All Hunter Runes Locations Guide in Phase 2 SoD

Invigoration Rune for Hunter in Phase 2 SoD

As hunters traverse the diverse landscapes of World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2, the Invigoration Rune emerges as a game-changer, significantly enhancing mana sustainability during leveling. This rune bestows the unique ability to regain mana each time a pet executes a special attack, providing a valuable resource replenishment strategy. Follow the steps outlined below to acquire the Invigoration Rune and empower your hunter’s journey.

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How to Obtain the Invigoration Rune

Location – Amaryllis Web in Swamp of Sorrows:

  • Journey to Swamp of Sorrows and locate Amaryllis Web.
  • Purchase the “Entomology Starter Kit” from Amaryllis Web, which contains a special net crucial for capturing specimens.

How to Obtain the Invigoration Rune

Specimen Collection:

Arbor Tarantula (Stranglethorn Vale):

  • Travel to Stranglethorn Vale and find the Arbor Tarantula located on a stump. Refer to coordinates provided in the description for precise location details.
  • Use the net to capture the Arbor Tarantula.

Fleshpicker (Desolace – Kodo Graveyard):

  • Head to Desolace and specifically to the Kodo Graveyard.
  • Locate the Fleshpicker, a scorpion under the bones of a Kodo. Be cautious, as high-level birds inhabit the area.
  • Use the net to capture the Fleshpicker.

Hay Weevil (Arathi Highlands – Northfold Manor):

  • Journey to Arathi Highlands and reach Northfold Manor.
  • Search for the Hay Weevil inside one of the buildings. Utilize targeting tools to locate and mark the Hay Weevil.
  • Use the net to capture the Hay Weevil.

Return to Amaryllis Web:

  • Return to Amaryllis Web with the captured specimens.
  • Present the specimens to Amaryllis Web, demonstrating your successful acquisitions.

Rune Acquisition:

  • Amaryllis Web will reward you with the coveted Invigoration Rune.
  • Equip the rune to unlock its unique benefits, allowing your hunter to thrive with enhanced mana regeneration.

Dual Wield Rune for Hunter in SoD Phase 2

For hunters seeking to elevate their combat prowess in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2, the Dual Wield Rune emerges as a game-changer. This rune unlocks the dual-wielding specialization, augmenting damage output and enhancing the effectiveness of Raptor Strike. By wielding two weapons of the same type, hunters can unleash devastating strikes with their off-hand weapon and maximize the potential of Raptor Strike. To attain this formidable ability, follow the steps below to locate and unlock the Dual Wield Rune.

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How to Obtain the Dual Wield Rune

Location – Zul’Gurub in Stranglethorn Vale:

  • Head to Zul’Gurub in Stranglethorn Vale to embark on the quest for the Dual Wield Rune.

How to Obtain the Dual Wield Rune

Ensure you are a level 32 Hunter with the Flare ability.

Activating the Rune:

  • Explore the area in Zul’Gurub until you notice a distinctive blue buff on your character’s status bar.
  • Once the blue buff is active, cast the Flare ability. This will summon a troll, marking the beginning of the encounter.

Confronting the Troll:

  • Engage and defeat the troll that appears in response to your Flare.
  • Vanquishing the troll is the key to unlocking the Dual Wield Rune.

Rune Acquisition:

  • Upon successfully defeating the troll, you will be rewarded with the coveted Dual Wield Rune.
  • Equip the rune to unlock the dual-wielding specialization, enabling you to wield two weapons simultaneously and infuse greater potency into your Raptor Strikes.

Steady Shot Rune for Hunter Phase 2

Prepare to enhance your marksmanship as the Steady Shot Rune emerges in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2. Unleashing precision and power, this rune grants hunters the ability to execute Steady Shot, a potent ranged attack. Located in the southeastern corner of the Wyrmbane Scar in the Wrathtail Highlands, the formidable Needle Tooth serves as the key to unlocking the Steady Shot Rune.

