Gold farming guide for the Rogue class in WoW SoD

The most important rules for gold farming as Rogue in SoD

Embarking on the journey of gold farming as a Rogue Class in WoW Season of Discovery requires mastering a set of crucial rules that can significantly impact your success in accumulating wealth. Let’s delve into these fundamental guidelines:

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Loot Everything:

The first and foremost rule in the rogue’s playbook is to adopt a loot-centric mindset. Leave no stone unturned, and loot your prey extensively. Maximize your inventory space with large bags to ensure you can carry as much as possible. Rogue’s efficiency in looting plays a pivotal role in their gold accumulation strategy.

Harness the Pick Pocket Ability:

A distinctive advantage of the rogue class is the Pick Pocket ability. Every rogue is equipped with this skill from the early levels. Make it a habit to utilize this ability consistently. Picking pockets not only yields immediate gains but also sets the stage for continuous wealth accumulation.

Master the Auction House Dynamics:

To achieve substantial and consistent gold earnings, familiarize yourself with the workings of the auction house. Identify a specific item with a high demand that you can sell frequently. Be mindful of the item’s market value and refrain from selling it if its current worth is suboptimal. Store it in the bank and capitalize on opportune moments to maximize profits. Over time, you’ll develop a keen sense of the server’s pricing trends, enabling you to optimize your auction house endeavors.

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Leverage Rogue-Specific Goldmaking History:

Acknowledge and delve into the history of rogues in goldsmithing. This historical context can provide valuable insights into profitable ventures. Aligning your strategies with proven goldmaking methods, especially those rooted in the rogue’s heritage, ensures a comprehensive approach to wealth accumulation.

Now, let’s focus on the intricacies of the Pick Pocket ability and unravel how, when, and where to employ this skill effectively for optimal results in your gold farming endeavors.

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The best gold farming zones for Rogue in WoW SoD

Embarking on the thrilling journey of gold farming as a Rogue in WoW Season of Discovery unveils clandestine opportunities within specific dungeons, where shadows conceal lucrative secrets. As the dagger-wielding master of stealth, your path to wealth involves navigating these rogue-rich zones with finesse and strategic cunning.

Scarlet Monastery: Shadows Unveiled

Stripped of gear, your journey begins in the heart of Scarlet Monastery‘s library. Vanish and lockpicks become your tools of choice as you delve into shadowy pockets and liberate chests. Third-branch talents amplify your stealth advantage. Utilize the Preparation ability strategically, allowing multiple vanishes, maximizing your yield. Swiftly re-enter the dungeon to repeat the process until your bags brim with ill-gotten gains. In just 10 minutes, amass a dozen gold, with the potential for coveted blue dagger drops.

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Zul’Farrak: Den of Roguish Riches

Yearning for a new challenge, Zul’Farrak beckons as your next clandestine abode. Apply the same principles with heightened mob levels promising a more lucrative haul. Embrace the thrill of your rogue prowess amidst elite adversaries and reap the rewards.

Zul'Farak Location for gold farming sod

Lower Blackrock Spire (LBRS): Shadows in Elitist Depths

For rogues craving group endeavors, LBRS offers a thrilling pickpocketing escapade. Journey to the dungeon’s depths, singling out paired mobs for swift saps and lethal dispatches. Armed with blinds, bandages, and a stockpile of majors on life, navigate this rogues’ haven. Uncover a trove of elite spoils—from greens and crafting recipes to valuable items—ready to fetch a handsome sum at the auction.

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Maraudon: The Herbal Heist

Combine rogue finesse with a green thumb in Maraudon. Engage in a herb-harvesting spree, focusing on frozen herbs crucial for potent potions. Venture further to slay bosses, accumulating blue gear for additional profits. Stability reigns in this farming method, providing a consistent income stream for rogues with a penchant for greenery.

