Guide and BiS gear for Warlock in WoW Classic SoD

Warlock Class Overview

Clothed in sinister demonic robes, warlocks epitomize the mastery of dark magic and the forbidden art of demon summoning. In the ominous realm of Azeroth, these practitioners of shadowy arts unleash curses, wield devastating fire and darkness magic, and command an entourage of demons to unleash chaos upon their adversaries. Once mages, blacksmiths harness their arcane expertise to summon demonic allies, drawing upon rituals to craft health stones that prove invaluable in the throes of battle.

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These enigmatic spellcasters boast a formidable arsenal of potent spells, making them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Armed with a repertoire of curses and destructive spells, Witchblades, as they are often known, leave a trail of havoc and desolation in their wake. Beyond their destructive capabilities, Warlocks exhibit a unique utility, creating transferable Health Stones to mend wounds in times of dire need. As masters of the dark arts, they possess an array of curses that not only weaken but also inflict damage upon their unfortunate foes. In the expansive world of World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery, Warlocks stand as formidable adversaries, wielding the powers of shadow and summoning to reshape the tides of battle.


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Warlock Changes in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

The Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft Classic brings forth a myriad of changes, and Warlocks, masters of the dark arts, are not left untouched. Let’s delve into the exciting transformations within the Warlock class, focusing on the evolution of Damage-Per-Second (DPS) strategies.

  1. New Runes, New Frontiers for DPS:
  2. Fire-Focused Alternatives:

Incinerate Unleashed: The introduction of new runes has ushered in diverse DPS options, steering Warlocks away from the conventional Shadow Bolt spam. Engage in scorching combat with spells like Incinerate, inflicting Fire damage and applying a fiery buff.

  • Chaos Bolt Mastery: Experience the might of Chaos Bolt, a spell that bypasses defenses and allows your Fire spells to penetrate absorptions. A game-changer for those seeking a more direct and forceful approach.
  • Lake of Fire Tactic: Opt for the Lake of Fire rune, elevating your Rain of Fire into a potent tool that debuffs mobs in its radius, making them susceptible to an additional 40% damage.
  • Demonic Tactics Insight: Alternatively, embrace the Demonic Tactics rune for a straightforward 10% additional crit chance, benefiting both you and your loyal pet.

DoT-Infused Strategies:

  • Soul Siphon Mastery: Explore damage-over-time (DoT) focused builds with runes like Soul Siphon, seamlessly integrating Drain Life into your rotation. Use it as a DoT ability or as your primary filler spell in between casting your DoTs.
  • Master Channeler’s Embrace: Incorporate Master Channeler into your arsenal, enhancing Drain Life and contributing to a more sustainable DoT-focused build.
  • Everlasting Affliction: Consider the Everlasting Affliction rune, a boon in maintaining Corruption over extended encounters. This rune refreshes the spell with each cast of your main damaging abilities.

Support-Oriented Strategies: For a more support-oriented approach, delve into the power of the Demonic Pact rune. Alternatively, explore the strategic use of Haunt, introducing another DoT that not only synergizes with Soul Siphon but also amplifies overall DoT damage by an additional 20%.

Flexibility in the face of difficulty:

  • The Season of Discovery unveils a myriad of possibilities for Warlocks, each strategy bringing its unique benefits and challenges.
  • Warlocks now have a range of choices to cater to a variety of play styles, from spouting fiery destruction to creating complex DoT-centric rotations.
  • Embrace the difficulty, experiment with different builds, and discover the untold power contained within the revamped Warlock class.

The Season of Discovery beckons Warlocks to reforge their destiny, offering a multitude of avenues to explore within the realm of DPS. As the dark clouds of change gather, the Warlock class stands poised to cast new spells, summon new demons, and etch its mark on the evolving tapestry of Azeroth. The shadows have never been more inviting for those who dare to master the arcane intricacies of the Warlock class in this new and exhilarating season.

Warlock Enduring survivability in WoW, pros and cons:

  • Undeniably, Warlock DPS continues to assert itself as a formidable opponent in raid scenes.
  • The contribution of Warlocks extends far beyond mere damage output. With Healthstones offering vital healing support and Minor Soulstones acting as an insurance policy against raid wipes, Warlocks emerge as guardians of the raid’s well-being.

