The most Important Things to do at 40 Level in SoD Phase 2

Helmet Crafting in Phase 2 WoW Classic SoD

Crafting your helmet at level 40 is a game-changer, and the Grime-EnCrusted Salvage holds the key. This salvage helps create a helmet that’s not only a symbol of your prowess but also the Best in Slot for both PvE and PvP. The trick here is timing – consider waiting until late February for crafting to save some gold after the 3-day lockout.

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Sod gear boost

Here you’ll discover the significance of the Grime-EnCrusted Salvage. This special item becomes the cornerstone for your powerful helmet, boasting benefits that extend across both PvE and PvP gameplay. Keep in mind that the prices may dip after the 3-day lockout, making late February an optimal time for cost-effective crafting.

Cozy Sleeping Bag Quest

The Cozy Sleeping Bag Quest is a delightful adventure that takes you on a tour from Camp Taurajo to Westfall. The best part? You get a 3% XP bonus if you’re below level 40, making it a must for any adventurer. Along the way, gather eight student fod for a rested XP boost, a handy bonus for future endeavors. Embark on a charming quest line that not only takes you to various locations but also rewards you with a 3% XP bonus if you’re below level 40.

In addition to the bonus, collect eight student fod during your journey, each providing four rested XP bars. This not only enhances your experience but sets you up for success in the phases to come.

Farming Runes: The Key to Versatility and Adaptability

Don’t just settle for a few runes; aim to collect all 18 available. Swapping runes during combat can give you a significant edge, transforming your abilities on the fly and keeping you ahead of your adversaries. This adaptability is crucial for success in various situations.

Don’t forget that obtaining your class runes are very important in Season of Discovery Phase 2. If you want to know how the runes work in this expansion you can visit our WoW SoD Runes Guides and Overview and if you are interested how to farm them you can get here Step-by-step guide for all the class runes in WoW SoD

Find all the runes and explore the benefits of collecting all 18 available. Swiftly swapping runes during combat provides a tactical advantage, allowing you to adapt your abilities dynamically. This versatility ensures you stay one step ahead of your opponents, a key strategy for success in the diverse challenges you’ll face.

Furbolg Medicine Pouch: A Farm Worth Its Weight in Gold

Gather your allies for a Furbolg Medicine Pouch farm. With just one Hunter and a Healer or even a full raid group, you can efficiently farm these pouches. These pouches aren’t just valuable in 1v1 situations; they also save you time on the exalted grind for the next phase. A worthwhile venture for both efficiency and gold-making.

Sod gear boost

Assemble your allies for a Furbolg Medicine Pouch farm, a venture that requires minimal setup – just one Hunter and a Healer or a full raid group. These pouches prove valuable not only in 1v1 scenarios but also save precious time on the exalted grind for the upcoming phase. It’s an efficient and rewarding farm that contributes significantly to your gold-making strategy.

Questing: Gold-Making in Phase 2

The quests within a five-level range to maximize your gold gains, often reaping around two gold per quest. With over a hundred quests available, this method adds up quickly, offering greens as additional rewards. Just be cautious about pre-questing for Phase 3, avoiding specific quests for optimal XP gains.

Venture into questing within a manageable level range to unlock a gold-making method that can surpass your expectations. Each quest typically yields around two gold, and with over a hundred quests at your disposal, the cumulative effect is substantial. Explore this gold-making avenue, but exercise caution when pre-questing for Phase 3 to ensure optimal XP gains.

Enchanting: Harnessing Magical Riches for Every Level

Even for novice enchanters, the potential for wealth is enchanting in itself. Disenchanting blues and greens found in your travels transforms mundane items into a magical gold mine. Crafting specific items, like the White Bandit Mask, and then disenchanting them serves as a reliable strategy to consistently double your initial investment. As you level up, the enchanting world unfolds, presenting even more opportunities for financial wizardry.

Waylaid Supplies: Crafting Gold through Crafting Skills

Dive deep into the realm of professions to unveil hidden treasures of gold-making opportunities. Craft items with precision, ensuring they fit snugly into Waylaid Supplies boxes, unlocking substantial profits. Whether you’re a culinary artist or a master tailor, capitalize on the demands of fellow adventurers, turning your crafting skills into a lucrative enterprise. Remember, the real adventure lies not just in dungeons but also in the crafted wonders of Season of Discovery Expansion.

Transmutes: Alchemical Mastery Unveiled Every 48 Hours

The potential of alchemy by employing transmute alts to metamorphose mithril bars into coveted true silver bars every 48 hours. This alchemical gold rush guarantees a consistent income of three to four gold per character, making it a reliable source of wealth. Embark on the journey of leveling additional characters, multiplying your alchemical mastery and turning your virtual alts into a golden legion.

Uldaman Runs: Discovering Hidden Riches Beyond Gear

The depths of Uldaman, not merely for your pre-BiS gear but also for the promise of untold treasures like the Pendulum of Doom. Keep your focus on the 44 to 45 Elite adversaries, as they seem to hold the key to the most coveted drops. Each run is a quest for riches, and with every swing of your weapon, you might just strike gold.

Uldaman Runs Discovering Hidden Riches Beyond Gear

STV Event: Blood Moon Revelry for Mounts and More

STV Blood Moon event that unfolds every three hours, promising not just a mount but also a cascade of valuable blood. Rumors abound that this mount may be more than just a luxury, potentially working without the need for a purchase. Seize this unique chance to save gold and bask in the glory of a mount obtained through epic battles. Additionally, don’t overlook the Arrai Basin reputation rewards; they offer an efficient path to honor, adding another layer of excitement to this vibrant event.

STV Event Blood Moon Revelry for Mounts and More

With this expanded guide, your journey through World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery Phase 2 is set to be nothing short of extraordinary.

What to do at 40 Level in SoD Phase 2

As you navigate dungeons, hone your professions, and dominate battlegrounds, may your adventures be as rich and diverse as the treasures of WoW Classic new expansion itself!As you strive for perfection at level 40 in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery Phase 2, this guide compiles the most important strategies and actions to help you achieve greatness. Navigating the tangled landscapes of dungeons, honing your professions, and dominating the battlefields, imagine your journey as a grand odyssey full of untold adventures akin to the vast treasures of WoW Classic.

Take this opportunity to get to the heart of the game, determining your destiny through strategic mastery. Whether you engage in fierce battles or immerse yourself in the mastery of your chosen professions, every moment promises a new chapter in your heroic story.

Happy journey, valiant adventurer, and may your path be lit with the glow of countless victories and the richness of discovery. Your legend awaits its next chapter, and the Season of Discovery calls on you to make an indelible mark on the tapestry of WoW Classic’s history. Onward to new horizons and the glory that awaits you in the realms of World of Warcraft!

Why is helmet crafting emphasized in Phase 2?

Crafting your helmet with the Grime-EnCrusted Salvage at level 40 is a pivotal achievement. This piece becomes Best in Slot for both PvE and PvP, offering significant advantages. Timing is crucial, and waiting until late February post-3-day lockout can save you gold.

Why should I collect all 18 runes in Phase 2?

Swiftly swapping runes during combat gives you a tactical edge, transforming your abilities on the fly. Collecting all 18 runes enhances versatility, keeping you ahead of adversaries in various situations.

How does questing contribute to gold-making in Phase 2?

Venture into quests within a manageable level range to maximize gold gains, often reaping around two gold per quest. With over a hundred quests available, this method adds up quickly, offering greens as additional rewards.

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