BiS List and Runes for Phase 2 Enhancement Shaman in WoW SoD

BiS gear for Phase 2 Tank Shaman in SoD

Below we present the Best-in-slot equipment for Enhancement Shaman – Tank Specialization. Gathering the perfect gear for your class in Season of Discovery Phase 2 must be a challenge. We’ll make it easy for you by letting you focus on the exciting gameplay while we take care of the gear grind. Choosing SoD Items Boost is your key to a powerful and effortless journey.

Sod gear boost

Helmet – Glowing Gneuro-Linked Cowl

Neck – Gnomeregan Peace Officer’s Torque

Shoulders – Troggslayer Pauldrons

Cloak – Prototype Parachute Cloak

Chest – Electromantic Chainmail

Wrists – Forest Stalker’s Bracers

Hands – Machinist’s Gloves

Waist – Darkvision Girdle

Legs – Electromantic Chausses

Feet – Electromantic Grounding Sabatons

Fingers – Hypercharged Gear of Devastation, Protector’s Band

Trinkets – Avenger’s Void Pearl, Gyromatic Experiment 420b

Idol/Totem – Carved Driftwood Icon

Weapon – Ardent Custodian

Shield – Whirling Truesilver Gearwall

BiS gear for Phase 2 Tank Shaman in SoD

Best Enhancements and Runes for BiS gear for Phase 2 Enhancement Tank Shaman

Chest Rune: Shield Mastery:Electromantic Chainmail

  • Benefit: Generates Mana when you block, increases armor, block chance, and block value. Provides a consistent chance to block and increased block value.

Leg Rune: Way of the Earth: Engrave Chest – Shield Mastery

  • Benefit: Increases threat generation, health, reduces damage taken, and reduces chance to be critically hit by melee attacks. Also turns Earth Shock into a taunt with a separate cooldown.

Hand Rune: Lava Burst: Engrave Gloves – Lava Burst

  • Benefit: Adds a chance on hit to reduce the cast time of your next spell. Particularly effective for reducing the cast time of Lava Burst.

Waist Rune: Maelstrom Weapon: Engrave Belt – Maelstrom Weapon

  • Benefit: Similar to the hand rune, this enchantment has a chance on hit to reduce the cast time of your next spell.

Foot Rune: Spirit of the Alpha: Engrave Boots – Spirit of the Alpha

  • Benefit: Increases threat generated by 45%, increases health by 30%, reduces chance to be critically hit by melee attacks, and increases your chance to hit with spells and melee attacks.

Final Stats for BiS Enhancement Shaman in SoD Phase 2









Attack Power


Crit Chance


Hit Chance


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