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  • Description: The most proficient players of our team are ready to complete any Mage Tower Challenge so that you can get an amazing WoW reward. As a reward, you can expect a high-level gear, transmogrification sets, honorable achievements, and even a flying mount. Choose the number of challenges you want to complete and we'll go for your rewards!
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Buy Mage Tower Challenge Boost and go through the most difficult WoW challenges to get the finest WoW rewards

Mage Tower is a mysterious place filled with seven different challenges. After passing one or all of the challenges, the player will be able to get very valuable and cool rewards. The more Mage Tower Challenges you complete, the more awesome rewards you can earn. First you need to get into the tower itself and choose a specialization there. You will have access to the dungeon, which you will need to successfully complete. You’ll have to complete all the tasks and defeat the boss. Each class will have their own special challenge. After completing one challenge, you can get some of the WoW rewards. It can be high-level gear, transmogrification sets, honorable achievements, etc. Completing all seven challenges will earn you a Meta Achievement and a rare flying mount. It will be very difficult to do this, because in no case can you die here! In order to accurately pass all the challenges and get the desired and worthwhile rewards, we advise you to contact our booster team. Having a lot of experience, they will definitely cope with any challenge, and you will be able to get all the achievements and rewards!

Why us

The boosters of our team are professional and experienced players. They are ready to perform any WoW boost service resultatively. The result is guaranteed.
We perform boost services promptly. You will receive the result on time and it will definetly please you!
Our team understands how important the security of their accounts is to clients and therefore we always use VPN of your country,
On our website there is 24|7 support, where you can ask your questions and order a service. Contact us and we will help you!

How it works

  1. Choose how many challenges you want to complete, place the service in the cart and pay for the order.
  2. We will contact you to discuss the details.
  3. With the booster team assembled, we'll be ready to head to the Mage Tower.
  4. After passing the challenge, we will write to you and inform you about the completion of the order.


  • 50+ level on your class
  • Availability of gold to buy materials

Mage Tower Challenges is a series of incredibly difficult challenges that will test players' resilience, skills and experience. Only strong players will be able to successfully cope with all the challenges. For their perseverance and courage, they will definitely be rewarded. They will be rewarded with truly worthwhile rewards! Join us and see for yourself!

How long will the boost take?

It will take forty or fifty minutes to complete one challenge. You can calculate the exact time yourself or you can check with our managers in live chat.

Will the challenges be the same for everyone?

No, there will be different challenges and rewards for each class.

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