Wotlk Leveling Guide

In the near future, we expect the release of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Players will once again travel to Northrend and level up their characters to level 80. Let’s share with you a few tips so that leveling your character takes less time, and the process itself is more pleasant.

You create a character, now it’s time for WotLK leveling. This is the process of gradually completing levels in order to develop gaming skills and increase the level of your toon. WotLK power leveling is an exciting process through which you can learn the mechanics of your character’s game, visit the amazing locations of the world of WoW Wrath of the Lich King, meet new heroes and, most importantly, develop game abilities and skills. We advise you to take this process carefully and enjoy every moment of this journey.

In this WotLK power leveling guide, we will share with you some tips for leveling up your character.

Useful Tip right away: If possible, try to start power leveling WotLK as soon as possible. This will allow you to be faster than the main group of players. Let you have at least 1 or 2 levels of advantage. What is this for? As the expansion releases, there will be many players who will perform the same tasks. Together with all these players, completing quests will be much more difficult. But if you get ahead of them a little, then it will be much easier for you.

How to reach the Northrend?

When you start power leveling WotLK, you will have to decide where to start your path to WoW Wrath of the Lich King. But first of all, you need to know how to reach the Northrend.

You need to reach the Borean Tundra or the Howling Fjord. Both factions: the Horde and the Alliance are suitable for leveling starting here.

The Horde

If you belong to the Horde, you should reach the place, which is marked in green. You’ll see a tower there. It is the tower that we need to reach! Now your task is to find the airship. You’ll know which one it is, especially when you notice the shark’s face, the lights, and the goblin spinning her bike. This airship is an opportunity to reach the Borean Tundra!

The Howling Fjord may be reached from the outskirts of the Undercity. You can also reach the Howling Fjord by airship.

The Alliance

If you belong to the alliance faction and you are wondering how to get to Northrend, then in the first place, you need to get to Stormwind. Here you should be on your way to the upper pier and get on the ship to the Borean Tundra! We have shown the location of the ship you need on the map.

Using the ship in Menethil Harbor you can get the Howling Fjord.

Well, you have reached Northrend! What to do next? How to power level in WoW Northrend? In this WotLK leveling guide we’ll tell you what other areas are there for completing levels and successfully WotLK power leveling.

WotLK power leveling in Northrend

WotLK power leveling in Northrend could be a really exciting journey. Leveling up in Northrend can be very fast. The main goal that you should achieve here is 800,000 experience. In Northrend you will pump levels from 68 to 80.

The Borean Tundra

When you reach the Borean Tundra, start doing quests in Valiance Keep. Quests will last while you’re staying in this zone. Here you will need to run around 110 quests.

The Howling Fjord

Your journey in the Howling Fjord can beсome a really fascinating trip. Here you can run a large number of quests. The Pirate Island is the quickest one. You will have an excellent experience here. Try to complete 100-130 quests. You must level up to level 73. It will let you go further into Dragonblight.


Dragonblight is one of the main zones. You can begin your journey here from the east side at Wintergarde Keep or from the west side at Star’s Rest. After making your way here, you’ll spend some time in Moa’ki Harbor. And then the Wyrmrest temple awaits you. Once you’ve run all the quests here, head to Winterguard. You’ll need to destroy all the Wintergarde and then go to the northwest so that your path ends here.

Grizzly Hills

Here, the best bet is to avoid Drakuru’s quest lines. This way you will lose time and get very little benefit. If you’ve completed Fjord, make an effort to run the quests on the west side that end with Blue Sky Logging Grounds. If you have not completed the Howling Fjord, you will have to run quests in most of the zone. You should also have a go to run at least 70 quests.


Running quests here will take you a lot of time. If you are offered to run a quest for Drakuru, it is better to refuse. You should also refuse to complete the Storm King final quest. But if you really desire to pass it, then do it. Also, you’d better hire someone who can do the Amphitheater for you. You can run quests near the Altar of Rhunok at this time. When you have finished all your business here, gather a group for Gundrak and together run the quests that will need to be completed in the North Camp.

Storm Peaks

Some quests here are pretty good. Their completion will let you quickly gain experience. However, once you reach the Brunhildar challenges, leave this place, because you don’t want to stay here for long. Passing quests in this zone will bring you to level 79.

