Leatherworking Step-by-step Guide in SoD Phase 2

Leatherworking in WoW Classic SoD Phase 2

Embark on a painstaking expedition through the tangled world of Leathercraft in the breathtaking landscape of World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2. This comprehensive guide will be your trusted companion, accurately guiding you from the rudiments of tannery to the heights of mastery. Immerse yourself in detailed steps that guarantee not only efficiency but also a deep understanding of the craft, transforming you from a beginner to an accomplished craftsman.

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In Season of Discovery Phase 2, leatherworking becomes paramount, cementing its status as an indispensable profession for select classes. By obtaining the required Leatherworking skill level of at least 100, adventurers will unlock vital quest chains and gain access to creating Epic Gloves that will be a testament to their skill. At the beginning of the journey, it is recommended to combine Leathercrafting with Leathersmithing to provide a self-sufficient approach to material extraction.

Leatherworking in WoW Classic SoD Phase 2

Leatherworking Step-by-Step Guide (1-225) in SoD Phase 2

(1-75) Initiation into Leatherworking

To kickstart your Leatherworking profession, pair it with Skinning for a self-sufficient resource collection. As you aim to reach rank 75, gather following materials:


light armor kits until rank 45, then switch to crafting Cured light hides until rank 55. Continue by creating Embossed Leather Gloves to attain rank 75. Don’t forget to train Journeyman Leatherworking at rank 50.

(75-150) Mastery in Leatherworking

The next phase involves a more intricate crafting process. With materials like:

– 165 light leather, 80 coarse threads, 15 grays, 20 medium hides, 30 fine threads, 20 salt, 15 fine leather belts, and 15 cured medium hides


(150-225) Harvesting the Leatherworking

Prepare for an intensive journey from rank 150 to 225, where the demand for materials increases significantly. Collect a minimum of:

SoD Leatherworking Guide

As you immerse yourself in the world of Leatherworking, remember that the listed material quantities are the minimum requirements. Due to the RNG nature of crafting, you may need additional resources. Now, let the crafting begin, and may your journey through the leatherworking ranks be swift and prosperous! Stay tuned for more profession guides tailored to enhance your crafting endeavors in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2.

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Why is Leatherworking crucial in WoW Classic SoD Phase 2?

Embarking on this meticulous Leatherworking guide it becomes essential as it solidifies its status as a paramount profession for select classes in Season of Discovery Phase 2. Attaining a Leatherworking skill level of at least 100 unlocks vital quest chains and access to crafting Epic Gloves, showcasing the craftsman’s skill.

What is the significance of combining Leatherworking with Skinning at the beginning?

Pairing Leatherworking with Skinning is recommended initially to foster self-sufficiency in material extraction. This approach ensures a steady supply of resources and aids in minimizing expenses, providing a strategic advantage during the early stages of crafting.

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