All Rogue Runes Locations Guide in Phase 2 SoD

Master of Subtlety Rune for Rogue Phase 2

For rogues seeking to enhance their shadowy prowess in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery, the Master of Subtlety Rune offers a key to heightened subtlety and evasion. This rune provides rogues with the ability to navigate the shadows more effectively, making them elusive adversaries on the battlefield. Acquiring the Master of Subtlety Rune involves a covert mission into a cave northeast of Stranglethorn Vale, where rogues must employ their lockpicking skills and strategic cunning.

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How to Obtain the Master of Subtlety Rune

Location: Venture into the cave northeast of Stranglethorn Vale.

Kurzen Elite and Lockpicking:

  • Pickpocket the elusive Kurzen Elite lurking within the shadows of the cave.
  • Utilize lockpicking skills (125 lockpicking required) to open the chest concealed within the cave’s depths.

Tower Liberation:

  • Exit the cave and proceed to the tower adjacent to the cave’s entrance.
  • Free the captive bro held within the tower, allowing him to escape.

Visit Aransas in Booty Bay:

  • Head to Booty Bay and seek out Aransas, a key figure in the clandestine dealings of runes.
  • Engage in a conversation with Aransas to receive not only the Master of Subtlety Rune but also a trinket that may prove invaluable in future rune pursuits.

Rolling With The Punches Rune for Rogue in Phase 2

In the treacherous landscapes of World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2, rogues can fortify their resilience with the Rolling With The Punches Rune. This rune empowers rogues with enhanced survivability, making them more adept at enduring formidable challenges. To obtain this valuable asset, follow the steps outlined in this comprehensive guide.

How to Obtain the Rolling With The Punches Rune


  • Journey to Thousand Needles and locate Camp E’thok.
  • Inside the prominent tent at coordinates 18,21, discover a chest.

Looting the Chest:

  • Open the chest to reveal a smaller lockbox nested within.
  • Employ your lockpicking skills to unlock the smaller chest, requiring multiple successful attempts.

Lockpicking Skill:

  • A lockpicking skill of 125 was sufficient for success in unlocking the chest.

Debuff Upon Loot:

  • Upon successfully unlocking the last chest, a debuff is applied, preventing stealth for a duration of 5 minutes.
  • Simultaneously, you will obtain the Rolling With The Punches Rune.

Rolling With The Punches Rune

Rune Effect – Rolling With The Punches:

The Rune significantly enhances the rogue’s durability, providing a substantial boost to survivability. This becomes particularly invaluable when facing perilous situations, offering rogues an advantage in challenging encounters.

Note on Debuff

Be mindful of the debuff accompanying the rune, preventing stealth for 5 minutes. To mitigate its impact, consider right-clicking the buff after healing or create a macro for its removal. This ensures that your health percentage remains accurate, allowing for more effective health regeneration.

May the Rolling With The Punches Rune be your stalwart companion, fortifying your rogue’s endurance as you navigate the perils of World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2.

Shuriken Toss Rune for Rogues in SoD Phase 2

For rogues seeking to expand their arsenal with an effective area-of-effect ability, the Shuriken Toss Rune in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery is the key. Unlock this Rune to unleash a storm of shurikens upon your enemies. Learn how to obtain the Shuriken Toss Rune and add versatility to your rogue’s combat tactics.

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How to Obtain the Shuriken Toss Rune

Prerequisite – Armed Trap Ability:

  • Ensure you have the Armed Trap ability, or be vigilant for someone else triggering the trap on your behalf. The Trap must be disabled to access the chest containing the Shuriken Toss Rune.

Location – Swamp of Sorrows:

  • Head to the Swamp of Sorrows, and navigate to the coordinates 41, 3. There, you’ll discover a chest awaiting your attention.

How to Obtain the Shuriken Toss Rune

Trap Disarmament – Key to Loot:

  • The chest is cleverly trapped with a poison dart, and you must disarm the trap to access its contents. Disarm the Trap, showcasing your rogue finesse, and proceed to loot the chest.

Shuriken Toss Mastery Unleashed:

  • Congratulations! With the Shuriken Toss Rune secured, you now possess the ability to hurl shurikens as a true ninja. Keep in mind that the ability costs 30 energy, and while its damage might not be overwhelming, it adds a valuable area-of-effect option to your rogue’s repertoire.

Note on Blade Flurry Interaction:

  • Unfortunately, Shuriken Toss does not proc with Blade Flurry, limiting its potential in multi-target scenarios. Despite this, the added AOE capability enhances your combat flexibility.

Waylay Rune for Rogue Phase 2 Guide

For Rogues seeking to enhance their damage-dealing prowess, the Waylay Rune is a crucial addition. This Rune allows DPS Rogues to apply a debuff to targets by executing backstabs or ambushes. The debuff significantly slows the target and reduces their attack speed, making it a valuable asset in both PvP encounters and dungeons. If you’re ready to add a touch of cunning deception to your Rogue gameplay, follow this guide to obtain the Waylay Rune.

Acquiring the Waylay Rune

Initiating the Quest and Location – Shadows in Deadwind Pass:

  • Commence your journey in Deadwind Pass, situated between Duskwood and Swamp of Sorrows in the Eastern Kingdoms. Head to the eastern side, descend down the path, and reach the Dalaran camp. The Dalaran agent will provide you with a Relic Aridan Sigil, unveiling the presence of Dark Riders.

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Hunting the Elusive Dark Riders – Relic Retrieval:

  • Assemble a group, ideally with two members ranging from levels 38 to 40. Embark on a quest to locate the seven relics guarded by formidable level 40 Elite Dark Riders.

