Guide and BiS pre-raid gear for Tank Shaman in WoW Classic SoD

Tank Shamans in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Welcome to the elemental realm, where the Tank Shaman stands as a formidable guardian, channeling the strength of the earth to protect allies and endure the fiercest of battles. In the Season of Discovery, this guide becomes your compass, navigating the intricacies of Tank Shaman gameplay for both experienced players and those new to the elemental path. Join us as we explore the essence of tanking, optimal gear choices, and the unique skills that define the Tank Shaman in the evolving landscapes of Azeroth.

Shaman Guide Tank wow sod

Discover the secrets of resilience and dominance as we delve into the role of a Tank Shaman. From BiS pre-raid gear recommendations to insights on gameplay mechanics, this guide is your gateway to mastering the art of tanking in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. The thunder rumbles, and the earth awaits your command – embrace the journey of the Tank Shaman and become an indomitable force in Azeroth’s epic saga!

Shaman Changes in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Get ready for a whole new shaman experience in WoW Classic Season of Discovery! The game has something cool in store for shamans: runes. These magical symbols can be slapped onto gear, giving shamans sweet bonuses that either boost their usual moves or let them try out brand-new spells. It’s like unlocking a treasure chest of tactics and surprises for our favorite fighters. In the midst of these exciting changes, ensure your shaman is well-equipped for the challenges ahead. Consider enhancing your arsenal by strategically acquiring runes and optimizing gear to strengthen your character. Looking to expedite your journey? Buy WoW SoD gold from FrostyBoost to access the best equipment and resources, empowering your shaman to face the adventures that await in this thrilling new season.

The shaman’s job as either a damage dealer (DPS) or tank stays the same, but the Season of Discovery spices things up with fresh builds and beefed-up favorites. The battlefield is turning into a playground of possibilities, and shamans are getting creative to tackle whatever challenges come their way.

While the core shaman style keeps chugging along, there are some cool tweaks in Season of Discovery. shamans level up for more power and get some extra choices for quick cooldowns. But the real game-changer? Runes. They’re like the secret sauce that makes shamans extra spicy. Take Flagellation, for example. It lets shamans dish out serious damage outside the usual cooldowns, perfect for those tricky split-second decisions. And there’s more – Consumed By Rage ramps up the offense, setting the stage for some seriously powerful moves.

New Tank shaman and the changes in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Shaman tanking has long lingered on the periphery, with skeptics challenging its viability compared to the stalwart Warriors or versatile Druids. However, the Season of Discovery ushers in a transformative era for Shaman tanking, introducing runes that elevate their prowess to unprecedented heights.

At the core of this evolution lies the “Path of Earth,” a game-changer that transforms the Rockbiter Weapon into a robust tank stand. Activating Rockbiter Weapon initiates a cascade of benefits, including a 50% threat modifier, immunity to critical hits, a 30% health boost, 10% damage reduction, and the transformation of Earth Shock into a full-fledged taunt.

The Tank Shaman toolkit now mirrors that of traditional tanks, albeit with a couple of omissions—namely, an AoE taunt and a defensive cooldown. However, these are minor setbacks, especially considering that most tanks lack these tools at the early stages.

Enter the stage-stealing AoE damage spell, Molten Blast, boasting innate high threat generation. When paired with Way of Earth threat modifier, maintaining aggro on multiple foes becomes a breeze. Adding to the synergy, Flame Shock carries a 10% chance per tick to reset Molten Blast’s cooldown, encouraging the strategic use of Flame Shock during AoE encounters.


Yet, the challenge arises with the Shaman’s mana constraints, particularly at level 25, where totem placement alone is a luxury. Here, runes step in, introducing Shield Mastery as the primary mana source for Tank Shamans. Blocking now rewards us with 8% of our Maximum Mana and a stacking Armor buff. The marriage of Shield Mastery and Shield Specialization grants a flat 15% extra Block Chance, ensuring that the blue mana bar remains robust, especially during demanding AoE engagements.

While Shaman Tanks may face challenges against bosses immune to physical attacks, Season of Discovery ushers in a new era for this extraordinary tank class. Embrace the changing dynamics, command the elements, and let the thunder of the shaman tank thunder through the saga of Azeroth.

Shaman Advantages and Disatvantages in WoW Classic SoD

The Season of Discovery brings exciting opportunities for Shaman Tanks in Phase 1. While we might face challenges with enemies resistant to Fire or Nature, the prospect of new Runes addressing these issues eases concerns about the future.

