WoW Boost Safe?

The safety of buying WoW boost services

Dragonflight Arena PreparationIs WoW Boost safe? This question is of interest to a large number of World of Warcraft players, but we have not found a clear answer to this question on the Internet. We will try our best to express our thoughts on this issue and give an objective and detailed answer to all questions that players of World of Warcraft and players of other games from Blizzard may have.

Why do players get banned in WoW?

As most players know, Blizzard bans players from time to time.
This happens in the form of a point ban of a specific player for a certain action or in the form of the so-called bun wave. A targeted ban for a specific player mainly happens when there are specific and obvious misconducts that are immediately viewed by the Blizzard robots. With a ban wave, everything is much more complicated. This happens in the following way. Over time, Blizzard accumulates a list of potential violators, and at some point send them all to the ban. But we will take a closer look at why and for what people get banned.

WoW Boost or RMT (Real Money Trading)

Dragonflight starter bundleMany people know that according to the rules of Blizzard Activision, the use of real money in games is prohibited. This is punishable by a ban. But in order for you to get a ban, Blizzard must have a substantial reason for this, that is, proof. But how will Blizzard know about it? This can happen quite easily. Often the buyer himself writes in the in-game chat to his friends that he used the services of one or another boosting company. That is, the buyer discusses the details of the boost with friends in the game chat. The game chat, in turn, is viewed by Blizzard employees. And because of this, a player, a buyer, can get a ban. In order to avoid such a stupid ban, we advise you not to discuss the topic of boosting and everything related to buying for real money from boosting companies. Do not discuss the boost services you have purchased in the game chat!

Surely, a ban can be obtained in other cases. A ban can also be given to buyers who give access to their account (account sharing), and equally to buyers who play themselves (self play) with boosters.

Account sharing boost

WoW Bundles BoostPerhaps the most risky boost, but at the same time the cheapest and fastest boost is the account sharing. But why is it banned so often? Firstly, the thing is that buyers, not knowing all the nuances of the correct account sharing boost, buy where it is cheaper. And this is a huge mistake, because such boosting companies or even worse boosters from discord do not use any software to minimize account blocking. And this is the number 1 security measure! Also, some boost teams and boosters neglect the recommended intervals between logging into their clients’ accounts. This entails an increase in the risk of a ban on the buyer’s account. What does it mean? Cheap does not mean professional! If you do not want to risk your account, then you can consider our WoW Boost services. After buying a boost from us, our specialist will contact you and instruct you on what steps you need to perform before account sharing, as well as tell you about our personal and professional programs. To do this, you can write to us in Live Chat.

Selfplay boost

Dragonflight 2100 RBG BoostSelfplay boost is considered to be a completely safe boost in the game, but is it? The answer is no! Certainly, selfplay has its advantages. The main advantage of this boost method is that you do not have to do account sharing, and you play by yourself. It will look like you have achieved everything yourself. However, if Blizzard finds out that you are paying the booster with gold or real money, you will immediately get banned. How will they know? Basically, Blizzard can find out about this in several ways. For example, if you pay real money to a booster, and this booster has a huge number of games in any bracket. His rating is constantly jumping high up, then down a lot. Such a player ends up in a special Blizzard database, and all the people who played with him will be carefully checked. If there are signs indicating that the buyer received a boost, he will also get into the base and at the next ban wave, along with all the same players, he will be banned. How to avoid all this? First of all, contact knowledgeable people, professionals in their field! Boosting is not only the ability to play well and do the job… Boosting is the competent construction of the entire boosting process. It is important here both to get a result and to avoid getting a ban. We have been doing all this for a long time, so you can contact us, and we will certainly help you.

WoW Gold Selling/Buying

WotLK GoldAnother reason players get banned is buying and selling gold in the game. Few think about the consequences when they see cheap prices on popular gold trading exchanges. Moreover, few people know that cheap gold is mined in the first place, with the help of bots. For those who sell this gold, it is completely free, and of course, buyers who bought gold from such sellers are 90% banned. It’s just a matter of time. In such cases, they first ban the one who mined gold, and then, along the chain, all those who were somehow connected with this account. These can be those people with whom the seller opened a trade, to whom he sent it to the email, and so on. Therefore, be careful when buying game currency. Large flows of gold between accounts can also be a trigger even for an honest player. It is better to buy small amounts of gold, but more often, than to buy gold once, but in a huge amount. Be careful!

Choose professionals and you will be safe

According to our estimates, every third player in World of Warcraft received a ban. Someone got banned due to their own mistake, someone due to bad matches, but the vast majority of players get banned because of the unprofessionalism of the purchased services from the boosting companies. We strongly recommend that you do not choose boost services based on their low cost. Cheaper doesn’t mean better. It is best to look at the professionalism of the boosting company in such cases. You can also write to us and Buy Safe WoW Boost from professionals, we will definitely help you! We wish you all the best and a good drop!

What types of bans are there in WoW?

Violating any rules of the game, you can get a temporary ban or a permanent ban. If you are permanently banned, you will no longer be able to get your account back. With a temporary ban, you will have to wait a while, and then continue the game.

Can a player be banned for no good reason?

Yes, it happens. But, most likely, there was a reason for this too. Perhaps you used a VPN or logged in from different locations, or there was some suspicious activity.

How can I use WoW boost services and not get banned?

Choose proven boost teams that have reviews and a responsible approach to work. You can see all this on the website of the boost company. You can also contact us, the Frostyboost team. We will provide you with high-quality boost services, and your account will be safe.

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