All Warlock Runes Locations Guide in Phase 2 SoD

Shadowflame Rune for Warlocks in SoD Phase 2

Discover the formidable might of the Shadowflame Rune, a short cooldown ability that empowers Warlocks with a blast of Shadow damage and a lingering Damage over Time (DoT) effect in a cone before them. To attain this powerful Rune, Warlocks must embark on a challenging ritual in the Shadowbreak Ravine, located in the southern-eastern corner of Desolace. Follow this guide to successfully obtain the Shadowflame Rune and harness its dark energies.

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How to Obtain the Shadowflame Rune

Location – Shadowbreak Ravine:

How to Obtain the Shadowflame Rune

  • Journey to Desolace and locate the Shadowbreak Ravine. It is situated just past the Magram Village in the southern-eastern part of Desolace.

Navigate to the Ritual Altar:

  • Clear through the Ravine, proceeding to the south corner where you’ll find a ramp leading to an upper ledge with a ritual altar.

Prepare for the Ritual:

  • Ensure you are at full health before participating in the ritual. Be ready for significant Shadow damage during the process.

Cast Protective Spells:

  • Cast Shadow Ward and either Sacrifice or Soul Link on yourself before clicking on the ritual table. Sacrifice your Voidwalker to provide a shield and reduce incoming damage.

Channel into the Altar:

  • Click on the ritual table to initiate the ritual. This channeling inflicts substantial Shadow damage over time. Surviving the full duration summons a level 38 Elite succubus.

Defeat the Succubus:

  • Engage and defeat the summoned succubus to claim the Shadowflame Rune. This may require a party, especially considering the low health after the channel.

Caution – No Healing during Channeling:

  • Be cautious not to receive any healing during the channeling process, as it will disrupt the ritual, necessitating a restart.

Once you’ve triumphed over the challenges of the ritual, pick up the Shadowflame Rune, learn its secrets, and wield its dark power as you cast devastation upon your foes in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2. May the shadows serve you well, warlock.

Demonic Knowledge Rune for Warlock in SoD Phase 2

Warlocks, rejoice! The Demonic Knowledge Rune awaits in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery, promising a substantial boost to your damage by amplifying your spell power through the attributes of your demon. Unlock the potential of this massive increase in your stats with the step-by-step guide below.

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Acquiring the Demonic Knowledge Rune

Initiating the Quest and Location – Deadwind Pass Expedition:

  • Your journey begins in Deadwind Pass, situated between Duskwood and Swamp of Sorrows in the Eastern Kingdoms. Head to the eastern side of Deadwind Pass and descend down a path to find a Dalaran camp.

Acquiring the Demonic Knowledge Rune

Receiving the Ariden Sigil – Agent’s Assistance:

  • Approach the Dalaran agent in the camp, and they will provide you with the Ariden Sigil, a trinket that reveals the presence of the elusive Dark Riders.

Dark Rider Hunt – Gathering Dalaran Relics:

  • Your objective is to hunt down Dark Riders scattered across the world. These Level 40 Elite creatures hold Dalaran relics, and you need to acquire seven of them.

Dalaran Relics and Dark Riders:

  • Gather a group of adventurers (at least level 38 to 40) to face the formidable Dark Riders. Use the Ariden Sigil to spawn the Dark Riders by activating it when you receive the Dark Presence buff.

Dark Rider Locations:

  • Curious Dalaran Relic: Northern Deadwind Pass, by a creek, spawns a Dark Rider.

Hunting the Elusive Dark Riders - Relic Retrieval

  • Odd Dalaran Relic: Eastern Swamp of Sorrows, on an island east of the Fallow Sanctuary.

Odd Dalaran Relic

  • Glittering Dalaran Relic: Duskwood, near Raven Hill Cemetery, southeast of the cemetery.

Glittering Dalaran Relic

  • Slippery Dalaran Relic: Southern Badlands, near a large Mesa.

Slippery Dalaran Relic

  • Worn Dalaran Relic: Arathi Highlands, east of Refuge Point, by the trees.

Worn Dalaran Relic

  • Heavy Dalaran Relic: Kalimdor, Ratchet to the west, just south of the Crossroads.

Heavy Dalaran Relic

  • Creepy Dalaran Relic: Desolace, south of Nigel’s Point, between two road sets.

Creepy Dalaran Relic

Returning to Deadwind Pass – Handing Over Relics:

  • Head back to the Dalaran agent in Deadwind Pass and turn in the relics. You’ll receive quests for each relic.

Completing the Quests – Service to Dalaran:

  • Complete the quests associated with the relics, and upon turning in the final quest “Service to Dalaran,” you’ll receive a Supply Bag containing your well-earned Demonic Knowledge Rune.

Embrace the power of the Demonic Knowledge Rune, and let the synergy with your demon elevate your spell power, stamina, and intellect, bringing newfound strength to your warlock endeavors in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2.