Sholazar Basin

Sholazar Basin is an atmospheric and vibrant zone that is fast paced and has great quest organization. Your journey here will begin with Freya’s quest. You will need to get the Key for the Waygate. In order to do this, you will need to travel to the River’s Heart and select the quests that will allow you to start FrenzyHeart/Oracles. You will need to run all the quests and head to Nesingwary’s Base Camp. Along with this, you can run several other quests. When you’re on a mission to deal with Dreadsabers, make sure you have Freya’s Key! Give it back later. Here we advise you to follow the entire quest line. Once your quests here are done, you will be really close to level 80.


Composed literally of solid ice, Icecrown is home to the Frozen Throne and Icecrown

Citadel. Here, in the Icecrown, you won’t have to spend much time. If you’ve done everything correct so far, then all you have to do is complete some of the initial quests at the Argent Stand and then travel to Crystalsong.

We have studied all the zones and shared information about them with you in our WotLK leveling guide. You are free to choose where to go and what quests to pass. In any case, you will have a picturesque and amazing journey through the world of WoW WotLK.

Other useful tips for WotLK power leveling

Consumable Items

While power leveling WotLK in Northrend, you will find several tasks, for the completion of which you will need to overcome a very large distance through the water. During swimming, the speed is significantly reduced, and therefore you need to prepare for this in advance. Stock up on Elixir of Water Walking. These elixirs are very easy to make on your own, but if your characters don’t have alchemy skill, you can purchase elixirs at the auction house.

Be sure to stock up on flasks to facilitate and speed up your leveling.

Also don’t forget about health and mana potions. Buying them can be expensive, so check out the PvP merchant in your capital first. If your class uses mana, be sure to purchase Star’s Tears potion, and if you have the necessary currency, then you can spend it on other consumables you need.

Bags and gold

Be sure to empty your bags so you can start your journey to Northrend with your inventory as empty as possible. If you have a lot of gold, then remember that Haris Pilton in Shattrath City may have a 24-slot bag called Portable Hole. Also, if you have plenty of gold, don’t forget to buy Reins of the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth as soon as possible.

You can create an alternate character to temporarily store items. During your power leveling in Northrend, you will collect various materials that take up a lot of space in your inventory, but which will definitely come in handy in the future. You can send them to an alternate character and pick them up when you need them.

The Isle of Quel’Danas

Before WotLK comes out and you can WotLK power level up in Northrend, don’t be lazy and visit the Isle of Quel’Danas. Complete all daily quests before Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord is unlocked. This is important to do, because after the release of WotLK, daily tasks which can be completed very quickly will begin to give as much experience as tasks in new locations.

Free flights

The final locations of Northrend are for characters that have the ability to fly on mounts. But don’t be upset if you don’t have enough gold to buy a flying mount at level 77, because there is an Honest Max in K-3 in the Storm Peaks. This goblin will provide you with a very slow flying mount for free that will run until you exit the game.

Leveling should be a pleasure

Character leveling consists mainly in completing quests. In WoW WotLK Classic, the character has 80 levels, and therefore you will definitely have time to enjoy the history of the game, fantastic locations, and of course, you will definitely have time to improve your gaming skills, which will be useful to you further in the game. If you are leveling your character for the first time, then you need to do it with pleasure. This is a really interesting and exciting process. Especially if you have additional knowledge that will help you level up your character faster, more efficiently and more fun! Check out our WotLK power leveling guide and follow its tips. Here we shared our experience and our knowledge with you, told you which places are better to avoid, and in which, on the contrary, you should linger. We hope our guide will help you in your endeavors! Frostyboost wishes you good luck in your character leveling! We recommend checking out our wotlk leveling boost services if you want to get to 80 as fast and effortlessly as possible

How to power level in wow?

If you want to power your level in WoW WotLk you should know that character leveling consists mainly in completing quests and going through dungeons.

How long does it take to level Wrath of the Lich King?

It depends on how much time you will devote to the game and on your skills. If you are a beginner, then, of course, it will take more time. It is not bad either. So you can fully immerse yourself in the game and get certain skills.The time it takes to level up your character can vary from a couple of weeks to several months.

What is the max level in WotLK?

Characters in WoW WotLK have 80 levels.

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