WoW Ivory Trader’s Ottuk Boost
  • Description: The Ivory Trader's Ottuk is a highly prized and rare mount, coveted by many players. Obtaining this mount can be a challenging task, but the top players who have already succeeded in acquiring it are often willing to provide the necessary materials to help others obtain it as well.
  • Rules: Active subscription Dragonflight WoW; Character level (70)
  • ETA: 1-3 weeks
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How to buy Ivory Trader's Ottuk Mount in DragonFlight

In order to acquire Ivory Trader's Ottuk, you will need to provide three dungeon rings. The rings can come from any difficulty level, have any item level, and do not need to have any sockets or enchantments. Additionally, they can be obtained from different difficulties, such as one from normal and one from heroic. You may even obtain them while leveling in normal, as the item level requirement is not a concern.
The following rings are required:

Why us

If you're short on time and unable to spend weeks farming dungeons and currencies for the Ivory Scouting Ottuk Mount, don't lose hope. FrostyBoost's team is always ready to assist you, and our professionals can easily complete any goal you set for them. You can feel calm and secure dealing directly with our team, as our WoW upgrade services are performed quickly and competently. We consistently provide exceptional services, and our boost pace is unmatched.

How the service works

  1. To purchase the World of Warcraft Ivory Trader's Ottuk Mount Boost, add it to your shopping cart and confirm the order.
  2. Any member from our management team will contact you to request your account information for account sharing.
  3. Once we have your information, we will assign the most suitable booster to promptly commence the service.
  4. The order will be completed as quickly as possible, after which you will be asked to approve and pay the specified amount.

Our requirements for the client

  1. The details of your account where you want WoW Ivory Trader's Ottuk Mount Boost
  2. Active subscription WoW Dragonflight
  3. Max character level

Become one of those who own the Ivory Trader's Ottuk

Our boosters can help you quickly and easily obtain the Ivory Trader's Ottuk mount, allowing you to join the ranks of successful players who own this fascinating transport in WoW Dragonflight.

What else do I get besides the Ivory Trader's Ottuk Mount?

During the boost, all items, gold, and useful resources obtained will be yours to keep

Is your boost service safe?

The FrostyBoost professional team is absolutely sure about the security of the service. We have the necessary software, so you don’t even have to be worried about anything

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