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The Art of Balance: Strengths and Weaknesses:


  • Potent Single Target and Cleave Throughput: Warlocks stand tall in the realm of single-target and cleave damage, wielding their dark powers with precision and might.
  • Raid Utility Excellence: Beyond their DPS role, Warlocks emerge as indispensable utility providers, ensuring the raid’s success through a myriad of supportive spells.


  • Susceptibility to Incoming Damage: Warlocks, draped in cloth armor, face vulnerability to incoming damage, necessitating a delicate dance to avoid becoming a liability on the battlefield.
  • Life Tap Quirks: The intricate dance of Life Tap, a Warlock’s source of mana replenishment, requires astute management to mitigate potential downsides.

In the Season of Discovery, Warlocks don’t merely weave spells; they shape the destiny of raids with their versatile toolkit. The strengths and weaknesses of Warlock DPS create a delicate equilibrium, demanding a strategic approach that goes beyond conventional damage-dealing. As Warlocks usher in a new era of playstyles with diverse damage-specific spells and runes, the battlefield is set for an exhilarating dance of shadow and flame. Embrace the darkness, master the intricacies, and let the legacy of Warlock DPS unfold in the chapters of WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

Best Statistics for Warlocks in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Spell Hit Rating: Precision Unleashed

  • In the intricate realm of magical warfare, Spell Hit Rating reigns supreme for Warlocks, holding the key to successful damage infliction.
  • Achieving a 16% hit rating to effectively engage targets is paramount, and this challenge is compounded in the early stages of the game.
  • Affliction benefits from the Suppression talent, granting a significant 2% damage for every point invested, resulting in a 10% total damage bonus. However, it’s worth noting that this benefit applies exclusively to defeat spells, leaving Shadow Bolt users are seeking alternatives.

Spell Power: The Catalyst of Destruction

  • The spell power becomes the core to boost damage in various areas, whether it be spells, shadow, or fire.
  • While it is difficult to get significant spell power in the early game, the rewards in the form of increased damage justify the effort.

Critical Chance

  • The allure of critical hits adds an electrifying dimension to Warlock spells, inflicting 150% of their regular potency.
  • Warlocks bask in the glory of critical hits, with the Ruin talent from the Destruction school unlocking even more devastating damage potential.

Intellect: Mind and Mana Mastery

  • Intellect, a multifaceted attribute, bestows increased mana reserves and increases the probability of a critical strike.
  • While this isn’t a primary stat, given Life Tap’s ability to replenish mana, the extra Intellect mana proves useful, especially in long fights.
  • Affliction practitioners who predominantly use spells that deal damage over time (DoT) find the Intelligence enchantment limited, as DoT spells do not participate in the critical hit bonus, except for the occasional occurrence of Shadow Bolt.

As warlocks journey across the enchanted landscape of WoW Classic Season of Discovery, mastery of these crucial statistics will be the key to unlocking unprecedented destruction. The delicate interplay between spell hit rating, spell power, critical hit chance, and intelligence paints the canvas of a warlock’s journey, offering both challenges and rewards. Whether unleashing shadow bolts or wielding the subtle power of disease, each warlock follows a path of statistical mastery, crafting the perfect elixir to conquer the challenges that await them in the enchanted realms.

Choosing Your Warlock’s Fate: A Symphony of Races in Season of Discovery

As a Warlock embarking on the journey of the Season of Discovery, the choice of race becomes a critical decision, influencing your playstyle and survivability in the dark realms of WoW Classic. Each race offers unique racial abilities, weaving a symphony of advantages tailored to the malevolent arts of the Warlock.

Orc: Masters of the Demonic Horde

Orc Warlocks stand as masters of the demonic horde, wielding two racial abilities that resonate with their dark arts. “Command” may not unleash overwhelming power, but it subtly boosts the damage output of their demonic companions, providing a noteworthy bonus. The true strength lies in “Hardiness,” a resilience to stun effects that can tip the scales in challenging encounters, granting Orc Warlocks enhanced survivability and control over the shadows.

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Undead: Masters of the Gloom

Undead sorcerers are immersed in an overcast atmosphere, utilising racial abilities that dance with the shadows of classic WoW. “Will of the Forsaken” acts as a shield against the effects of Fear, allowing undead mages to continue their relentless offensive in the face of fear-inducing encounters. At the same time, “Shadow Resistance” provides a subtle but effective reduction in shadow damage from bosses, increasing the undead mages’ overall survivability. As a grim bonus, Cannibalism provides a respite between dungeon runs, allowing combat mages to replenish health while immersed in darkness.

