WotLK Shadowmourne Boost
  • ETA: 6-8 weeks
  • Description: Get numerous valuable rewards, including the legendary Shadowmourne in WoW WotLK Classic by completing quests in a team with the finest boosters of the Frostyboost team.
  • Rules: Character level 80; Account sharing; Character's class should be Death Knight, Warrior or Paladin; Active WoW account with WotLK expansion
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Buy Shadowmourne Boost in WoW Classic and get a lot of essential WotLK rewards

Probably one of the most exciting and enjoyable activities in WotLK is searching for and receiving valuable rewards. Such rewards can make your stay in the game easier and significantly strengthen your toon. One such reward is an incredibly powerful and legendary weapon, WoW Classic Shadowmourne Two-Hand Axe. This is a unique weapon that will increase your toon's strength and stamina, as well as be able to deal a lot of damage. You can get it for completing a rather long and hard quest, during which you have to improve your reputation with the Ashen Verdict and get the necessary reagents to create the Shadowmourne. And after this quest, you will get the opportunity to complete another additional quest, which will give you a chest with many essential WotLK rewards. Few will turn down such valuable rewards, but few are willing to spend their time going through such an ordeal. But we are ready to help you! Our Frostyboost team with our experienced and knowledgeable boosters is ready to guide you down this path and help you get all those great rewards. It is a great opportunity for all treasure hunters!


Character level 80

Character's class should be Death Knight, Warrior or Paladin

Active WoW account with WotLK Classic expansion

Way it works

  1. Decided to get this great weapon? Great, we are ready to help you! Move the boost service to the cart and pay for the order.
  2. Immediately after your payment, we will get in touch. Please share your account details and let's discuss the time at which you will be ready to transfer your account to us.
  3. Boosters will start completing the necessary quests so that you get the desired weapon for your character and other amazing rewards.
  4. Done! We return your account to you and you can check all the rewards received in action!

Receive the most essential rewards with Frostyboost

Don't think too much, WotLK Shadowmourne is truly worth the effort to get it! Become one of those who own such a powerful and cool weapon and hit everyone!

What is the duration of Shadowmourne Boost?

In less than a week, we will complete all the necessary quests and get you this powerful axe.

Can any player use this weapon?

Unfortunately, no. Shadowmourne is only suitable for Death Knight, Warrior or Paladin classes.

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