Advantages of the Shaman Tank

Generating Threat with Thunder and Fire

Shaman Tanks excel at keeping enemies’ attention with powerful abilities like Way of Earth and Molten Blast. These skills not only secure aggro effectively but also give the Shaman control over the battlefield.

Group Support with Totems

Shaman Tanks go beyond just fighting; they support their group with various totems. These totems enhance the party’s durability or boost their damage output, showcasing the Shaman’s versatility.

Flexibility in Damage Dealing

Unlike other tanks, Shaman Tanks can adapt to different damage-dealing situations. Their flexibility allows them to seamlessly switch between roles, making them valuable in various encounters.

AoE Damage Mastery

Shaman Tanks shine in dealing with multiple enemies at once, thanks to their above-average AoE (Area of Effect) damage. The combo of Way of Earth and Molten Blast positions them as strong contenders in situations requiring crowd control.

Disadvantages of the Shaman Tank

Mana Dependency on Blocking

One notable weakness is the Shaman Tank’s high reliance on blocking for mana regeneration. While Shield Mastery helps with mana, the need for blocking introduces moments of strategic thinking, especially against foes resistant to physical hits.

Lack of Traditional Defensive Cooldowns

Shaman Tanks don’t have the usual defensive cooldowns, requiring a more thoughtful approach to handling incoming damage. Although their toolkit offers resilience through blocking and health boosts, the absence of standard cooldowns adds a layer of complexity.

No Parrying in Phase 1

In Phase 1, Shaman Tanks can’t parry attacks, presenting a unique challenge. This phase-specific limitation calls for alternative defensive strategies to withstand enemy assaults.

In the vast world of Azeroth, Shaman Tanks embark on a journey filled with strengths to exploit and challenges to overcome. As the echoes of the Season of Discovery resound, Shaman Tanks stand ready to navigate the ups and downs of tanking, leaving their mark on the ongoing adventure.

Best Statistics for Tank Shaman in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

For a tank, striking the perfect balance between defensive capabilities and potential threats is crucial. Going beyond the essentials might expose the tank to unnecessary risks, making a good balance the primary goal.

  1. Agility: Offering defensive advantages and enhancing critical hit chances.
  2. Strength: Boosting attack power and contributing to improved blocking.
  3. Stamina: Essential for increasing overall health and survivability.
  4. Intellect: Gains significance if mana depletion becomes a concern during combat.
  5. Armor: Enhances overall protection against physical attacks.
  6. Hit Rating: Provides accuracy but may see increased importance in later phases.

In the intricate dance of tanking, Shaman Tanks carefully choose their stats to ensure a harmonious blend of defense and offense. As the Season of Discovery unfolds, these considerations become the guiding principles for Shamans looking to carve their path in Azeroth’s evolving landscapes.

The best Talents and runes for Tank Shaman:

Best Talents for shaman tank wow sod

The versatility of Tank Shamans allows for various build approaches, catering to different priorities. Those leaning towards a more defensive stance may opt for talents like Shield Specialization and Anticipation. Meanwhile, those emphasizing AoE DPS could find Reverberation more appealing, enabling them to maintain Flame Shock across multiple targets effectively.

Level 25 Limitations and Strategic Choices

Given the capped level of 25, Tank Shamans face constraints on talent selection. Striking a balance becomes crucial, especially when deciding between Reverberation and Shield Specialization. A choice favoring one may limit options for the other, impacting Mana efficiency in single-target encounters.

Key Talent and Rune Considerations

  1. Shield Specialization: Enhances blocking capabilities, contributing to overall tanking resilience.
  2. Anticipation: Offers increased defense, reducing the chance of being critically hit by opponents.
  3. Reverberation: Prioritized for AoE DPS-focused builds, extending the duration of Flame Shock on multiple targets.

Best Runes for Tank Shaman in SoD

Shield Mastery Rune

  • Description:
    • Each time you Block, you regenerate mana equal to 8% of your maximum mana.
    • Gain Armor equal to 30% of your shield’s armor value, stacking up to 5 times.
    • Always gain 10% increased chance to Block and 15% increased Block value.
  • Functionality:
    • Crucial in the magical mix enabling effective tanking, especially in prolonged fights.
    • Enhances chance to Block, Block Value, and provides stacking Armor buff.
    • Standout feature: Gains 8% of maximum mana with every blocked attack.
    • Maintaining mana above 90% on larger pulls and sustaining throughout boss fights.
  • Limitation:
    • Ineffectual against bosses focusing mainly on unblockable damage.
  • Adaptability:
    • Versatile choice; switch to Dual Wield specialization if facing unblockable bosses.