Maraudon Location for gold farming sod

Dire Maul: Tales from the Forgotten City

Roam the forgotten city of Dire Maul, where stealth unveils the potential for acquiring valuable books. As patches unfold, certain classes can turn in these books for potent trinkets. Navigate stealthily through the dungeon, seeking out these coveted times. With the elusive Quel’Serrar book as the prized possession, rogues can rake in varying fortunes. The randomness of gold farming here adds an element of chance, with earnings ranging from 50 to 1K gold per hour, depending on luck.

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DM Location for gold farming in sod

In the mysterious depths of these dungeons, rogues find solace in solitude, immersing themselves in a realm of self-discovery. These clandestine escapades, accompanied by the sweet melody of music or the distraction of a film, offer a unique path to wealth without the usual competition. Fear not the labyrinthine corridors; each method is a simple dance through these dungeons, where familiarizing yourself with safe spots and lucrative treasures becomes second nature. Embrace the shadows and let your rogue prowess pave the way to untold riches in Azeroth.

Gold farming as a Rogue in WoW Season of Discovery is a thrilling journey filled with unique challenges and lucrative opportunities. This comprehensive guide equips seasoned rogues, newcomers, and guild leaders alike with valuable insights to navigate Azeroth’s economic landscape. Mastering the art of gold farming is not just about accumulating wealth; it’s a key to triumph, whether you’re eyeing elusive treasures, the finest equipment, or strategizing for future challenges.

From embracing a loot-centric mindset to harnessing the Pick Pocket ability, understanding auction house dynamics, and delving into rogue-specific goldmaking history, this guide ensures a holistic approach to wealth accumulation. Unlock the full potential of your journey by acquiring WoW SoD gold from FrostyBoost, a trusted source that empowers your character to conquer challenges.

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Explore the best gold farming zones tailored for Rogues, from Scarlet Monastery’s shadowy library to Maraudon’s herb-rich depths. Each zone presents a unique adventure, requiring strategic stealth and cunning to amass wealth. Fear not the labyrinthine corridors; familiarize yourself with safe spots and lucrative treasures. Let your rogue prowess lead you to untold riches in Azeroth.


In the mysterious depths of these dungeons, rogues find solace in solitude, immersing themselves in a realm of self-discovery. These clandestine escapades offer a unique path to wealth without the usual competition. Embrace the shadows, heed the guide’s insights, and let your rogue prowess pave the way to triumph in Azeroth’s timeless adventure.

Is gold farming as a Rogue suitable for all player types?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a seasoned rogue looking to maximize your wealth, a newcomer navigating Azeroth’s economic landscape, or a guild leader seeking strategic insights, this guide caters to a diverse audience.

How important is the Pick Pocket ability for a rogue in gold farming?

The Pick Pocket ability is a game-changer for rogues. It not only provides immediate gains but sets the stage for continuous wealth accumulation. It’s a fundamental tool in a rogue’s gold farming toolkit.

Can I make substantial gold earnings by mastering the auction house dynamics?

Certainly! Understanding the auction house, identifying high-demand items, and timing your sales strategically can lead to substantial and consistent gold earnings. The guide provides insights into maximizing profits through auction house endeavors.

Are there specific dungeons tailored for rogue gold farming?

Yes, the guide highlights several dungeons perfect for rogues, including Scarlet Monastery, Zul’Farrak, Lower Blackrock Spire (LBRS), Maraudon, and Dire Maul. Each offers a unique gold farming experience, from stealthy pickpocketing to herbal heists.

Is gold farming as a Rogue a solo endeavor, or can it involve group activities?

Gold farming as a Rogue can be both solo and group-oriented. Dungeons like LBRS offer thrilling pickpocketing escapades for rogues in groups, while others like Scarlet Monastery and Dire Maul cater to solo adventurers.

How can I ensure success in gold farming as a Rogue?

Success in gold farming requires a loot-centric mindset, mastering rogue-specific abilities, understanding auction house dynamics, and exploring diverse dungeons. The guide provides a comprehensive approach to ensure your journey to wealth is both strategic and rewarding.

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