How to Obtain the Sulfuras Legendary in WoW Season of Discovery

Sulfuras Weapon in WoW SoD

Sulfuras(Hand of Ragnaros) that must be one of the most iconic legendary weapons in World of Warcraft. Wielded by Boss-Ragnaros the Firelord, this two-handed mace is not only a symbol of immense power but also a testament to the player’s dedication and perseverance.

Players can craft this legendary weapon by obtaining two essential items: the Hammer of Sulfuron and the Eye of Sulfuras. Unlike most legendary weapons, Sulfuras does not drop directly from a boss. Instead, players must defeat the final boss and hope for a rare drop that drops at a frequency of only 3-4%, which most players are really saddened by, but they can always turn to a trusted provider and buy Sulfuras Boost in WoW SoD where they will be helped without any problems

Sulfuras Weapon in WoW SoD

Requirements to Get Sulfuras in WoW

To embark on the quest to obtain Sulfuras, players need to meet several prerequisites. The Sulfuron Hammer, one of the components, must be crafted by a blacksmith with a minimum skill level of 300. This crafting process cannot be performed on a regular anvil but requires the Black Anvil found in Blackrock Depths. Players who are not blacksmiths can still acquire the Sulfuron Hammer, as it is a Bind on Equip (BoE) item and can be traded. The Eye of Sulfuras, on the other hand, must be obtained directly from Ragnaros, making the entire process a blend of crafting and high-level raiding.

Materials for Sulfuras Weapon in WoW SoD

Crafting the Sulfuron Hammer involves gathering a variety of rare materials:

The Eye of Sulfuras

This is a rare drop from Ragnaros, the final boss in Molten Core. Given its low drop rate, players may need to defeat Ragnaros multiple times before acquiring this essential item.

The Sulfuron Hammer

To craft the Sulfuron Hammer, players must gather the following materials:

  • Sulfuron Ingot: Dropped by Golemagg the Incinerator in Molten Core. Each ingot is a valuable and rare drop required in multiple quantities.
  • Arcan Bar(50): These are transmuted by alchemists using one Arcane Crystal and one Thorium Bar per bar. Arcane Crystals are rare mining finds, making Arcanite Bars quite valuable.
  • Blood of the Mountain(10): This rare material is found through mining Dark Iron Ore or killing Molten Destroyers within Molten Core.
  • Dark Iron Bars (20): Created by smelting Dark Iron Ore, with each bar requiring eight Dark Iron Ore. Players need a total of 160 Dark Iron Ore to craft the necessary bars.
  • Essence of Fire (25): Dropped by various fire elementals in the open world and within Molten Core, this material is relatively easier to gather in comparison.
  • Fiery Core (10) and Lava Core (10): Both of these items are dropped by bosses and trash mobs in Molten Core and are critical for the crafting process.
  • Sulfuron Ingot (8): These additional ingots are also dropped by Golemagg the Incinerator and are necessary to complete the crafting of the hammer.

Materials for Sulfuras Weapon in WoW SoD

Crafting the Legendary Weapon in Season of Discovery

Once all the materials are gathered, players must head to the Black Anvil in Blackrock Depths. The anvil is located near Lord Incendius, who guards the area. It is advisable to bring a group of allies to clear the path to the anvil. With the Sulfuron Hammer crafted, players can then combine it with the Eye of Sulfuras. Right-clicking on the Eye of Sulfuras in the inventory will fuse the two items, resulting in the legendary Sulfuras.

The crafting process is not just about gathering materials; it involves teamwork, strategy, and perseverance. The Black Anvil, being deep within BlackrockDepths, requires players to navigate through dangerous territory, ensuring that the journey to crafting Sulfuras is as epic as the weapon itself.

The importance of Sulfuras in WoW

To have Sulfuras in WoW SoD Classic is a monumental task that showcases a player’s commitment to the game. The process involves collecting rare materials, crafting a unique component, and defeating one of the most formidable bosses in WoW history. The resulting weapon is not only a powerful tool in combat but also a symbol of the player’s dedication and skill. Those who wield Sulfuras will undoubtedly stand out in the WoW community, marking their achievement with one of the most crucible items in the whole game.

The importance of Sulfuras in WoW

What makes the process of obtaining Sulfuras significant?

The crafting process involves gathering rare materials, teamwork, strategy, and perseverance. Navigating to the Black Anvil in Blackrock Depths and defeating Ragnaros for the Eye of Sulfuras adds to the epic journey of crafting this legendary weapon.

Why is the legendary weapon so important in WoW?

Sulfuras is not only a powerful weapon in combat but also a symbol of a player’s dedication and skill. Obtaining it is a monumental task that showcases a player’s commitment to the game, making those who wield it stand out in the WoW community.

What are some tips for efficiently gathering materials for Sulfuras?

  • Form a dedicated group: Regularly run MoltenCore to gather the necessary drops.
  • Coordinate with guildmates: Share resources and help each other with crafting.
  • Use alts and professions: Maximize your ability to gather materials like Arcane Bars.
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