Relic Locations:

  • Curious Dalaran Relic: Northern Deadwind Pass, by the little creek

Hunting the Elusive Dark Riders - Relic Retrieval

  • Odd Dalaran Relic: Eastern Swamp of Sorrows, east of the Phow Sanctuary.

Odd Dalaran Relic

  • Glittering Dalaran Relic: Duskwood, Raven Hill Cemetery, northeast of Raven Hill.

Glittering Dalaran Relic

  • Slippery Dalaran Relic: Southern Badlands, northwest of the Mesa.

Slippery Dalaran Relic

  • Worn Dalaran Relic: Arathi Highlands, east of Refuge Point.

Worn Dalaran Relic

  • Heavy Dalaran Relic: Kalimdor, west of the Crossroads.

Heavy Dalaran Relic

  • Creepy Dalaran Relic: Desolace, south of Nijel’s Point.

Creepy Dalaran Relic

Returning to the Dalaran Agent – Rune Revelation:

  • Once you’ve successfully gathered all seven relics, return to the Dalaran agent in Deadwind Pass. Present the relics, and in return, you’ll be bestowed with the Waylay Rune.

Deceptive Strikes – Mastering the Waylay Rune:

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  • With the Waylay Rune in your possession, execute backstabs or ambushes to apply a debilitating debuff to your targets. Enjoy the benefits of slowed movement and reduced attack speed, enhancing your damage potential.

Further Rogue Adventures – Embrace the Shadows:

  • Explore additional quests or guidance from the Dalaran agent to delve deeper into the art of Rogue deception.

Poison Knife for Rogue Rune in Phase 2 Guide

Rogues, embrace the lethal prowess of the “Poison Knife,” a newly introduced Rune in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery. This Rune enables a ranged attack that applies the poison from your off-hand weapon to the target, providing a strategic advantage in combat. Learn how to obtain this deadly Rune by following the steps outlined in this comprehensive guide.

Acquiring Poison Knife Rune


Initiate the Highway Robbery Quest Line:

  • Begin the quest line in Desolace, located just northeast of the Cenarion Wildland Graveyard. Find an abandoned camp on a bluff and interact with the campfire. This starts the “Highway Robbery” quest line, and you must be level 30 or higher to participate.

Highway Robbery

Seeking Clues from Bibby F’utzBuckle in Desolace:

  • Follow the quest line to Bibby F’utzBuckle in Desolace, situated in the middle of the map above the ridge near a set of huts. Bibby F’utzBuckle mentions Marauders as likely culprits and hints at their presence in pirity areas, leading you to Stranglethorn Vale.

Bibby F’utzBuckle

Toal and the Cherry Grog – Booty Bay Inquiry:

  • Head to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale and locate Toal in the Inn on the bottom level. Purchase a Cherry Grog from the bartender and bring it to Toal to proceed with the quest.

Illari DuskFeather – Seeking Answers in Arathi Highlands:

  • Toal informs you about Illarri DuskFeather, who can be found near Arathi Highlands. Fly to Arathi Highlands, head south to the bridge, jump into the water, and look for a rowboat. Use the rowboat to reach the eastern side of Arathi Highlands.

Illarri DuskFeather

Confronting Illari DuskFeather:

  • On the docks of the eastern side, find Illarri DuskFeather. Question her about the attacks in Desolace. Depending on your race, you may have a dialogue option to sympathize, leading her to give you the key. If not, prepare for combat.
  • Combat Option: Engage in combat with Illarri DuskFeather, a formidable opponent. Having a friend to assist you is advisable, especially given her high-level status.
  • Upon defeating her, she will leave behind a satchel containing the key to the nearby chest.

ShadowStep Rune for Rogue in SoD Phase 2

Rogues seeking to master the art of swift and silent movement can acquire the Shadow Step Rune, a prized possession in Phase 2. To swiftly obtain this Rune, follow these steps once you attain Level 30:

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How to Obtain the ShadowStep Rune

  1. The Mysterious Letter:

Upon reaching Level 30, you will receive a mysterious letter from C. The letter instructs you to return to the old meeting spot in Ravenwood Village, the location outside Shadowfang Keep where the Deadly Brew Rune was acquired.

How to Obtain the ShadowStep Rune

  1. The Eye of Bhoscca Quest:

Click on the chest at the meeting spot to initiate a new quest called “The Eye of Bhossca.”

  1. Scarlet Disguise:

Head towards Scarlet Monastery, and just outside in the stables, acquire a Scarlet disguise.

Move to the graveyard and pickpocket a Scarlet Friar.

  1. Library Infiltration:

Enter the library while wearing the Scarlet disguise and loot the personal letter box.

The note obtained instructs you to return to the graveyard.

  1. Mechanism Unlock:

Sit on the two benches in the graveyard to unlock a hidden mechanism in the north mausoleum.

  1. Key Acquisition:

Enter the now accessible north mausoleum and loot the cover. Obtain a new key.

Key Acquisition

  1. Return to the Library:

Head back to the library, bypassing Alliance characters, and unlock a chest containing the Eye of Bhossca.

  1. Return to Ravenwood Village:

Deliver the Eye of Bhossca to Ravenwood Village and complete the quest.

  1. Mysterious Reward:

Return to a major city to receive another letter from C, urging you to return for your reward.

  1. Unveiling the Coolest Rune:

Follow the instructions in the letter, and voilà! You are now the proud owner of the coveted ShadowStep Rune, the epitome of rogue finesse and agility.

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