Tarisland Overview

Tarisland Overview

Tarisland is a cross-platform fantasy MMORPG developed by Tencent, the largest Chinese corporation. Players assume the roles of courageous adventurers thrust into the midst of a war that has erupted across the continent of Taris. Stylistically and in terms of gameplay, Tarisland evokes a visually sophisticated rendition of World of Warcraft, which is unsurprising given that the latter is no longer available in the Chinese game market. In Tarisland, players can select from approximately five races and all the classic character classes. The developers pledge an intricately detailed world, a captivating storyline, and a diverse array of both PvP and PvE activities. Tarisland will boast an extensive array of equipment and skills, with a combat system adhering to the classic target-based approach. Despite being designed for mobile platforms and PCs, there will be a dedicated client with a revamped interface and controls for the PC version. However, there are also differences from Blizzard’s creation and the main one is the graphical characteristics and the world background with story. Visually the project looks very colorful and it can attract many modern fantasy games

Plot of Tarisland

The plot of the Tarisland game is to immerse yourself in an exciting journey through the virtual world. Players can view different locations and facea variety of characters and complete quests that reveal the depth of the game’s story. The main objectives of the game include:

  1. Exploration: Players can explore various locations in the virtual world of Tarisland. From mysterious caves to majestic castles, each location offers new discoveries and secrets to unravel.
  2. Interaction: Tarisland offers the possibility to interact with other players. You can team up with friends or create new acquaintances to solve quests together or spend time in the game world.
  3. Solving puzzles and completing quests: Tarisland features a variety of puzzles and quests for players to solve and complete. They offer unique challenges and opportunities to develop logic and problem solving skills.

Classes in Tarisland

Brave adventurers in a magical land on the planet Taris choose different classes and begin their legendary journey. Each class has unique characteristics and special abilities that will help them overcome challenges and explore the unknown world. Eight different classes await players:









We’re following the information about them a tad bit more detailed:


Warriors are a class of characters who fight in close combat and can fulfill the role of fighters. They can use many varieties of weapons in combat, but beginners should base their choice of weapons on character specialization and item characteristics when choosing a weapon of their preference.


Mages are the most common of spellcasters. The wizards are common throughout Azeroth. They focus on the magic of creation and change, most often with the goal of destroying the enemy or helping allies. You can choose the Frost talents to slow enemies and Fire to increase DPS;

Teacher (priest)

The priest is a dangerous and varied class, receiving from religion the power to punish evil and strengthen the spirit in the presence of adversity. The priest worships the celestial light, heals wounds, confronts and dispels evil. They have a “Faith” talents for buffs and a “Prayer” talent branch for reinforcement of the character proper;


A class that balances effective melee combat, the ability to take an opponent by surprise, and magical abilities. All three aspects are difficult to develop. In order to be highly effective, you should focus on two aspects. Since Shadowblade only uses a dagger, it can equip a shield, which makes it a good partner for a first line tank.


The Ranger class is excellent with taming wildlife and crafting traps, which makes it an effective long-range DPS. Players can choose between taming and hunting, as well as two specializations. Rangers have a Dps function and can choose either the Taming or Hunting specialization. Equipped with a bow, rangers are able to deal damage from a distance with perfect accuracy. Current Tarisland class is also a veritable expert at taming beasts and making traps. Rangers are often considered one of the best DPS classes in Tarisland, as they usually prevent enemies from getting too close to attack them.


The paladin as a support class has two specializations: Justice and Guardian (Tank). The Justice specialization allows you to deliver devastating attacks against enemies, whereas the Guardian specialization allows you to take on the role of a devoted melee tank, guiding the group in difficult scenarios.

This Tarisland class is a holy warrior representing virtue, faith, and an unshakable commitment to justice. Paladins are proficient in both offense and defense, wielding heavy armor and a powerful sword or hammer.

Poet (Bard)

The Poet is an exciting new class added to the game’s registry. The Bard has the DPS and Healer specializations, absorbing elements of iconic bard characters from other games. Remarkably, the DPS specialization has a Solo variant focused on independent combat.

This class is a charismatic and accomplished performer of Tarisland who employs song, storytelling, and magic to draw an audience and influence the outcome of battle. Bards are masters of inspiration, harnessing their abilities to strengthen comrades, change emotions, and stump the enemy. With their enticing melodies and pleasant compositions, bards are great at supporting their partners. They can lend courage to their companions, enhancing their talents and giving healing advantages.

Barbarian Fighter

The Barbarian Fighter class embodies a brutal and relentless combatant fueled by raw power, primal instincts, and an insatiable hunger for battle. In Tarisland, the Barbarian Fighter class is renowned for its unmatched physical prowess and unwavering stamina. When adopting the role of a Barbarian, you have the option to specialize in Thunder or Freeze, excelling in either a Damage-Medium or Tank-Medium capacity. These formidable fighters excel in close-quarters combat, wielding colossal weapons with astonishing strength and agility. They rely on their sheer power and brawn to deliver devastating blows to their foes.

Character leveling up

Progressing through levels is a fundamental aspect of the Tarisland gaming experience. As a newcomer, invest time in completing quests and embarking on exploratory journeys to amass valuable experience points, thus advancing your character’s level. Quests offer not only substantial rewards but also deepen your immersion in Tarisland’s intricate narrative. By fulfilling quests, you’ll unveil uncharted territories, encounter intriguing characters, and stumble upon elusive treasures.