Shadow and Flame for Warlock in Season of Discovery Phase 2

Warlocks, rejoice! In Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery, a new and powerful Rune awaits you: Shadow and Flame. This passive Rune enhances your destructive capabilities by increasing the damage of your critical strikes with Shadow or Fire spells by a formidable 10%. Delve into the secrets of obtaining the Shadow and Flame Rune with this comprehensive guide.

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Acquiring the Shadow and Flame Rune


Embarking on the Highway Robbery Quest Line:

  • Initiate the quest line in Desolace, located just northeast of the Cenarion Wildland Graveyard. Find an abandoned camp on a bluff and interact with the campfire. This starts the “Highway Robbery” quest line, and you must be level 30 or higher to participate.

Highway Robbery Quest

Locating Bibby F’utzBuckle in Desolace:

  • Follow the quest line to Bibby F’utzBuckle in Desolace, situated in the middle of the map above the ridge near a set of huts. Bibby F’utzBuckle mentions Marauders as likely culprits and hints at their presence in pirity areas, leading you to Stranglethorn Vale.

Toal’s Inquiry in Booty Bay:

  • Travel to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale and find Toal in the Inn on the bottom level. Toal, the quest giver, requests a Cherry Grog, which you can purchase from the bartender.

Illari DuskFeather – Seeking Answers in Arathi Highlands:

  • Toal informs you about Illarri DuskFeather, who can be found near Arathi Highlands. Fly to Arathi Highlands, head south to the bridge, jump into the water, and look for a rowboat. Use the rowboat to reach the eastern side of Arathi Highlands.

Rowboat Journey and Encounter with Illarri DuskFeather:

  • Seek out a rowboat to the east or follow the path down. Jump into the water for a more exhilarating approach. The rowboat takes you to the eastern side of Arathi Highlands, where you’ll find Illarri DuskFeather waiting on the docks.
  • Combat or Sympathy: Based on your race and health status, you may either sympathize with her or engage in combat. Sympathy may lead to her giving you the key, while non-night elves might need to defeat her in combat.
  • If combat is necessary, be prepared for a challenging encounter. Having a friend to assist is recommended.
  • Upon defeating her, loot the satchel she leaves behind to obtain the key for the nearby chest.

Unlocking the Chest – Revelation of the Rune:

  • Use the key obtained from Illarri DuskFeather to open the chest in the vicinity. Inside the chest, discover the Jewel-Encrusted Box.

Revealing the Shadow and Flame Rune:

  • Open the Jewel-Encrusted Box to unveil the Shadow and Flame Rune. Embrace its power, as it enhances your critical strikes with Shadow or Fire damage by an impressive 10%.

Unleashing Infernal Might – Harnessing the Rune’s Power:

  • With the Shadow and Flame Rune, your critical strikes with Shadow or Fire damage will now deal 10% additional damage. Utilize this newfound power to unleash chaos upon your enemies.

Empower your warlock with the Shadow and Flame Rune and dominate the Season of Discovery Phase 2 in World of Warcraft Classic! May your spells burn and shadow consume all who oppose you!

Dance of the Wicked for Warlock Tanking in Phase 2 Guide

Warlocks, embrace the shadows and fortify your tanking abilities with the formidable “Dance of the Wicked,” a newly introduced Rune in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery. This Rune significantly enhances your dodge chance, intricately tied to your critical strike chance. Additionally, it provides substantial mana regeneration, reducing the need for frequent Life Taps. Embark on the journey to attain this empowering Rune by following this comprehensive guide.

Acquiring Dance of the Wicked Rune

Prepare for Hellfire:

  • Ensure your character is at least level 30 and possesses the Hellfire skill. This demonic ability will play a crucial role in the acquisition of Dance of the Wicked.


  • Search for a Reckless Warlock Corpse in the world. The guide mentions finding one in Thousand Needles, specifically at the Wyvern Perch. Locate the burned-up warlock near the Flaming Wyvern.

Obtain the Brimstone Carving:

  • Interact with the Reckless Warlock Corpse to receive a Brimstone Carving. This item is a key component in the ritual to unlock Dance of the Wicked.

Invoke Hellfire and Embrace Sacrifice:

  • Cast Hellfire to simultaneously inflict damage upon yourself and nearby enemies. Continue the onslaught until your health drops below 70%. This sacrificial act, combined with the chaos of Hellfire, is a necessary step in unlocking the Rune.

Transformation of the Brimstone Carving:

  • As you endure the fiery trials of Hellfire and meet the specified conditions, witness the transformation of the Brimstone Carving into the coveted Dance of the Wicked Rune.

Empower Your Tanking Adventures:

  • With Dance of the Wicked now in your possession, experience a substantial boost in dodge chance and mana regeneration. May your tanking endeavors be successful and empowered by the dark forces at your command.
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