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Gnome: Arcane Artisans of the Alliance

For Alliance Warlocks, Gnomes emerge as arcane artisans, wielding racial abilities that enhance their mystical prowess. “Expansive Mind” amplifies intellect, expanding the mana pool and introducing a touch more crit chance. “Engineering Specialization” opens the gateway to essential engineering items, adding a layer of utility to the Gnome Warlock’s toolkit. Paired with the nimble “Escape Artist” and the arcane resistance granted by “Arcane Resistance,” Gnome Warlocks navigate the arcane currents with finesse.

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Human: Versatile Sons and Daughters of Azeroth

Humans, versatile sons and daughters of Azeroth, bear racial abilities that offer a range of benefits for Warlocks. “The Human Spirit” amplifies spirit, contributing to a Warlock’s endurance. While “Sword Specialization” may find its place in Warlock Tank strategies, other racial abilities like “Diplomacy,” “Mace Specialization,” and “Perception” don’t present direct advantages for Warlocks. In the grand scheme, Gnomes often shine brighter in the specific role of a Warlock.

In this symphony of races, the Warlock must carefully choose their notes, harmonizing racial abilities with the dark melodies of their chosen specialization—be it affliction, destruction, or the demonic path of tanking. May your choice resonate with the shadows as you venture into the Season of Discovery.

Warlock Runes in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

  1. Demonic Tactics: Critical Insight
  • Embrace Demonic Tactics, a strategic move that boosts both you and your trusty demon’s critical strike chances by a solid 10%. It’s like having a tactical discussion with your demon buddy, ensuring that your hits are on point and packing an extra punch.

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  1. Lake of Fire: Blazing Trail
  • With Lake of Fire, your Rain of Fire doesn’t just rain down destruction – it leaves a scorching trail on the ground. This fiery path cranks up all Fire damage you and your demon deal to any foe caught in the blaze. It’s like turning the battlefield into a blazing inferno, leaving enemies in ashes.
  1. Master Channeler: Unleashed Drain Life
  • Master Channeler transforms Drain Life into a burst of dark energy. No longer channeled, it lasts 15 seconds, packs a punch with increased healing, and even has a cooldown. It’s like turning your life-draining spell into a potent burst, giving you a dark edge in battles.
  1. Soul Siphon: Dark Energies Amplified
  • Dive into Soul Siphon, a rune that cranks up the drain in your Drain Life and Drain Soul spells. The more Warlock Shadow effects on the target, the more it drains – up to an extra 18%. It’s like channeling the dark energies around your foes, making your life-draining spells even more potent.
  1. Chaos Bolt: Chaotic Inferno Unleashed
  • Chaos Bolt, a spell that pierces through absorptions, sends a bolt of chaotic fire at your enemy. It deals serious Fire damage, and with a guaranteed hit and the piercing effect, it’s a wild card in your spell arsenal. It’s like unleashing a chaotic inferno on your foes, leaving no room for magical defenses.
  1. Haunt: Ghostly Havoc Unleashed
  • Meet Haunt, the ghostly spell that deals damage and amps up all your Shadow damage over time on the target. When it ends or gets dispelled, you’re healed for all the damage it dealt. It’s like weaving a ghostly havoc, leaving your enemies haunted and your health topped up.
  1. Metamorphosis: Infernal Transformation Unleashed
  • Transforming into a menacing demon, Metamorphosis beefs up your defenses, makes you less likely to get critically hit, and tweaks some abilities. Searing Pain becomes instant, Shadow Bolt turns into Shadow Cleave, and Fear is replaced by Menace. Exciting new moves like Demon Charge and Demonic Howl also join the party, giving your combat style a demonic makeover.
  1. Shadow Bolt Volley: Cascading Shadows Unleashed
  • Picture this: your Shadow Bolt now hits up to 5 foes in a row, creating a shadowy chain reaction within 10 yards. Sure, it deals a bit less damage to each target, but it’s like casting a shadowy symphony of destruction, especially when there’s a bunch of baddies in close proximity.
  1. Demonic Grace: Fel Elegance
  • Feeling the fel energy, Demonic Grace amps up your dodging skills by 30%, making you and your pet more nimble. Plus, your chance to score critical hits with all your attacks gets a matching 30% boost. It’s like a burst of fel elegance that lasts for 6 seconds, making you and your demonic buddy pretty slippery in battles.
  1. Demonic Pact: Infernal Alliance
  • Forming a wicked alliance, Demonic Pact takes your pet’s critical hits and shares the love with your party members. Lasting 45 seconds, this pact cranks up spell damage and healing for your whole crew. It’s like turning your pet’s hits into a power boost for the whole party – a bit like an infernal cheerleader.
  1. Everlasting Affliction: Eternal Corruption
  • Enter Everlasting Affliction, your ticket to eternal mischief. Now, whenever you use spells like Drain Life or Haunt, they refresh the duration of your Corruption on the target. It’s like weaving a never-ending tale of mischief, keeping the bad vibes going.
  1. Incinerate: Consuming Inferno Unleashed
  • With Incinerate, you’re unleashing a fiery storm on your enemies. It burns them and amps up all your Fire damage for the next 15 seconds. Imagine setting your foes ablaze and then bringing the heat with even more fire-based attacks. It’s like turning up the heat in the middle of a battle, making sure your enemies feel the burn.

