Farming Gold Guide in WoTLK Classic

How to get gold in WotLK Classic

Most of those who played World of Warcraft would say that gold is the most commonly encountered item in the game. The currency was dropped from almost every monster, and in many quests it was given out as a reward. That’s not to be said for World of Warcraft Classic, where farming gold can be quite a challenge. This guide is designed to make it easier for the game players to find out exactly how to farm gold, especially if you are looking for a fast way to earn it. The FrostyBoost team below will provide you with ways and methods of gold farming, ranging from the more energy-consuming in time and effort to the simplest ones.

Professions: gather and sell items as you level up

At first, you should only pick up gathering professions as you progress from level 1 to 60. Typically this will be herbalism and skinning or herbalism and mining, but enchanting also considers (as you can disperse unnecessary equipment and sell the obtained supplies). Avoid collecting items for your own use, instead sell them to players with more conventional crafting professions. You should choose the most beneficial gathering profession. In this part of the guide we’ll take a cursory look at the main goldfarming professions in WoTLK.


Assume herbalism is specifically useful for some players that use potions almost immediately (including healing potions and defence elixirs) due to the relatively high risk of damage and death at low levels in WoTLK Classic.


This profession may be less profitable, but it doesn’t detract players as much from leveling up as all they have to do is kill monsters and take their skins off. It’s also worth noting that you don’t need to compete for nodes as well as for herbalism or mining resources.


Mining is useful in several professions, including blacksmithing and engineering. Requirement of this profession tends to increase as players approach max level. However, keep in mind that, unlike in the basic game, gathering professions do not give experience in WoTLk Classic. On the other hand, herbalism and mining consume a significant amount of time and can detract you from leveling up.


Well, first of all, fishing is not an activity for everyone. Sitting on the spot and waiting for a fish to bite the hook is not the kind of gameplay that most WoW players enjoy. However it can be quite profitable, because the variety of fish you can catch in the waters of Northrend is in constant demand from players with the Cooking profession. Sometimes you can catch something of great value.

Crafting professions

There are also crafting professions in WoTLK Classic, but they are not as beneficial for gold farming as gathering professions. Special attention should be paid to Enchanting and Inscription. The first profession is not just about crafting enchantments for armour, weapons, etc. It is primarily the ability to obtain materials by dispersing items of equipment, and sell them out at WoW auction. Enchantments allow the crafting of symbols for all classes.

Gold DKP raids WoTLK classic

For this simple way of gold farming you just need some free time, i.e. the GDKP is not based on merit or achievement, but on the goal. The items in the raid are not divided according to achievement or contribution to the common cause. An auction is held among those who want to purchase one or another item – the highest bidder gets the epic they want. At the end of the raid, the money received is divided among all the raid participants. That’s what we’re interested in. If you have enough leisure time, you can try your hand at farming gold. You don’t have to roll items, you just go through a certain raid from start to finish. Then you pick up your share(basically the 25th part).

Gold boost

The following method of gold farming is quite profitable. There are two options for gold boosting. The first, a simple way is to have a level 80 character to help other players through dungeons and low-level raids for gold. The second way is more difficult – carrying another player through the arena. This requires you to have high PvP skills and a proficiency in WoTLK classic. You can do so called coaching and obtain gold from the player for every hour of the arena.

Bots farming gold

There’s no disputing the fact that gold bot farming is indeed a very easy way to farm gold. However, it is the worst of all the services on offer. We won’t focus on it much in the meantime, our guide will present a few fairly compelling reasons not to purchase this type of service. The first is that trying to farm gold is one of the main parts of the WoTLK classic. After you have everything you begin to lose motivation and then interest in our beloved game. The second reason is to stop almost every player from doing that. Your account will be permanently blocked as this service is illegal and is highly punishable by fines.

Acquiring gold from FrostyBoost

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Surely, there are more ways of farming Gold in WoW: WotLK Classic, but they are no way near as efficient as those mentioned here. We sincerely hope our WoW gold farming guide for WotLK helps you play more comfortably, but if you still don’t want to waste your precious time mining gold, you can use our WotLK Classic Gold service to get some in-game currency at a fair price. All servers are available.

Why do I need gold in WoTLK classic?

You can just get everything your character need for comfortable high level gameplay with gold. For example, you can buy starter gear for PvP and immediately immerse yourself in epic PvP battles, or you can buy quality PvE gear, match your crew and make raids!

So why should I choose FrostyBoost service?

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When and how can I obtain gold?

You can purchase gold right now and you’ll never be willing to return to the boring and exhausting farming that makes your journey to the top so difficult again

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