All Paladin Runes Locations Guide in Phase 2 SoD

The Sacred Shield Rune for Paladin

The Sacred Shield is a highly beneficial healing rune tailored for paladins in the Season of Discovery. When applied to an ally, this rune grants a small shield upon taking damage. The subsequent Flash of Light cast on the shielded ally results in increased healing received. Keep in mind that this effect occurs once every 6 seconds, and the buff remains active for 30 seconds. Acquiring this rune involves a straightforward process, though pinpointing its location can be challenging.

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How to Obtain the Sacred Shield Rune

Location: This is in Kalimdor, Northern Corner of Nijel’s Point.

  • Head to Nigel’s Point in Kalimdor, positioning yourself in the far back corner.
  • Inside the inn on the second level, find the Libram resting on a bench.

How to Obtain the Sacred Shield Rune

Activation Process:

  • Once obtained, insert the Libram into your Relic slot.
  • The next step involves finding allies affected by slowing effects.
  • Apply Blessing of Freedom to these allies, removing the slowing effect, and allowing them to resume normal movement.


  • Successfully apply Blessing of Freedom to allies afflicted by slowing effects five times.
  • The Libram, now infused with inspiration, can be activated, transforming into the Sacred Shield rune for your paladin.

Beacon of Light Rune for Paladin in Phase 2

The Beacon of Light Rune stands as a pivotal healing mechanism for paladins in the Season of Discovery. This extraordinary rune allows paladins to mark a party or raid member, enabling all healing directed at other party and raid members to extend to the chosen target. A strategic application of this rune proves particularly advantageous in scenarios where focused healing on a tank is required while concurrently providing effective support to other party members.

How to Obtain the Beacon of Light Rune

Location / the way to get this rune: The Beacon of Light Rune can be acquired once you attain a friendly reputation with the Azeroth Commerce Authority.

Faction Rep:

  • Fulfill Waylaid Supplies dropped throughout the world, with each supply specifying a distinct item and quantity.
  • Accumulate the required items and turn them in to complete the shipments, earning experience, currency, and reputation with the Azeroth Commerce Authority.

How to Obtain the Beacon of Light Rune

Vendor Interaction:

  • Once you achieve friendly status, approach the vendor and explore their goods.
  • Purchase the Beacon of Light Rune, among other class-specific runes, to enhance your paladin’s healing capabilities.


  • Embark on the journey of reputation-building through diligent supply fulfillment, earn the favor of the Azeroth Commerce Authority, and unlock the Beacon of Light Rune. Let its radiant glow illuminate your healing prowess, ensuring your paladin stands as a beacon of support and vitality in every adventure. May your healing endeavors be enlightened and your party members bask in the glow of renewed vitality.

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Infusion of Light Rune for Paladin SoD Phase 2

For Holy Paladins seeking to amplify the damage potential of their Holy Shock ability, the Infusion of Light Rune is the answer. Added in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery, this Rune transforms Holy Shock into a potent damage-dealing force. If you’re ready to focus on dealing damage rather than healing, here’s your comprehensive guide on obtaining this game-changing Rune.

Acquiring the Infusion of Light Rune

Initiating the Quest and Location – Deadwind Pass Expedition:

  • Embark on your journey in Deadwind Pass, situated between Duskwood and Swamp of Sorrows in the Eastern Kingdoms. Head to the eastern side of Deadwind Pass, where a Dalaran camp awaits.

Receiving the Ariden Sigil – Agent’s Assistance:

  • Approach the Dalaran agent within the camp, and they will entrust you with the Ariden Sigil. This trinket will reveal the presence of the elusive Dark Riders.

Dark Rider Pursuit – Gathering Dalaran Relics:

  • Undertake a quest to hunt down the formidable Dark Riders across the world. These Level 40 Elite creatures safeguard Dalaran relics, and you must secure seven of these relics.

Dalaran Relics and Dark Riders:

  • Form a stalwart group (preferably level 38 to 40) to confront the powerful Dark Riders. Activate the Ariden Sigil to spawn the Dark Riders by using it when you receive the Dark Presence buff.

Dark Rider Locations:

  • Curious Dalaran Relic: Northern Deadwind Pass, near a creek, spawns a Dark Rider.

Hunting the Elusive Dark Riders - Relic Retrieval

  • Odd Dalaran Relic: Eastern Swamp of Sorrows, on an island east of the Fallow Sanctuary.

Odd Dalaran Relic

  • Glittering Dalaran Relic: Duskwood, near Raven Hill Cemetery, southeast of the cemetery.

Glittering Dalaran Relic

  • Slippery Dalaran Relic: Southern Badlands, near a large Mesa.

Slippery Dalaran Relic

  • Worn Dalaran Relic: Arathi Highlands, east of Refuge Point, by the trees.