The best Warlock talents for DPS and TANK in WoW SoD

As the Season of Discovery unfolds, Warlocks find themselves at the crossroads of power, presented with a myriad of talents that can shape their destiny. Whether you revel in affliction, seek the destructive path, or embrace the demonic forces for tanking prowess, the Warlock’s arsenal is rich and diverse.

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Affliction: Unleash the Shadows

In the dark arts of affliction, Warlocks sow the seeds of torment, watching their foes wither away under a barrage of curses and damage-over-time spells. Embracing talents like Suppression to enhance hit chance, Nightfall for shadowy procs, and Shadow Mastery for amplified shadow damage, affliction Warlocks are the unseen architects of agony.

Destruction: Channel the Inferno

For those who prefer to wield the raw power of destruction, talents like Improved Shadow Bolt and Devastation become the tools of fiery wrath. Destruction Warlocks revel in chaotic energy, culminating in Ruin to maximize critical strike damage and Conflagrate to incinerate foes in a burst of flames. They are the pyromancers, turning enemies to ash with every fiery spell.

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Demonology: Pact with the Demonic

Warlocks delving into demonology forge pacts with dark entities, transforming into formidable tanks capable of withstanding brutal assaults. Demonic Embrace grants increased Stamina, while Improved Healthstone and Demonic Resilience provide survival tools. Further down the path, Master Demonologist strengthens ties with summoned demons, turning the Warlock into a demonic force on the front lines.

Warlock SoD Guide talents

Dark Symphony of Choices

In this dark symphony of choices, Warlocks stand as masters of their fate, each talent point a note in the composition of their power. Whether afflicting enemies into submission, unleashing destruction upon foes, or standing as a demonic bulwark, the Warlock’s path in the Season of Discovery is one of versatility and malevolent might. Choose wisely, for your decisions will echo through the shadows of Azeroth.

Pre-Raid BiS Gear for Warlock in WoW Classic SoD PHASE 1



Source / Location for drop


Shadow Goggles



Spectral Necklace

World Drop (Try to get Intelligence)


Magician’s Mantle

World Drop

Feline Mantle

Shadowfang Keep


Resilient Cape

World Drop

Soft Willow Cape

Horde Quest – Je’neu of the Earthen Ring in Ashenvale


Black Velvet Robes

World Drop

Robes of Arugal

Shadowfang Keep


Mindthrust Bracers

World Drop

Fingerbone Bracers

Alliance Drops from Forsaken Dark Stalker in Ashenvale


Hands of Darkness

Tailoring – Shadow builds only

Silver-thread Gloves

World Drop

Serpent Gloves

Wailing Caverns


Belt of Arugal

Shadowfang Keep


Night Watch Pantaloons

Alliance Quest – Morbent Fel

Silver-thread Pants

World Drop

Darkweave Breeches

World Drop

Azure Silk Pants



Silver-thread Boots

World Drop

Spidersilk Boots



Lorekeeper’s Ring

Alliance Warsong – Honored

Advisor’s Ring

Horde Warsong – Honored

Lavishly Jeweled Ring

Death Mine


Rune of Perfection

Warsong – Friendly


Staff of the Shade

Welt-Drop – Shadow builds only

Staff of Soran’ruk

Warlock class quest The Orb of Soran’ruk

Emberstone Staff


Crescent Staff

Horde Quest – Leaders of the Fang in Wailing Caverns


As the dark veil of WoW Classic’s season of discovery unfolds, warlocks are becoming formidable lords of shadow and chaos, marked by transformative runes and strategic decisions. This season, the warlock class undergoes an exciting DPS evolution with the introduction of new runes offering a variety of spell approaches.

