Step-by-step Guide to Farming PvP BiS Gear in WoW Dragonflight Season 3

How to quickly farm PvP arena or RBG gear in Dragonflight Season 3?

If you’ve returned to the game or want to quickly gear up your character, this guide will show you how to quickly equip your character with the best PvP BiS (Best in Slot) gear for the arena, RBG, and other PvP content. The guide will include several stages and types of equipment, as well as acquiring all necessary currencies to purchase alternative items.

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What is BiS gear, and what is needed to fully play arena or RBG?

BiS gear stands for Best in Slot, meaning the best items for each slot of your character to achieve maximum effectiveness. When you have BiS gear equipped, it means you have unlocked the full potential of your character, and everything else depends only on you and your skill.

To fully play in the arena, you will need gear for Conquest, honor, set items that give bonuses for 2 or 4 equipped items, as well as some items sold by Malicia.

Examples of current phase BiS gear for some classes will be attached below for convenience.

Bis pvp gear df s3 holy paladin

Bis pvp gear df s3 DH

In the pictures, you see Conquest gear, set items, and items bought with bloody tokens.

Where to start farming PvP gear in Dragonflight Season 3?

Call of the Dream – storyline campaign in the 3rd season of Dragonflight

First, we recommend starting with the storyline campaign in the 3rd season of Dragonflight if you haven’t already completed it. This will unlock access to crafting some BiS PvP items. If the story campaign is already completed, move on to completing local quests with crossed swords to receive bloody tokens.

Dream Craft Items – Once you’ve completed the storyline campaign, you can craft PvP BiS items, which can replace all your honor items until you acquire all 489 ilvl conquest gear.

After completing the campaign, you can place orders for the items you need with Head Clerk Mimzy Sprazzlerock.

Bloody Tokens and Trophy of Strife farm for PvP gear

By completing local quests with crossed swords, you will receive 50 bloody tokens for each local quest. These can be done quickly, and in different locations, you can complete up to 4 such local quest per day, provided you have completed the storyline in the new locations. This way, you can earn up to 200 bloody tokens per day, and during special local quest (random) this number can be even higher. Having farmed bloody tokens, you can buy some equipment calls Hellbloom from Malicia. To purchase Hellbloom PvP items from this NPC, you will also need Trophy of Strife. This currency can be purchased from Malicia for 3500 honor, or by completing one of the quests:

You will receive 8 Trophy of Strife, Conquest, Honor, and other rewards. When you will get enough conquest in season, you can change Hellbloom items to Conquest items

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Conquest and Honor Farming in Dragonflight Season 3

Farming honor and conquest is easiest and best done in BGs if you don’t have the necessary item level. However, if your item level allows, I prefer to do it on solo shuffle arenas. It’s interesting, and you simultaneously earn conquest, honor, and Field Medic’s Hazard Payout from each arena containing a Medal of Conquest and Medal of Honor. Using this item grants 50 conquest points, or another item which gives 150 honor points. These items can be sent to your alts if desired. Also, once a week, you can collect a 489 ilvl item from the great vault.

Where to get PvP set items in Dragonflight Season 3?

There are several ways to obtain set items in Dragonflight Season 3:

Great Vault – The easiest way is to wait for the great vault each week. The weekly chest may contain the PvP set item you need, but there are faster ways to obtain them.

Revival Catalyst Console – To speed up the process of obtaining set items, you can spend your conquest on buying Verdant helm, chest, shoulders, hands, pants, and craft set items around Antuka, in Revival Catalyst Console. To craft an item, you need a Verdant (non-set) item and Renascent Dream. This currency can be obtained once every two weeks and accumulates. At the time of writing this article, you can immediately obtain 4x Renascent Dream by completing the quest The Catalyst’s Gift. Each item craft requires 1x item + 1x Renascent Dream.

