Tol Barad Guide: TB battle, Reputation and Rewards in WoW Cataclysm Classic

What is Tol Barad (TB) and TB Battle in Cata Classic

The developers have published a short note giving an update on Tol Barada in Cataclysm Classic. The main PvP event of this island will be turned into a periodic 80/50 battlefield outside the open world, and during the lull period, players will be able to complete numerous dailyquests to develop relationships with new factions.

To efficiently earn Reputation currency and taking part in TB is not at all easy for players and especially for the players who are not so good in PvP. However the best solution for them is to. WoW Cata PvP Boost where experienced boosters quickly and efficiently farm reputation-skill in the TB zone and the rewards you want to earn.

The same as the Battle for the WS from WoTLK Classic addon, in Cata Classic, TB will be turned into a separate battle in the form of an 80-by-80 battlefield. The battle for TB will be held every 2.5 hours, and up to 80 characters per faction will be able to participate. The winning faction will have the permission to the next local quests and other activities on TB Peninsula before the next battles.

TB PvP Zone also features the Baradin Hold(BH) raid, which will open a little later after the launch of Season 9 (most likely with the general launch of raids). For taking part in the pvp TB Fights, players will receive Honor Points and TB Badges, which can be spent on equipment, vehicles, and other rewards from the faction intendants of TB Defenders.

Outside of the main island, players can pass 12 dailies every 24 hours regardless of who holds TB itself, earning experience, gold, reputation and Tol Barad Currency Badges.

What is Tol Barad (TB) and TB Battle in Cata Classic

How to Fast Farm Reputation in TB Zone on Cata

  1. Farming reputation in TB involves completing daily quests and participating in battles. The island is divided into two zones: one always accessible and one available only to the victorious faction.
    How to Fast Farm Reputation in TB Zone on Cata

  2. Always Accessible Zone: This zone offers 6 daily-quests, each granting 250 reputation and one Tol Barad Currency (TB Marks). An exception is the quest “Shark Tank,” which provides 350 reputation and two TB Marks.

  3. Victorious Faction Zone: After winning a battle, six additional dailies become available. Three of these quests are fixed, while the other three vary based on the random quest giver present after each battle. Each quest in this zone awards 350 reputation-skill.

  4. By completing all available quests in both zones, players can earn up to 5,700 reputation daily before any bonuses. Additionally, winning a Tol Barad battle grants 250 reputation and x3 TB Marks.

TB Currency in Cataсlysm Classic

Tol Barad Commendations can be earned through daily-quests and passing the TB battles. These TB Currency are crucial for purchasing various rewards, including powerful BiS Class Items, perfect mounts and interesting BiS Trinkets.

BiS Season 9 Rewards and other items from Tol Barad in Cata

Best Trinkets for Reputation in TB:

The primary focus for many players will be obtaining trinkets, especially the Mirror of Broken Images tank trinket, which is considered best-in-slot for Phase One Season 9 and useful in subsequent phases. Also Impatience of Youth is a very good trink for a lot of DPS-classes who need Strength and especially it is BiS Item for Melee who mains Mastery for example, Frost Death Knight and Fury Warrior It requires 125 TB Marks.

Best mounts obtainable for Reputation in TB:

After securing the essential trinket, players can use additional TB currency to obtain mounts and pets such as the beautiful mount Drake of the West Wind or to accelerate the reputation grind by exchanging TB Marks for reputation-points. If you want to know more about the transport means that can be prized for reputation in Cata Classic you can attend this New Mounts for Reputation article.

Best mounts obtainable for Reputation in TB

Reputation Bonus of Tol Barad in Cata

To optimize reputation gains, players can benefit from certain bonuses:

  • Guild Perk: All races can access a 5% bonus reputation from the guild perk, which requires Rank 3 with the guild.

  • Human Racial Bonus: Human characters have a natural 10% reputation gain bonus.

  • Despite the introduction of the Darkmoon Faire Island in Cataclysm, the 10% reputation buff from this event was not added until Mists of Pandaria, so it will not be able to get in Cata Classic Expansion.

Reputation Bonus of Tol Barad in Cata

Via strategically doing dailies and taking part in TB peninsula battles, players can efficiently farm reputation to unlock valuable rewards. With the potential to get around 6,930 reputation-points per day by doing all dailies and winning three battles, it is possible to reach exalted status in just seven days. For those taking a more relaxed approach, completing six dailies on each side and winning one battle per day will yield 4,950 reputation daily, reaching exalted in approximately 11 days. Prioritizing reputation gains early in the expansion will ensure players have access to powerful trinkets and other rewards, enhancing their skills in upcoming raids and content.

What are the best trinkets to get from TB reputation rewards?

The Mirror of Broken Images is considered the best-in-slot tank trinket for Phase One Season 9 and remains useful in subsequent phases. The Impatience of Youth trinket is highly valued by DPS classes needing Strength, particularly Frost Death Knights and Fury Warriors, who benefit from Mastery.

How can I optimize my reputation farming in TB?

To optimize reputation gains, prioritize completing all available daily quests and participate in TB battles. Winning battles grants additional quests and TB Badges. Utilizing reputation bonuses from guild perks and racial traits will further expedite the process.

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