Runes for Shaman Tank in wow sod

Way of Earth Rune

  • Description:
    • While Rockbiter Weapon is active on your main hand:
      • Deal 50% increased threat.
      • Gain 30% increased health.
      • Take 10% reduced damage.
      • Gain 6% reduced chance to be critically hit by melee attacks.
      • Earth Shock taunts targets with a separate cooldown from other Shock spells.
  • Functionality:
    • Vital for assuming the role of a true tank.
    • Enter tank stance with increased threat, crit immunity, additional health, damage reduction, and a taunt.
    • Essential for holding a boss effectively and minimizing damage taken.
  • Alternatives:
    • Shamanistic Rage for mana sustain and occasional defensive cooldown.
    • Ancestral Guidance, Earth Shield, or other options for non-tank scenarios.

Molten Blast Rune

  • Description:
    • Blast up to 4 enemies in a cone for Fire damage.
    • Generates high threat; Flame Shock resets cooldown with a 10% chance.
  • Functionality:
    • High-threat, instant-cast AoE nuke crucial for trash mob aggro.
    • Increased threat modifier invaluable for both AoE and single-target encounters.
    • Versatile; can be swapped for Lava Lash in Dual Wield specialization for single-target fights.
  • Alternatives:
    • Lava Lash for more mana-friendly single-target damage.
    • Water Shield for mana sustain without blocked hits.
    • Lava Burst impractical for tanking due to its 2-second cast.
  • Conclusion:
    • Adaptable rune choices based on encounter needs.
    • Each rune contributes to a comprehensive tanking toolkit, balancing threat, survivability, and mana management.

BiS pre-raid Gear for Shaman Tank in WoW Classic SoD PHASE 1




Humbert’s Helm

BoE green, farmable

A solid helmet available when few options exist.

Mantle of Thieves

BoE drop from Razorfen Kraul

Consider skipping if Auction House prices are high.

Blackened Defias Armor

Drop from Edwin VanCleef in The Deadmines

Regular drop, obtainable by defeating Edwin VanCleef in The Deadmines.

Cape of the Brotherhood

Drop from Edwin VanCleef in The Deadmines

Conveniently obtained while dealing with Edwin VanCleef.

Deftkin Belt

Quest reward: Je’neu of the Earthen Ring in Ashenvale

Easily obtained through the quest “Je’neu of the Earthen Ring” in Ashenvale.

Wolfclaw Gloves

BoE drop from Razorfen Kraul

Consider skipping if Auction House prices are high.

Triprunner Dungarees

Gnomeregan clear, completion of Rig Wars

Better than alternatives by level 25, obtained from Gnomeregan and completing the “Rig Wars” quest.

Arena Grand Master

Chest loot in Gurubashi Arena

Difficult to obtain; requires looting the chest in Gurubashi Arena. PvP environment, so approach strategically.

Spectral Necklace

Auction House, lower level content drops

Limited neck options at level 25; expect availability on the Auction House due to lower level content runs.

Seal of Sylvanas

Quest reward: Arugal Must Die in Shadowfang Keep

Essentially free; complete the “Arugal Must Die” quest in Shadowfang Keep to claim your reward.

Silverlaine’s Family Seal

Drop from Baron Silverlaine in Shadowfang Keep

Decently high drop chance; obtained by defeating Baron Silverlaine in Shadowfang Keep.


What are the key changes for Shamans in the Season of Discovery?

The Season of Discovery introduces runes, magical symbols that enhance Shaman abilities. Runes can be strategically applied to gear, offering bonuses to existing moves or unlocking new spells. These additions provide an exciting dimension to Shaman gameplay.

What challenges do Tank Shamans face in Season of Discovery?

While Tank Shamans excel in threat generation, they may face mana dependency on blocking. Bosses immune to physical attacks present challenges, requiring strategic thinking. Additionally, the absence of traditional defensive cooldowns adds complexity to managing incoming damage.

What are the advantages of playing a Tank Shaman?

Tank Shamans excel at generating threat, providing group support with totems, adapting to different damage-dealing situations, and mastering AoE damage. Their flexibility and unique toolkit make them valuable in various encounters.

What are the disadvantages of playing a Tank Shaman?

Tank Shamans have high mana dependency on blocking, lack traditional defensive cooldowns, and cannot parry attacks in Phase 1. Strategic mana management and alternative defensive strategies are crucial for overcoming these challenges.

What statistics should Tank Shamans prioritize for optimal performance?

The recommended statistics include Agility for defensive advantages and critical hit chances, Strength for attack power and improved blocking, Stamina for overall health and survivability, Intellect for mana concerns, Armor for enhanced protection, and Hit Rating for accuracy.

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