BiS List and Runes for Phase 2 Rogue in WoW SoD

BiS gear for Phase 2 DPs Rogue in SoD

Below we present the Best-in-slot equipment for Rogue – Dps Specialization. Gathering the perfect gear for your class in Season of Discovery Phase 2 must be a very hard task. But via using FrostyBoost’s SoD Gearing Boost. No need to worry about gear – our experts will handle the hard work. Enjoy the game without the gear grind by opting for WoW Classic+ Gear Boost and level up your character effortlessly.

Sod gear boost

Helmet – Glowing Gneuro-Linked Cowl

Neck – Gnomeregan Peace Officer’s Torque

Shoulders – Failed Flying Experiment

Cloak – Dark Hooded Cape

Chest – Insulated Chestguard

Wrists – Forest Stalker’s Bracers

Hands – Machinist’s Gloves

Waist – Hyperconductive Goldwrap

Legs – Electromantic Chausses

Feet – Insulated Workboots

Fingers – Hypercharged Gear of Devastation, Protector’s Band

Trinkets – Avenger’s Void Pearl, Gyromatic Experiment 420b

Ranged Weapon – Falco’s Sting

Weapons – Gut Ripper, Bloodharvest Blade

BiS gear for Phase 2 DPs Rogue in SoD

Best Enhancements and Runes for BiS Rogue for Phase 2

Chest Rune: Deadly Brew :Engrave Chest – Deadly Brew

  • Benefit: Triggers Instant Poison when your weapon lacks poison, simultaneously inflicting Deadly Poison on the target. Enhances poison application and provides additional damage over time.

Leg Rune: Envenom – Engrave Pants – Envenom

  • Benefit: Functions as a finishing move, dealing instant poison damage based on Deadly Poison stacks on the target. After an Envenom attack, there’s a 75% increased frequency of applying Instant Poison for a brief duration.

Hand Rune Mutilate – Engrave Gloves – Mutilate

  • Benefit: Scales with talents like Opportunity and Lethality, dealing increased damage when striking from behind. Enhanced further by talents like Cold Blood, which increases the Critical Strike chance of Mutilate by 100%.

Waist Rune: Shadow Step – Engrave Belt – Shadowstep

  • Benefit: Allows the Rogue to teleport directly behind the enemy, aligning well with the Mutilate playstyle that thrives on attacking from behind.

Foot Rune: Master of Subtlety – Engrave Boots – Master of Subtlety

  • Benefit: Boosts damage for attacks made while stealthed for six seconds after breaking stealth. Aligns with the Rogue’s preference for initiating combat from a stealthed position.

Final Stats for BiS Rogue in SoD Phase 2









Attack Power


Crit Chance


Hit Chance


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