Moreover, Tarisland introduces a dynamic leveling system that tailors challenges to your character’s progression. Engaging in combat, mastering crafting professions, and participating in various in-game activities all contribute to your character’s growth. This diverse approach ensures that your journey in Tarisland is as diverse as the opportunities it offers.

Furthermore, as you ascend in levels, you’ll unlock new skills, abilities, and access to advanced equipment. This progression not only empowers your character but also opens up fresh avenues for exploration and conquest. Embrace the leveling process, for it forms the backbone of your adventure in the vibrant world of Tarisland.”

Professions in Tarisland

Within Tarisland, the realm of crafts, professions, and trade holds a pivotal role in elevating the gaming experience. Invest time in mastering diverse crafts like blacksmithing, alchemy, and enchanting, and select the one that aligns best with your playstyle. Amass resources, forge formidable items, and engage in player-to-player transactions via the auction house. Through your chosen professions, you’ll forge valuable creations, enhance your character’s capabilities, and play a vital role in shaping the in-game economy.

As you hone your chosen profession, you’ll unlock specialized techniques, enabling you to create even more powerful and sought-after items. These creations not only enhance your character’s capabilities but also become valuable assets in the game’s thriving economy. Gathering resources and discovering rare materials are essential aspects of the crafting process.

Explore the world of Tarisland to uncover hidden treasures and harvest valuable components. Engage in player-to-player transactions through the auction house, exchanging your crafted goods for resources or other valuable items. The journey of a craftsman in Tarisland is a dynamic and rewarding one, offering a deeply immersive gaming experience for those who embrace the art of creation.”

System of talents in Tarisland

Every self-respecting Tarisland player is well aware that you need a completely different set of talents to engage in combat with other players. Of course, many of them can be taken for PvE as well, but specialized talents that can give you an advantage in combat should definitely be present in your character’s MMo PvP builds. Anyway, experienced players from the World of Warcraft PvP or other gaming communities know all the benefits of the right Tarisland talent branches and, based on them and their own experience in the game, make professional guides on how to manage your character in the realities of combat. The interface of talents in Tarisland looks at following way:

Dungeons and bosses

Chaotic Library

The Library in Tarisland is famous especially for the wisdom of the books it holds. Once inside, players will feel an ancient and mystical atmosphere; the “Chaotic Library” was once peaceful, nevertheless it has become the focal point of reigning Chaos. Tarisland’s Chaotic Library features 3 powerful bosses, the first of which is a missing librarian named Silno. Some dark forces imprisoned his soul in the library, and he has gone mad. The second boss in the path of Tarisland players is the doomsday judge, Satyug. This elemental demon harnesses the energy of the elements and destroys everything in its path. The final boss is the Fatal Reaper, Bonacius. He will be waiting for his Master along with the demonic apostles. Heroes will fight not only Bonacius, but also his minions. That demon will tear space and time to summon helpers. The developers talked about the inspiration of this location:

The Camp Karlyan

A mysterious territory on the outskirts of Silverlit is Camp Karlyan. Adventurers will face new enemies and challenges here. Preparing together for the adventures awaiting you!

Camp Karlyan is the location of three powerful bosses, and players will meet first with the Black Flag Army Centurion: Boompike. Boompike was previously the best boss in the mine, searching every corner of the mine and knowing everything about it. He is one of the few Parkers skilled in the art of explosives. After defeating Boompike, warriors can drive the mining wagon and head into the heart of the camp. In the depths of the mine is an extremely powerful defensive weapon: the Wrath of Nidhoggr. This area is closely guarded by the Black Flag Army, who have also placed their weapons here. Inside the defenses is Captain Commando Redpike, who is prepared to intercept any warrior who dares to come close.

After defeating Redpike, the defenses of Camp Karlyan are on the verge of collapse, and the last archrival, Regipike, will emerge.

Once an infamous pirate known for his inventiveness and cunning, Redpike has a knack for finding treasure and uncovering trap mechanisms. Whether it is a sharp sword or a small trap, he can use them against his enemies. His excellent fighting skills have earned him a promotion to a leadership position in the Black Flag Army.

Tarisland Map

There are some locations and point on the original map: SilverLit, Misty Forest, SilverLit Suburbs.

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We’ve provided a glimpse into the exciting world of Tarisland and discussed the upcoming changes that await players. It’s important to keep in mind that these details are preliminary, and there’s much more in store. We trust our Tarisland Overview has been informative and we appreciate your patience as you await the release!
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How does Tarisland compare to World of Warcraft?

Tarisland shares stylistic and gameplay similarities with World of Warcraft, offering a visually advanced experience. This is notable given that World of Warcraft is no longer available in the Chinese game market.

What can players expect in terms of gameplay features in Tarisland?

In Tarisland Players can anticipate an intricately detailed world, a compelling storyline, and a wide range of both PvP and PvE activities in Tarisland. The game also offers an extensive array of equipment and skills.

What platforms is Tarisland available on?

Tarisland is designed for both mobile platforms and PCs, and there will be a dedicated client with an optimized interface and controls for the PC version.

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