Complete Guide to Earning the Keystone Hero Achievement in Mythic+ Dungeons

How to Earn the Keystone Hero Achievement and What Rewards are Available for This Achievement?

In this guide, we’ll briefly tell you about the Keystone Hero achievement and some of its features, as well as what additional achievements and rewards you can earn by completing this achievement.

Keystone Hero Achievement and Mythic+ Score

To earn the Keystone Hero achievement, nothing super difficult is required, except for your skill in completing Mythic+ dungeons, as well as your personal rating(score) in Mythic Plus Dungeons. To get the achievement, you need to reach a 2500 Rio score, after which you will automatically receive the Keystone Hero. However, achieving such a high rating requires a high level of play, as you will have to pass Mythic+20 dungeons difficulty. Nevertheless, there are no requirements for the difficulty level of the keys you close, only the 2500 rating matters. Therefore, theoretically, you could close M+18, but it would take more time, or conversely, higher level Keys, then the time to complete this achievement would be faster.

Keystone Hero Teleports

When completing this achievement, you can also receive teleports to dungeons, but to unlock this possibility, you need to close M+ keys of at least level 20 in time. There are a total of 8 different dungeons, and to get all 8 teleports, you need to close all 8 different dungeons in a Mythic+ above level 20 difficulty in timer. You can unlock this opportunity while completing the Keystone Hero achievement, but in LFG, it’s not always easy to find a party willing to take a player without a rating to pass such high Mythic+ dungeons. Therefore, we are happy to offer you our Keystone Hero boost service, where we can guide you quickly, you can stand in the dungeon AFK and just enjoy your achievement after completing the service.

Keystone Hero Achievement guide

What Other Achievements Can You Earn Along with Keystone Hero?

Verdant Armoredon mount boostIf you have not yet completed the Keystone Master achievement, we recommend doing them together, as the KSM achievement can be completed along with the Keystone Hero. In it, you need to pass 8 different dungeons in a +15 Mythic dungeon 2 resets, meaning a total of 16 dungeons. For the Keystone Master Achievement, you receive a cool mount, Verdant Armoredon, as well as the title of Keystone Master. We also offer a Keystone Master Boost service for purchase.



So, earning the Keystone Hero achievement is not that difficult, the main thing is to have a good and skilled team capable of carrying M20+ Dungeons, after which you can receive all the listed rewards and achievements we mentioned above, as well as a lot of Mythic+ gear and the weekly Great Vault. Thus, completing this achievement will help you gear up your character with the best PvE equipment.”


What is the Keystone Hero Achievement and How Can I Earn It?

The Keystone Hero achievement is earned by achieving a 2500 score in Mythic+ dungeons. It requires a high level of play, including passing Mythic keys of at least level 20 difficulty. Your personal performance and rating in Mythic+ dungeons are crucial for obtaining this achievement. The main requirement is reaching a 2500 Rio score to automatically receive the Keystone Hero.

Are There Any Additional Rewards or Achievements Besides the Keystone Hero?

Yes, in addition to the Keystone Hero achievement, players can earn teleports to dungeons by completing Mythic+20 dungeons in 8 different dungeons timed. Additionally, if players haven’t completed the Keystone Master achievement, it’s recommended to do so alongside the Keystone Hero, as it involves passing 8 different dungeons in a +15 Mythic dungeons over two resets. Successful completion also rewards players with the Verdant Armoredon mount and the title of Keystone Master.

Is It Possible to Get Help with the Keystone Hero Achievement?

Yes, for players who find it challenging to find a party or to pass high-level keys, there are services available that offer a Keystone Hero boost. These services can guide players through the necessary dungeons, even allowing them to stand AFK in the dungeon while the service completes the achievement for them. However, players should exercise caution and ensure they use reputable services.

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