune

  • Journey to Deadwind Pass and seek out the Dalaran Agent Agent.

Ariden’s Sigil Trinket:

  • Speak to the Dalaran Agent Agent and receive Ariden’s Sigil Trinket. This trinket serves as the key to unlocking the path to two-handed mastery.

Ariden's Sigil Trinket

Dark Riders Across Azeroth:

  • Utilize Ariden’s Sigil Trinket to summon Dark Riders across various locations in Azeroth. These riders are formidable level 41 elites.

Dark Riders Across Azeroth

Spawn Cooldown:

  • Be mindful of the cooldown (approximately 5 minutes) for summoning the Dark Riders. Given that every class must undertake this quest, there will be a constant presence of players engaging in this activity.

Relic Drops:

  • Defeat the summoned Dark Riders and collect relics they drop. It’s crucial to note that you do not need the trinket to loot the relics; the trinket is only required for summoning.

Locations of Dark Riders:

  • Hunt down the Dark Riders in various zones, including Deadwind Pass, Duskwood, Swamp of Sorrows, Arathi Highlands, Badlands, and Desolace. Waypoints are conveniently provided for your guidance.

Locations of Dark Riders

Return to Dalaran Agent:

  • Once you have accumulated all seven relics, return to the Dalaran Agent in Deadwind Pass.

Quest Completion:

  • Turn in the relics to the Dalaran Agent, earning valuable quest experience and, most importantly, the Two-Handed Mastery Rune.

Embrace the excitement as you wield your newfound mastery with two-handed weapons. The Two-Handed Mastery Rune is a testament to your dedication and prowess as a shaman, opening up new avenues for powerful and impactful combat experiences. May your adventures be filled with triumph and the resounding echoes of cleaved foes.

Fire Nova Rune for Shaman in Phase 2

Shamans seeking to harness the power of Fire Nova in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery must embark on a journey that takes them to various locations. The Fire Nova Rune, a crucial addition for Elemental Shaman in PvE encounters, enhances their ability to deal devastating area-of-effect damage. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to obtain the Fire Nova Rune:

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How to Obtain the Fire Nova Rune

  1. Location: Visit Desolace:

Head to Desolace, located north of Thunder Axe Fortress.

How to Obtain the Fire Nova Rune

  1. Defeat Orc Flames Ad Dubalin:

Locate and defeat Orc Flameseer Dubelen in Desolace.

Loot his totem after defeating him.

  1. Enter Maraudon:

Proceed to the entrance of Maraudon, distinguishing between the purple and orange wings.

Enter Maraudon

  1. Orange Wing:

Enter the orange side of Mauradon.

Encounter level 42 Elite basilisks that can stun you.

Use Stone Claw Totem to mitigate the stun.

Retrieve the crystal located in this area.

  1. Purple Wing:

Cross the bridge and jump down to the corner.

Locate the crystal in the purple side.

Position yourself to loot the crystal.

  1. Travel to Ula:

Travel to Ula and speak with the designated NPC in the Valley of Wisdom.

  1. Fly to Thunder Bluff:

Fly to Thunder Bluff and speak with Hamul Runetotem in the same room where you got the Wailing Cavern Quest.

  1. Fly to Moonglade:

Hamul Runetotem allows you to fly to Moonglade.

Fly to Moonglade

  1. Speak with the NPC in Moonglade:

Speak with the significant NPC located at the tree in Moonglade.

Speak with the NPC in Moonglade

  1. Journey to the Pools of Vision:

Walk down to the bridge and find your way to the Pools of Vision.

  1. Click on the Magical Orb:

Interact with the magical orb found in the Pools of Vision.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the questline and obtained the Fire Nova Rune. May the power of fire enhance your elemental abilities, allowing you to unleash devastating area-of-effect damage in your encounters.

Power Surge Rune for Shaman in Season of Discovery Phase 2

Greetings, mighty Shamans! Today, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the Power Surge Rune, a potent enhancement for your belt in Season of Discovery Phase 2. This rune empowers your Flame Shock ability, granting additional effects and unleashing the true potential of your elemental prowess.

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Power Surge Rune Effects:

The Power Surge Rune engraves your belt, amplifying the impact of your Flame Shock ability. Here’s what it bestows upon you:

Flame Shock Enhancement:

  • Each time Flame Shock deals damage, there’s a 5% chance to reset the cooldown on Lava Burst and Chain Lightning.

Instant Casts:

  • Upon triggering the 5% chance, the next Lava Burst, Chain Heal, or Chain Lightning within 10 seconds becomes instant.

Mana Regeneration:

  • Additionally, you regenerate Mana equal to 15% of your intellect every 5 seconds.

How to obtain Power Surge Rune

Defeat Ogres for the Ogre Lightning Rod and Location:

  • Head to Boulderfist Outpost in Arathi Highlands. Your first objective is to defeat the ogres in the area to obtain an item known as the “Ogre Lightning Rod.” Engage the ogres in battle until you successfully loot the lightning rod.

How to obtain Power Surge Rune

Ascend the Mountain:

  • Move towards the backside of the mountain, where you’ll find a pathway leading upwards. Ascend the mountain using this pathway to reach the summit.

Plant the Ogre Lightning Rod:

  • Once you’re at the top of the mountain, locate a spot with soft soil. Interact with the soil to plant the Ogre Lightning Rod. This action transforms the lightning rod into a targetable object.

Summon and Stack Lightning Bolts:

  • Target the Ogre Lightning Rod and use your Lightning Bolt spell on it. Your goal is to stack the Lightning Bolt effect up to 10 times. To conserve mana, consider using a lower rank of Lightning Bolt.

Defeat the Mini Boss:

  • Once you’ve stacked the Lightning Bolts to 10, the rod will explode, summoning a mini-boss behind you. Prepare for battle and defeat the mini-boss that emerges.

Claim Your Rune of Power Surge:

  • After defeating the mini-boss, loot the Rune of Power Surge that it drops. Right-click on the rune to learn its power, and it will be added to your inventory.

SoD Leveling Boost

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