New MMO Tarisland: Release date, updates and feedbacks

New MMO Game Tarisland

Most players, when they hear the abbreviation MMO, involuntarily imagine World of Warcraft or, at the worst, Lineage 2. No wonder, because it was with these games that many people, in fact, began to get acquainted with such an amazing concept of gameplay as “kill five boars and earn the highest rating on the battlefield”.

However, this concept of many games is not at all about the new Tarisland, which promises a whole different level for players, even possibly challenging. Players should not worry, because they can always use the service Tarisland Character Boost and without much trouble to pump their character to the maximum level and get any achievement or item in the new Tarisland game.

New MMO Game Tarisland

It is important to note that the wave of Asian grinding games, where there is no battlefield as such, and the main source of pumping – the player’s wallet, has greatly exhausted the credibility of the genre itself. The principle of pay-to-win is so strongly embedded in most modern projects that it is unclear how they could ever expect to succeed with this approach. And, most interestingly, it’s almost not about Tarisland.

Tarisland is a new MMO from Chinese giant game company Tencent, in which everything seems very familiar: from spells to interface elements. But everyone can borrow everything, but it’s not always possible to make something of your own. Players have played a dozen hours and now we will tell you in detail about what awaits us at the release.

Tarisland Map

Tarisland’s Release Date

Attentive fans of the upcoming MMORPG Tarisland have noticed that the App Store has changed the expected release date. If earlier it was June 14, now it is June 23.

Recall that earlier the game’s CM said that June 14 is an inaccurate release date, and gamers should wait for an official announcement from the developers. There has been no announcement until now, but the date has been changed.

Tarisland’s Release Date

A new release date for the MMORPG Tarisland has been published

Now the testing of the Chinese version of the game is underway, and as previously reported, it will be the final one before the release of Tarisland. But it is not known whether the game will be released worldwide at once, or only in the Chinese market first.

Pay-to-win in Tarisland: without the kinks

To call Tarisland a regular World of Warcraft clone would be both right and wrong. The thing is that there were many such clones, but the ones that I would like to play for a long time, did not happen at all. Until the Tencent project.

Visual style, character creation editor, story characters, spells and locations – it all seems very familiar, but it’s done so well that it doesn’t cause rejection. On the contrary: it’s hard enough to get the most important and interesting things out of such a giant MMO without touching what WoW old-timers consider stuffy and boring.

Pay-to-win in Tarisland without the kinks

Although Tarisland is free-to-play, it’s not pay-to-win at all, as the developers claim. On the one hand, it’s true, and you can find only cosmetic items or in-game vehicles for real money on the in-game “Market”, but on the other hand, there is the much disliked “battle pass”, which gives you an advantage over other players – and yes, it can be bought with crystals, which can be purchased for real money.

Where Tarisland all starts: Character Editor

Character Editor: it’s possible to create a somewhat unique hero here. Race and gender are tied to the class, so you can’t change anything. If you choose a mage, you will be a beautiful elf. Shadow swordsman (analogous to the bandit) – until the end of the elf half-goth with a dead look. Customization is also available: for example, you can change your height, eye color, hairstyle, hair color, and so on, but there isn’t so much of it at the moment that during the main game players can possibly feel no personality next to other players’ characters.

Where Tarisland all starts Character Editor

Tarisland has a story – and that’s a plus for an MMO

On the plus side, Tarisland doesn’t throw you straight into the open world, where an inexperienced player runs the risk of getting lost and abandoning the game for months. Rather the opposite: you move quite briskly along the quite interesting plot and by the end of the prologue defeat the first boss. As you progress, the game smoothly tells you about its peculiarities, spells and other things – you can consider it a short and unobtrusive training, after which there should be a minimum of questions.

The story itself is quite interesting and is filled not with quests in the spirit of “give and get”, but with interactivity: you have to look for someone’s footprints, or sneak into someone else’s camp undercover, or shoot enemies with a bow.

Tarisland has a story - and that's a plus for an MMO

Comfortable gameplay in Tarisland

It’s always nice when developers take care to make the players comfortable to play. In this respect, Tarisland exceeded all expectations. For example, to go to the dungeon in the same World of Warcraft, you need to install additional addons – to display the damage dealt, phases of bosses, timers and a lot of other things.

In Tarisland you don’t need to do that, the main addons, important for such projects, are already sewn directly into the game: here you will find a damage counter, and treatment, and built-in timers, which, although in Chinese, but tell you how long a particular boss ability will last. This saves not only space on your hard disk, but also nerves during the search for the right version, installation and customization.

Comfortable gameplay in Tarisland

Bottom line: let’s wait for release of expected Tarisland

Tarisland is a promising project that shows promise. It really has few limitations and bugs, and the game is able to take the best from its genre brethren, so the hope for a good start remains. Players expect that everything will be finished by the release, and at the end they will get a clear, in some places recognizable, but at the same time a new and exciting project.

Bottom line let’s wait for release of expected Tarisland

What is Tarisland, and when is it releasing?

Tarisland is an upcoming MMO developed by Tencent. Initially slated for release on June 14, it has been rescheduled to June 23. It’s currently undergoing testing in the Chinese market.

Is Tarisland pay-to-win?

Tarisland aims to avoid the pay-to-win model prevalent in many MMOs. While it offers cosmetic items and in-game vehicles for purchase, the “battle pass” system has drawn some criticism for potentially providing advantages to paying players.

What can players expect from the character creation process?

Tarisland’s character creation allows for some customization, including height, eye color, hairstyle, and hair color. However, race and gender are tied to the class, limiting certain options.

What are players' expectations for Tarisland's release?

Players are hopeful for a successful launch of Tarisland, anticipating a polished and enjoyable gaming experience. They look forward to exploring its world and experiencing its unique gameplay mechanics

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