How to get the Thunderfury Legendary in WoW SoD

History about the Legendary Weapon in WoW SoD

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, is one of the most iconic legendary weapons in World of Warcraft. This powerful sword is a symbol of prestige and dedication among players. Its journey began in the original game, and obtaining it requires a series of challenging quests and rare drops from high-level raids.

The weapon is known not only for its unique design and the powerful lightning effects it unleashes in battle, but also for the fact that it is very difficult for players to obtain this weapon in-game, making it a sought-after item for many adventurers. However, thanks to a proven boost provide SoD Thunderfury Legendary Weapon Boost players can obtain this legendary sword without difficulty

SoD Thunderfury Guide

Thunderfury is considered Best in Slot (BiS) for several classes and specs in WoW Classic:

Warriors (Protection and Fury): Due to its high threat generation and powerful proc effect, Thunderfury is particularly beneficial for Protection Warriors tanking raid bosses and Fury Warriors focusing on high DPS.

Rogues (Combat): The weapon’s speed, proc effect, and stats make it an excellent choice for Combat Rogues, significantly boosting their damage output.

Paladins (Protection): For Protection Paladins, Thunderfury provides exceptional threat generation and helps with AoE tanking due to its proc.

Requirements to Get Thunderfury Weapon in WoW

To obtain Thunderfury, players must first acquire two essential components: the bindings of the Windseeker, which are rare drops from two specific bosses in the Molten Core raid. The first binding, the Right Half of the Bindings of the Windseeker, drops from Garr, the fourth boss in the raid, with approximately a 3% drop rate.

Requirements to Get Thunderfury Weapon in WoW

The second binding, the Left Half of the Bindings of the Windseeker, drops from Baron Geddon, with about a 4% drop rate. After obtaining both bindings, players must embark on a quest chain that begins in Silithus with Highlord Demitrian, located at coordinates 30, 11.

SoD Thunderfury Material Locations

Materials for Thunderfury in WoW SoD

The quest to craft Thunderfury requires several rare materials:

Essence of the Firelord

Once players are on the quest, Ragnaros in MoltenCore will drop the Essence of the Firelord with a 100% drop rate. This item is crucial for completing the quest chain.


Players need ten Elementium Bar, which are crafted by blacksmiths. The process involves multiple steps and rare materials:

  • Elementium Ingots: Dropped by Blackwing Technicians in Blackwing Lair. Farming these ingots can take several weeks as the NPCs cannot be reset within the same week.
    SoD Elementium Ingots

  • Arcanite Bars (100): Created by alchemists using Thorium Bars and Arcane Crystals. The transmutation recipe is sold by Alchemist Pestlezugg in Tanaris for five gold. Gathering the necessary 100 Thorium Bars and 100 Arcane Crystals can be a lengthy process.

  • Fiery Cores (10): Dropped by trash mobs in Molten Core.

  • Elemental Flux (10): Purchased from most blacksmithing supply vendors.

Getting the Thunderfury Weapon in Season of Discovery

After gathering all the necessary materials, players must return to Highlord Demitrian in Silithus. Turning in the quest will summon a challenging mini-boss, who must be defeated to obtain the final quest item. This item is then used to complete the quest, rewarding the player with Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker.

The crafting process is a testament to the player’s dedication, requiring extensive farming, rare drops, and cooperation with other players. The journey to obtain Thunderfury is not only a test of skill but also a significant investment of time and resources.

The legendary award in WoW SoD and its Benefits

Thunderfury remains one of the most legendary weapons in World of Warcraft. Obtaining it in the Season of Discovery involves a series of challenging quests, rare drops, and extensive material gathering. The weapon is a symbol of prestige and dedication, marking its wielder as a true adventurer. Those who succeed in crafting Thunderfury will join an elite group of players who have achieved one of the most iconic feats in the game.

The legendary award in WoW SoD and its Benefits

What are the benefits of Thunderfury in WoW Classic

High Threat Generation: Thunderfury’s unique proc reduces the attack speed of enemies and generates significant threat, making it ideal for tanks.

Increased DPS: The weapon’s proc and stats enhance the damage output for melee classes, especially in sustained fights.

Debuff Utility: The weapon applies a debuff that reduces the attack speed of the target and up to four additional targets, providing significant raid-wide benefits.

Prestige and Recognition: Wielding Thunderfury is a symbol of dedication and accomplishment, earning players respect and recognition within the WoW community.

Versatility: While primarily sought after by tanks, the weapon’s benefits extend to several melee DPS classes, making it a versatile choice for multiple roles.

Where do you start the quest for Thunderfury?

The quest chain begins with Highlord Demitrian in Silithus at coordinates 30, 11.

What is the final step to obtain Thunderfury?

After gathering all materials, return to Highlord Demitrian in Silithus. Completing the quest summons a challenging mini-boss. Defeat the boss to receive the final quest item, which you use to obtain Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker.

What challenges can players expect when obtaining Thunderfury?

Players will face challenges such as farming rare drops, crafting materials, completing difficult quests, and defeating a mini-boss. Teamwork and extensive farming are essential.

How long does it take to obtain Thunderfury?

Obtaining Thunderfury can take several weeks due to the need for rare drops, extensive material gathering, and multiple raid completions.

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