How to Get Fyr’alath, Legendary Weapon in WoW – Step by Step Guide

Guide to Acquiring Fyr’alath, the Legendary Axe in World of Warcraft Dragonflight Season 3

A new legendary weapon Fyr’alath the Dreamrender added in the 3rd season of Dragonflight immediately gained universal popularity, and hundreds of thousands of players began trying to obtain it, but until the complete mastering of the new raid Amirdrassil Mythic, no one knew how to get this powerful weapon. As soon as the Echo guild closed the Mythic difficulty of the Amirdrassil raid, a quest item in the form of an axe dropped from the last boss Fyrakk. Once the owner of the axe equipped it, it broke and offered a series of quests, which we will now analyze and explain how to do, and get this powerful legendary weapon.

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Fyr'alath, Legendary Weapon Guide

Step 1: Starting the quest, Getting the quest item

To get the quest The Shadowflame Axe you need to get the quest item from the last boss Fyrakk in heroic, or mythic difficulty, but the chance of dropping this quest item is extremely small, and increases directly proportional to the difficulty of the raid (Higher Difficulty – Higher Chance).

With each new raid ID, the chance of dropping the quest item also increases, which is called bad luck protection.

To increase the chance of getting the quest item, you need to get Lesser Ember of Fyr’alath from all the bosses, except Fyrakk. From the last boss drops a Greater Ember of Fyr’alath. These embers can be obtained in mythic and heroic ATDH difficulties, however, if you complete mythic before other raid difficulties, then when passing the same ID raids of heroic, embers will not drop, but the chance of dropping embers in more difficult Amirdrassil is higher than in heroic.

As soon as you get the quest item from Fyrakk, you can move on to the second step

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Step 2: Crafting process

As soon as you equip the axe, it breaks and the quest “Handling It” is offered, which will require help from some crafting professions such as leatherworking, enchanting, and inscription. This quest is divided into three parts:

Leatherworking Quest

For “Handling It: Shadowed Dreamleaf” collect 200 Shadowed Dreamleaf. leaves drop in random amounts from bags you get at the Superbloom event from bags (Sprouting Dreamtrove, Budding Dreamtrove, Blossoming Dreamtrove), which drop for event progress, 2600 out of 8000 (green bag), 5300 out of 8000 (blue bag), 8000 out of 8000 (epic bag). The process can be speed up by getting Tattered Dreamleaf.

A leatherworker can create an Erden’s Dreamleaf Grip with the following reagents:

Continue the quest to get the Symbiotic Glowspore Grip.

Enchantment Quest

For “Handling It: Radiant Fleck of Ash” collect 20 Radiant Fleck of Ash, falling together with equipment in the Open World of the Emerald Dream.

If you have level 7 respect with the Dreamwardens, you can buy Fallen Protector Handguards from Moon Priestess Lasara and disenchant them to get shining crumbs, which speeds up the process.

An enchanter can create the Shalasars Sophic Vellum with the following reagents:

Continue the quest to get Concentrated Sophic Vellum.

Note: to complete the last part of the quest, use 10 Random Awakened Elements, each use gives 5% progress.

Inscription Quest

For “Handling It: Taut Tethercoil” collect 50 Taut Tethercoil from Rare mobs in the Open World of the Emerald Dream.

To speed up the process, you can use server hop (jumping across servers) by joining groups created in this location on other servers (e.g., groups for current world boss or seed), so rare mobs that you have killed will be available again for killing.

A scribe can create the Lydiaras Binding Rune with the following reagents:

Continue the quest, which requires defeating several bosses of Amirdrassil, being bound to them, to get the Rune of Shadowbinding.

Step 3: The Final Confrontation

After you complete all the quests, and hand in the quest to Wrathion NPC, he will offer you to go through a scenario in Abberus, where you will have to kill several simple bosses, after which you need to hand in the quest to Wrathion NPC and you will receive the long-awaited Fyr’alath the Dreamrender


What are the prerequisites for starting the quest to obtain Fyr'alath?

To begin the quest for Fyr’alath, players must first obtain a specific quest item from the last boss, Firak, in any of the LFR, normal, heroic, or mythic raid difficulties in World of Warcraft Dragonflight Season 3. The drop chance of this item varies with the raid difficulty, and there’s a system in place to protect against bad luck, increasing drop chances with each raid.

Are there any special crafting requirements for Fyr'alath?

Yes, crafting Fyr’alath involves multiple steps requiring different crafting professions. Players will need to gather specific materials and work with leatherworking, enchanting, and inscription professions. Each step involves collecting unique items and crafting components like Shadow Sonlists, Shining Ash Crumbs, and Stretched Spiral Veins, which are obtained through various in-game activities and quests.

How does the difficulty level of raids affect the quest for Fyr'alath?

The difficulty level of the raids affects both the drop chance of the initial quest item from Firak and the drop rate of certain crafting materials needed for Fyr’alath. Higher difficulty levels generally offer a better drop rate for these items. Additionally, completing the mythic raid before other difficulties can impact the drop of certain items in subsequent raids.

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