How to Obtain the Steady Shot Rune

Location – Witherbark Village, Arathi Highlands:

How to Obtain the Steady Shot Rune

  • Journey to the southeast corner of Arathi Highlands, where Witherbark Village stands. In the vicinity of Witherbark Village, locate the pond where NeedleTooth, a level 35 fish, resides.

Confronting NeedleTooth:

  • Engage and defeat NeedleTooth, a level 35 mob that guards the secrets of the Steady Shot Rune.
  • As a level 28 Beast Mastery hunter, approach the encounter strategically by sending your pet to initiate aggro before unleashing your DPS.

Unlocking the Steady Shot Rune

  • Upon successfully slaying NeedleTooth, you will be rewarded with the Steady Shot Rune.
  • Equip the rune to acquire the ability to perform Steady Shot, offering precision and increased damage in your ranged attacks.

Trap Launcher Rune for Hunter in SoD Phase 2

In the dynamic landscape of Phase 2 in Season of Discovery, hunters can now enhance their strategic gameplay with the newly unveiled Trap Launcher Rune. This powerful rune enables the use of traps both in and out of combat, offering a ranged cast for heightened tactical maneuvering. Here’s a guide to embark on the quest for the Trap Launcher Rune and amplify your trapping capabilities in World of Warcraft Classic.

How to Obtain the Trap Launcher Rune

Location – Desolace:

  • Begin your journey in Desolace, heading to the northwest corner of the Kodo graveyard.

How to Obtain the Trap Launcher Rune

Ascend the hill to find an extinguished campfire at the top.

Highway Robbery Quest:

  • Interact with the campfire to accept the quest “Highway Robbery.”

Highway Robbery Quest

Meeting the Goblin in Desolace:

  • Travel northeast to locate a goblin outside Cormac’s Hut.
  • Turn in the quest at the goblin to proceed.

Journey to Booty Bay:

  • Head to Booty Bay and visit the inn.
  • Speak with the female orc next to the bar, who will request a drink. Purchase Cherry Grog from the bartender and offer it to her.

Arrival in Arathi Highlands:

  • Get ready for the next adventure in Arathi Highlands, where you will encounter Aari on a dock.
  • Engage Illari Duskfeather in combat; she is level 40, so prepare your Frost trap beforehand and utilize your pet to kite and DPS her.

Retrieve the Key:

  • After defeating Aari, she will drop a bag containing a key.
  • Return to the area where you initially met her and use the key to unlock a box.

Obtain the Launcher Trap Rune:

  • Inside the box, you’ll find the coveted “Rune of the Trapper,” granting you the ability to use traps at range and segregate your Frost and Fire cooldowns.

Expose Weakness Rune for Hunters in SoD Phase 2

For hunters eager to enhance their ranged and melee prowess, the Expose Weakness Rune in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery is the key to unlocking agility-boosting potential. Learn the steps to obtain the Expose Weakness Rune and empower your agility with each critical strike.

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How to Obtain the Expose Weakness Rune

Beginning in the Badlands:

Location: Head to the Badlands, where you’ll encounter ogres in two distinct areas within the zone. These Level 38 and 39 ogres will be your targets.

How to Obtain the Expose Weakness Rune

Ogre Elimination – Collecting the Drop:

  • Engage and defeat the ogres until you obtain the necessary drop. It took approximately six kills to secure the item, but your mileage may vary.

Accepting the Quest – Journey to Stranglethorn Vale:

Meeting Hemet – Stranglethorn Stopover:

  • Locate Hemet Nesingwary in Stranglethorn Vale and engage in a conversation with him. Prepare yourself for the next phase of the quest.

Critter Capture – Preparing the Bait:

  • Hemet will provide you with a crate to use as bait. Any Critter in the game can serve as bait for this quest, but if you’re Alliance and passing through Duskwood, consider capturing a rat.

