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WoW TBC Raid Boost

Buying a Wow Raid boost is one of the best decisions you can make. Want to claim your reward before the weekly reset? Then you are in the right place!

With our tactics and teamwork, Frosty boosters will complete the raid, and you will get the pleasure of an easy run.

For all questions, please contact the live chat or Discord Frostyboost#6417.

Choose your WoW TBC Raids boost service:

Serpentshrine Cavern
Tempest Keep
Black Temple
Hyjal Summit

Steps to checkout

Submit an application for a service.
Pay for the order. or add our Discord: Frostyboost#6417
Discuss all the features of the application with our specialist.
Get everything you ordered in a short time and anonymously.

With our service you can:

Upgrade your character
Get gold
Equip the best for your class
Achieve the desired PvP ranking
Complete any raid

WoW TBC Raids Boost
The Frostyboost team welcomes
you and would like to walk you through how your WoW TBC Raids Boost will go.

To carry raids, special equipment is required, it also comes from your reputation. If you have bad equipment or reputation, click on the links and we will fully prepare you for the raids.

If you still haven’t unlocked attunements for Karazhan, Black Temple or Hyjal Summit follow the links, we’ll be happy to help you with this.

Unfortunately, there are no cross-servers in TBС, so in order to buy WoW Raids Boost, you must either prepare for transferring to another server where our guilds are located, or check with the manager if there are our boosters on your server.

Pilot or selfplay?

You can buy WoW Raid Boost as a pilot or selfplay. We prefer to play the raid by self-play, since this type of leveling has no risks. If you want WoW TBC Raids Pilot Boost please contact our manager, we can find a solution.

It should be noted that all settings must be completed before the boost starts, so if you have not done the quest chain yet, follow the link to the attunements page and select the desired dungeon.

How can you secure my account?

All our boosters have a VPN as well as and program allowing them to change their unique ID; they can mirror your ID so that the game clients thinks it is you who is playing. This method is used for every boost with no exception to maximize the safety of your account.

How is the first booster login to my account?

After the booster accepts the order, we give them your username and password.

The first entry of the booster is always accompanied by a code to your mail, or an answer to a secret question. 2 potential methods can follow from there:

1) If you do not want to give a security answer but you can be online, we will need a code when you first log into the booster in Battle.net. As soon as the booster receives the code and enters Battle.net, they will be able to seamlessly fulfill your order. There are times when Battle.net crashes and it requires re-entering the code in which case the boost may be delayed until you send us a new code.

2) The secret code is the best entry to the system for quick order fulfillment. With this method, your presence is not necessary, you can go about your business and not look into discord. The booster will be able to log into your account at any time without the need to receive a code from your mail.

Don’t worry, providing us with your security answer is completely safe! After completing the boost, you can easily change your secret question in your Battle.net account.