Worn Dalaran Relic

  • Heavy Dalaran Relic: Kalimdor, Ratchet to the west, just south of the Crossroads.

Heavy Dalaran Relic

  • Creepy Dalaran Relic: Desolace, south of Nigel’s Point, between two road sets.

Creepy Dalaran Relic

Returning to Deadwind Pass – Handing Over Relics:

  • Return to the Dalaran agent in Deadwind Pass and deliver the relics. You will receive quests for each relic.

Completing the Quests – Service to Dalaran:

  • Fulfill the quests associated with the relics. Upon completing the final quest, “Service to Dalaran,” you will be rewarded with a Supply Bag containing your coveted Infusion of Light Rune.

With the Infusion of Light Rune in hand, unleash the enhanced damage potential of Holy Shock. Become a Holy Paladin who strikes fear into the hearts of your adversaries in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2. May your holy vengeance be swift and righteous!

The Art of War rune for Paladin Season of Discovery Phase 2 Guide

Paladins, prepare to embrace a new level of divine mastery with “The Art of War,” a Holy Paladin Rune introduced in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery. This potent Rune enhances both healing and damage capabilities by providing a chance to reset the cooldowns of Holy Shock and Exorcism upon successful melee attacks. Unleash the power of The Art of War by following this comprehensive guide.

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Acquiring The Art of War Rune


Commence the Highway Robbery Quest Line:

  • Initiate the quest line by visiting Desolace, located just northeast of the Cenarion Wildlands graveyard. Seek out an abandoned camp on a bluff and interact with the campfire to start the “Highway Robbery” quest line. To undertake this quest, you must be level 30 or higher.

How to Obtain the Trap Launcher Rune

Bibb Futz Buckle – Seeking Clues in Desolace:

  • Follow the hints provided in the quest line, directing you to Bibby F’utzBuckle in Desolace. Locate him in the middle of the map, just above the ridge near a set of huts. Bibby F’utzBuckle will provide information about Marauders being responsible, leading you to Stranglethorn Vale.

Bibby F’utzBuckle

Toal and the Cherry Grog – Booty Bay Inquiry:

  • Head to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale and visit the Inn. Look for Toal on the bottom level, near the innkeeper. Toal will task you with bringing her a Cherry Grog, which you can purchase from the bartender in Booty Bay.

Illari DuskFeather – Seeking Answers in Arathi Highlands:

  • Toal will share information about Illarri DuskFeather, who can be found near Arathi Highlands. Fly to Arathi Highlands, head south to the bridge, jump into the water, and locate a rowboat. Use the rowboat to reach the eastern side of Arathi Highlands.

Illarri DuskFeather

Confronting Illari DuskFeather:

  • On the docks of the eastern side, you’ll find Illari DuskFeather. Question her about the attacks in Desolace. Depending on your race, you may have a dialogue option to sympathize, leading to her giving you the key. If not, you may need to engage in combat with her.
  • Combat Option: If you choose to fight Illari DuskFeather, be prepared for a challenging encounter. She is a high-level mob, and having a friend to assist you is advisable.
  • Upon defeating her, she will leave behind a satchel containing the key to the chest.

Unlocking the Chest – Rune Revelation:

  • Use the key obtained from Illari DuskFeather to unlock the chest found nearby. Inside the chest, you’ll discover the Jewel-Encrusted Box.

Unlocking the Chest – Revelation of The Art of War Rune:

  • Use the key obtained from Illari DuskFeather to open the chest in the vicinity. Inside the chest, discover the Jewel-Encrusted Box.

Revealing The Art of War Rune:

  • Open the Jewel-Encrusted Box to unveil The Art of War Rune. Embrace its power, as it grants you the chance to reset the cooldowns of Holy Shock and Exorcism upon successful melee attacks.

Mastering Divine Tactics – Harnessing the Rune’s Power:

  • With The Art of War Rune, your melee attacks have the potential to reset the cooldowns of Holy Shock and Exorcism. Strategically utilize this advantage to amplify your healing and damage contributions on the battlefield.

Empower your Holy Paladin with The Art of War Rune and let divine mastery guide you through the challenges of the Season of Discovery Phase 2 in World of Warcraft Classic! May your strikes be swift, and your healing be profound!

Guarded by the Light Rune for Paladin:

For protection and retribution paladins seeking an infusion of divine energy and mana regeneration, the Guarded by the Light Rune stands as a powerful choice. This rune, while bestowing a significant boost to mana, comes at the cost of slightly weakened healing capabilities. To acquire this esteemed Rune, paladins must embark on a cooperative journey with a capable ally who possesses the ability to resurrect and a knowledge of Divine Intervention.

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How to Obtain the Guarded by the Light Rune


  • Ensure you have the Divine Intervention spell in your arsenal. Additionally, make sure to have the required reagent for casting Divine Intervention in your bags.


