Dragonflight PvP Season One Guide


This review is based on the available data from the test server and our assumptions based on previous game mechanics. There is no complete and 100% truthful information yet.

PvP Changes in Dragonflight PvP Season 1

Probably one of the most striking and interesting changes in the new Dragonflight season is the ability to register for the arena in Solo Shuffle Q mode.

Solo Shuffle Q

Do not confuse this with the fact that you will play 1v1 against another player. Not at all. This mode is essentially the same as skirmish. But in Solo Shuffle Q, you will have the opportunity to earn and increase your rating, as well as receive all the rewards that you can get in the usual arena familiar to us. In this mode, you can get such rewards as Vicious Sabertooth, Vicious Saddle, Great Vault progress, and conquest points. However, unfortunately, you will not be able to get the Gladiator title here. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that this mode does not work for RBG.

What’s next?

For the Dragonflight season, the developers have added a new arena model – The Nokhudon Proving Grounds! This arena will become available for players level 61-70 and this area will be completely new for all players.

The Nokhudon Proving Grounds

Also, the changes include the fact that now it will be possible to change the variations of setups that will be found in the arena. This was made possible thanks to the new Evoker class. So the arena will become more interesting and dynamic. There is a new class and there are more variations of who you will fight with!

When Does Dragonflight PvP Season 1 Start?

Dragonflight PvP (Arena, RBG) Season one will be available on December 12, 2022. The season will be available for both US and EU servers. It is during this period that players will be able to start their battles on the battlegrounds.

PvP Gear in Dragonflight PvP

The PvP gearing system in Dragonflight remains the same as it was in Shadowlands. Players will be able to receive gear for honor. Everyone will be able to upgrade their gear to Rank 5. On December 12, when the arena opens, players will be able to farm conquest and buy Arena Gear of epic level. It will be possible to improve it for honor. In War Mode and on Arena or RBG, item level gear goes up to 45 item levels. In raids and mythic dungeons, the item level will be standard.

Dragonflight PvP Season 1 Rewards

In Dragonflight, by analogy with previous expansions, for 100 victories in the arena or 40 victories in the RBG, you will be given a Vicious Sabertooth Mount. Over the next 100 wins in the arena and 40 wins in the RBG you’ll have a vicious saddle token, which you can exchange for any PvP mount you are interested in in the game.
Players who achieve the WoW Gladiator title in the Dragonflight season will be able to receive a new dragon transmog or customization, it will be called Highland Drake: Embodiment of the Crimson Gladiator. This system is presented for the first time in WoW and customization using on your dragon.

The Great Vault (Dragonflight Weekly Chest)

The Weekly Cap Chest system inDragonflight is almost preserved. To get gear, you need to earn the required number of honor points in the Arena or RBG.

  • For 1 item earn 1,250 Honor from Rated PvP.
  • For 2 items of your choice earn 2,500 Honor from Rated PvP.
  • For 3 items earn 5,500 Honor from Rated PvP.

Item level depends on the highest rating in the bracket, you won.

Talent Tree System in Dragonflight

Dragonflight talents systemThe Dragonflight Season has completely changed the Talent Tree. Some abilities have become talents here, and some others abilities have been reworked or removed from the game altogether. They were replaced by others. For example, the vindetta in the assassination spec was removed, and it was replaced by the deathmark ability, which works in a completely different way but has the same cooldown of two minutes. Some old abilities have been brought back such as cold blood and kingsbane. Also, a variety of new talents have been added to the talent system. Interestingly, some legendary item effects are now talents and many Shadowlands covenant abilities have become talents and are now fully featured in the talent tree. Thus, the Talent Tree was presented in a completely new form in the new Dragonflight PvP Season.

See you in the Dragonflight PvP Season 1

So we have shared with you the most important and interesting updates in the DF PvP Season. We hope you find our Dragonflight PvP Season 1 Guide helpful and fascinating! We are sure that a lot of new things await us in the DF season and we wish you only victories and exciting adventures! See you in the game!

What Gladiator mount will be in the new season?

In the new DF Season 1, the Gladiatorial mount will be a transformation of your dragon for dragonriding. So this will be a new model for dragonriding.

Will there be legendary items in the new PvP season?

There will be no legendary items, but there will be a special type of equipment for which you need to farm reagents. This equipment will give -5% to the received control. This effect will stack with your set bonus of your PvP trinkets. This will be useful and important for PvP players.

Is the new Evoker class strong?

At the moment it is really strong and many players are trying to play it, but maybe soon it will be balanced or nerfed.

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