Obtaining Tier Heroic Token – Emerald Mark of Mastery

For achieving the Challenger II: Dragonflight Season 3, Keystone Master Achievement, or Heroic: Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope, you will receive a special token calls Emerald Mark of Mastery that you can exchange with Theozhaklos the Curious for a set item. However, be careful, as the NPC sells both PvP and PvE set items with absolutely identical descriptions. You need to ensure that the item is usable in PvP. Usually, such items have a note at the bottom of the description stating that their item level increases to 489 in PvP battles.

Additional Information About PvP in Dragonflight Season 3

In conclusion, we would like to share a couple of facts about the arena that you may not know:

  • Your gear can be upgraded with honor, but for playing in the arena or RBG, it’s not necessary to upgrade it, as in the PvP, your BiS gear is always 489 ilvl, and upgrades do not affect this.
  • For playing in the arena and RBG, each season you can receive a vicious mount. For this, you need to win about 100 games in the arena and slightly fewer in RBG. After receiving the seasonal mount, the progress bar will refill, and you will be given a vicious saddle, which you can exchange for a mount in any capital city of your faction.

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  • By achieving a 2400 rating and 50 victories above 2400 in the arena, you will receive a beautiful gladiator mount – Verdant Gladiator’s Slitherdrake and a transmogrification for your dragon in the game. By the way, you can purchase a WoW Gladiator Boost from us, to quickly and guaranteedly get this mount and manuscript. We can also transfer a character to your account with old and no longer available in-game gladiator mounts, safely and quickly. You can view the entire range via the link.

Verdant Gladiator mount WoW

  • If you want to get the elite transmog for your character in the current season and keep it, don’t forget to upgrade all your PvP gear to 9/9 with honor. This will give you the full elite PvP transmog.

Additional enhancements for your BiS PvP gear that you need to know

As you replace honor items with BiS gear, you need to enchant them and add additional sockets and gems. For convenience, we have gathered everything in one place, so it’s easy for you to find and make all the upgrades quickly and without any problems.

  • On the neck, you can buy a Tiered Medallion Setting from the auction house, which adds 3 sockets for gems to your neckpiece.
  • You can add one socket each to your bracers, belt, helmet, and ring by purchasing Nature’s Cradle from Evantkis, who is located near the great vault, for 6x Aspects’ Token of Merit, which can be obtained by declining all items in the great vault.


This guide collects all the necessary information so you can quickly and efficiently gear up your character in full BiS gear for the 3rd season of arena and RBG in Dragonflight. If you need our help, you can always purchase any WoW Boost service from us. We hope for your high appreciation of our guide. Best Regards and see you soon.


How do I start farming PvP gear in Dragonflight Season 3?

Begin by completing the storyline campaign in Dragonflight Season 3. After that, focus on local quests with crossed swords for bloody tokens, participate in BGs for honor and conquest, and use the great vault weekly for a chance at set PvP items. For more detailed gear, consider crafting and upgrading specific items as outlined in the guide.

What is the significance of the Emerald Mark of Mastery and how do I obtain it?

The Emerald Mark of Mastery is a special token awarded for achieving specific accomplishments like Challenger II: Dragonflight Season 3, Keystone Master Achievement, and Heroic: Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope. This token can be exchanged for set items, but ensure to choose the correct PvP set items from Theozhaklos the Curious.

Can I improve my PvP gear beyond its basic stats?

Yes, you can enhance your BiS PvP gear by enchanting and adding sockets and gems. Use Tiered Medallion Setting for neckpieces and Nature’s Cradle for bracers, belts, helmets, and rings. These can be acquired through the auction house and by using Aspects’ Token of Merit, respectively.

Is it necessary to upgrade gear for arena or RBG play in Dragonflight Season 3?

While you can upgrade gear with honor, it’s not essential for arena or RBG play, as in the arena, your BiS gear is always at 489 ilvl, and upgrades don’t affect this. However, for cosmetic purposes like elite transmog, you might want to fully upgrade your PvP gear.

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