  • Head to Alterac Valley in the northern Eastern Kingdoms. South of the ruins of Alarakh, a large stone wall awaits.

How to Obtain the Guarded by the Light Rune

Dormant Holy Rune:

  • At the base of the stone wall, locate the skeleton of a former adventurer. Loot this skeleton to obtain a Dormant Holy Rune.

Cooperative Ritual:

  • Enlist the assistance of your ally for the next steps. Your ally needs to have the ability to resurrect you.

Divine Intervention:

  • Use Divine Intervention on your ally, willingly sacrificing yourself in the process. This act grants your ally a protective shield.


  • Upon your demise, your ally can remove the shield and resurrect you.

Attaining the Rune:

  • As you rise from the beyond, you will find yourself blessed with the Guarded by the Light Rune.

Embrace the power bestowed by the Guarded by the Light Rune, where mana flows abundantly, and the divine protection guides your path. May this Rune fortify your resilience and enhance your capabilities on the battlefield, champion of the light.

Enlightened Judgements Rune for Paladin in Phase 2

For paladins aspiring to transform their judgments into precise ranged attacks with heightened accuracy, the Enlightened Judgements Rune is the key to unlocking this exceptional ability. To obtain this Rune, paladins must embark on a quest to purify a collection of spell beads scattered across the rugged landscape of the Arathi Highlands in the northern Eastern Kingdoms.

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How to Obtain the Enlightened Judgements Rune

  1. Prayer Beads Acquisition:
  • Head to the Arathi Highlands and engage humanoid mobs in the area, such as those at Northfold Manor, Boulder Gore (ogres), or Witherbark Village.

How to Obtain the Enlightened Judgements Rune

  1. Purification Process:
  • Purify Prayer Bead 1 by defeating enemies while blessed with Blessing of Might.
  • Purify Prayer Bead 2 by casting Divine Shield on yourself when your health is at 10% or lower. Note: You need to be at least level 34 to have access to Divine Shield.
  • Purify Prayer Bead 3 by applying Seal of Justice to an enemy and casting Judgment on them to prevent them from fleeing.
  1. Brother Atticus:
  • Locate Brother Atticus in Stormwind Keep. Enter the keep, take a right, avoid elite casters, proceed into the friendly camp, cross the bridge, and find Brother Atticus near the end of the graveyard.
  1. Handing In the Beads:
  1. Rune Reward:
  • Upon completing this ritual, you shall be granted the esteemed Enlightened Judgements Rune, a symbol of your mastery over ranged precision in judgment.

May the blessings of the Light guide your judgments, noble paladin, as you unleash the power of Enlightened Judgements upon your foes from a distance. May your accuracy be unwavering and your strikes true in the name of justice.

Sheath of Light Rune for Paladin in Season of Discovery Phase 2

Greetings, noble Paladins! Today, I’ll guide you on the path to obtain the Sheath of Light Rune in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Phase 2. Follow these steps to empower your Paladin with this potent rune:

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How to Obtain the Sheath of Light Rune

  1. Acquire the Broken Hammer: Locations
  • Head to Desolace and locate the specified location on the map.
  • Obtain the Broken Hammer and start the quest “The Broken Hammer.”

How to Obtain the Sheath of Light Rune

  1. Seek the Torn Letter:
  • Kill Burning Blade Summoners in the vicinity until they drop the Torn Letter.
  1. Visit Stormwind Cathedral:
  1. Journey to Menethil Harbor:
  • Proceed to Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands and speak to Harlan Bagley.

Journey to Menethil Harbor

  1. Swim to Newstead Manor:
  • Swim south from Wetlands along the coast to reach Newstead Manor. Be cautious; it’s a long swim, taking about 15 minutes.
  • Ensure you are at least level 38 and have your hearthstone ready.

Swim to Newstead Manor

  1. Inspect the Fallen Crusader:
  • Upon arrival, inspect the body of the fallen Crusader. This will spawn an elite mob; defeat it and pick up the Orders from the Grand Crusader, starting a new quest.

Inspect the Fallen Crusader

  1. Return to Stormwind Cathedral:
  • Swim back to Stormwind Cathedral and turn in the quest with Katherine the Pure.
  • Accept the new quest and engage in a dialogue with her.
  1. Confront High Inquisitor Whitemane:
  • Enter Scarlet Monastery and defeat High Inquisitor Whitemane in the Cathedral.
  • Proceed into her chamber to find the indicated NPC, Auslese the Indomitable.
  • After speaking to and healing Auslese, return to Stormwind Cathedral.
  1. Claim the Sheath of Light Rune:
  • Turn in the quest to Taelan Fordring in Stormwind Cathedral to finally receive the Sheath of Light Rune.

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