Warlocks, clad in sinister robes, become architects of chaos, weaving curses and unleashing destructive magic. Their utility goes beyond just damage: they can create health stones and ensure the well-being of the raid. However, vulnerability to incoming damage and the nuances of the Life Tap dance create challenges that require strategic skill.

The Season of Discovery brings a symphony of choices for Warlocks. From fire-focused alternatives like Incinerate to damage-over-time (DoT)-infused strategies with Soul Siphon, players can tailor their playstyles. Flexibility becomes paramount as Warlocks navigate diverse builds, from scorching infernos to sustained DoT rotations.

Key statistics become the essence of a warlock’s skill. Spell hit rating, spell power, critical hit chance, and intelligence determine the subtle relationship that paints the canvas of a warlock’s path. Achieving a hit rating of 16% is crucial, especially for Affliction builds that receive the Suppression talent.

Choosing a race becomes a critical decision, as each offers unique racial abilities. Orcs have Command and Stamina, while undead have Will of the Forsaken and Shadow Resistance. Dwarves, as arcanist craftsmen, benefit from Expansive Mind and Engineering Specialisation. And Humans, versatile but less well-liked, gain Human Spirit and Sword Specialisation.

Warlock SoD Guide

Season of Discovery features a huge number of Warlock runes, each offering a unique twist on their abilities. From Demonic Tactics for Critical Insight to Eternal Affliction that refreshes Corruption, these runes revise the warlock’s toolkit. Players can choose runes that enhance direct damage, boost DoT rotation, or provide support in raids.

Talents for Warlocks in Season of Discovery cater to diverse playstyles. Affliction Warlocks sow seeds of torment with talents like Suppression and Shadow Mastery. Destruction enthusiasts channel the inferno with talents like Improved Shadow Bolt and Ruin. Demonology offers a tanking path, with talents like Demonic Embrace and Master Demonologist enhancing survivability.

The best-in-slot equipment for warlocks in Season of Discovery Phase 1 is carefully selected and offers a combination of power and versatility. Each item, from the Shadow Goggles to the Staff of the Crescent Moon, contributes to the symphony of destruction on the battlefield.

In conclusion, Season of Discovery encourages warlocks to embrace change and utilise new abilities with grace. Whether scorching enemies with fire, weaving a tale of eternal mischief, or transforming into demonic power, sorcerers stand at the crossroads of versatility and malevolent might. While shadows converge and chaos reigns, the Warlock class unleashes its potential, leaving an indelible mark on Azeroth’s evolving tapestry.

What are the major changes for Warlocks in WoW Classic Season of Discovery?

The Season of Discovery brings significant changes to Warlocks, introducing new runes that diversify Damage-Per-Second (DPS) strategies. Warlocks now have the flexibility to explore fire-focused alternatives like Incinerate or embrace damage-over-time (DoT) infused strategies with runes like Soul Siphon.

How does the Season of Discovery impact Warlock DPS strategies?

Warlocks can now choose from a variety of DPS strategies, ranging from fire-focused builds to sustained DoT rotations. New runes like Incinerate Unleashed, Soul Siphon Mastery, and Everlasting Affliction provide unique options for spellcasting and playstyle customization.

What are the key statistics for Warlocks in Season of Discovery?

Crucial statistics for Warlocks include Spell Hit Rating, Spell Power, Critical Chance, and Intellect. Achieving a 16% hit rating is vital, and these stats play a significant role in enhancing damage output and overall effectiveness.

How does race choice impact Warlock gameplay in Season of Discovery?

Race choice for Warlocks introduces unique racial abilities. Orcs benefit from Command and Hardiness, Undead leverage Will of the Forsaken and Shadow Resistance, Gnomes have Expansive Mind and Engineering Specialization, and Humans offer The Human Spirit and Sword Specialization.

What are the notable Warlock runes introduced in Season of Discovery?

Several runes redefine Warlock abilities in Season of Discovery. Demonic Tactics provides critical insight, Lake of Fire transforms Rain of Fire into a potent tool, and Everlasting Affliction refreshes Corruption. These runes offer diverse choices for enhancing the Warlock’s toolkit.

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