Vicious Sabertooth mount boost
  • Description: By fighting in arena 3v3 and increasing your rating there, we will reach the Vicious Sabertooth Mount for your character. In just a couple of days, this formidable mount will become your faithful friend!
  • Rules: Character level 70; WoW account with Dragonflight expansion
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WoW Vicious Sabertooth Mount Boost to be one of the first to get this formidable mount

WoW Vicious Sabertooth Mount is a mount given as a Rated Arena and Rated Battleground Season Reward in the new Dragonflight season. Players can get it by fighting in Arena 3v3 Bracket and reaching at least 1000 rating there. Choose the boost method that is most convenient for you and let's add the Vicious Sabertooth Mount to your mount collection as soon as possible. Our team of excellent and proficient boosters will be able to quickly and efficiently achieve the desired mount for you!

Why should you choose us

Dozens and hundreds of players trusted us and together with them we achieved their cherished goals. Each client remained grateful and, most importantly, satisfied. We really do our best to ensure that all our Dragonflight boost services are performed with high quality, and the results please our customers.

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Also, you can write to us at any time and get help and support from us!

The process of providing a boost service

  1. Please select the boost service you’d like to buy on our website and pay for the order.
  2. Discuss with the manager all the details of your order and, if necessary, tell the password and login from your account.
  3. We will collect boosters and start performing the boost service.
  4. As soon as we complete all the necessary steps and you get the desired mount, the boost service will be completed.


Character level 70

WoW account with Dragonflight expansion


This mount will be a great and beautiful addition to your character. And you can only get it in the real Dragonflight season. So don't miss your chance and get this excellent Vicious Sabertooth Mount!

How long will the DF Vicious Sabertooth Mount Boost last?

Within five to seven days we will finish the boost and get a mount for you.

How can I get the Vicious Sabertooth Mount?

You can get it by fighting in the arena 3v3 bracket and increasing your rating there.

Which boost method to choose?

It depends on your preference. If you want to play with Pros, then choose selfplay. If you do not have free time, then choose a boost by pilot.

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