Returning to the Badlands – Nest Placement:

  • Head back to the Badlands, specifically to the top of the hill on the western side of the map. Find a nest at the hill’s summit and place the crate as bait.

Summoning the Vulture – Challenge Awaits:

  • Your crate will summon a level 40 vulture, and the battle begins. As a Beast Mastery hunter, handle the encounter by letting your pet initiate, using cooldowns strategically, and kiting when necessary.

Claiming Victory – Loot the Rune:

  • Successfully defeat the level 40 vulture, loot the item needed for the quest, and head back to Hemet in Stranglethorn Vale.

Turning in the Item – Acquiring the Rune:

  • Turn in the quest item to Hemet Nesingwary and receive your well-deserved Expose Weakness Rune. With this Rune in your arsenal, each critical strike will grant an agility boost, enhancing your hunter capabilities.

Melee Specialist Rune for Hunter in SoD Phase 2

For those aspiring to become formidable melee hunters in the Season of Discovery, the Melee Specialist Rune is your key to unlocking the true potential of Raptor Strike and Mongol Bite. Say goodbye to cooldowns and embrace the power of efficient abilities. In conjunction with dual wield specialization, this Rune will transform you into an unstoppable force. Here’s your guide on how to obtain this game-changing Rune.

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Acquiring the Melee Specialist Rune:

Initiating the Quest and Location- Deadwind Pass Expedition:

  • Begin your adventure in Deadwind Pass, nestled between Duskwood and Swamp of Sorrows in the Eastern Kingdoms. Head to the eastern side of Deadwind Pass, where a Dalaran camp awaits.

Receiving the Ariden Sigil – Agent’s Assistance:

  • Approach the Dalaran agent within the camp, and they will entrust you with the Ariden Sigil. This trinket will reveal the presence of the elusive Dark Riders.

Dark Rider Pursuit – Gathering Dalaran Relics:

  • Embark on a quest to hunt down the formidable Dark Riders across the world. These Level 40 Elite creatures safeguard Dalaran relics, and you must secure seven of these relics.

Dalaran Relics and Dark Riders:

  • Assemble a formidable group (preferably level 38 to 40) to confront the powerful Dark Riders. Activate the Ariden Sigil to spawn the Dark Riders by using it when you receive the Dark Presence buff.

Dark Rider Locations:

  • Curious Dalaran Relic: Northern Deadwind Pass, near a creek, spawns a Dark Rider.

Hunting the Elusive Dark Riders - Relic Retrieval

  • Odd Dalaran Relic: Eastern Swamp of Sorrows, on an island east of the Fallow Sanctuary.

Odd Dalaran Relic

  • Glittering Dalaran Relic: Duskwood, near Raven Hill Cemetery, southeast of the cemetery.

Glittering Dalaran Relic

  • Slippery Dalaran Relic: Southern Badlands, near a large Mesa.

Slippery Dalaran Relic

  • Worn Dalaran Relic: Arathi Highlands, east of Refuge Point, by the trees.

Worn Dalaran Relic

  • Heavy Dalaran Relic: Kalimdor, Ratchet to the west, just south of the Crossroads.

Heavy Dalaran Relic

  • Creepy Dalaran Relic: Desolace, south of Nigel’s Point, between two road sets.

Creepy Dalaran Relic

Returning to Deadwind Pass – Handing Over Relics:

  • Return to the Dalaran agent in Deadwind Pass and deliver the relics. You will receive quests for each relic.

Completing the Quests – Service to Dalaran:

  • Fulfill the quests associated with the relics. Upon completing the final quest, “Service to Dalaran,” you will be rewarded with a Supply Bag containing your coveted Melee Specialist Rune.

With the Melee Specialist Rune in hand, embrace the power to make Raptor Strike more efficient and eliminate the cooldown from Mongol Bite. Become the melee hunter you’ve always dreamed of in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2. May your journey be filled with glory and victorious hunts!

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