Everbloom Mythic Plus Guide in WoW DF S3

WoW Dragonflight Season 3: Everbloom Mythic Plus Guide

Greetings, and welcome to another installment of our Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ series! In this session, we’ll be diving into the details of the Everbloom Mythic Plus Guide.

Key Takeaways

The Everbloom can be accessed in the eastern region of Gorgrond, either through the Everbloom Wilds near Grove Warden Yal or via the portal in Millennia’s Threshold, Valdrakken.

This detailed guide to Everbloom Mythic Plus provides comprehensive strategies for handling trash mobs and defeating all four bosses: Witherbark, Ancient Protectors, Archmage Sol, and Yalnu. The dungeon offers loot with item levels reaching up to 470, potentially reaching 483 in the Great Vault. Additionally, conquering Everbloom results in obtaining six achievements.

WoW Mythic+ BoostIf you are interested, our previous guide covered the Waycrest Manor Mythic Plus dungeon, so be sure to check it out. Nevertheless, in this guide, we will delve into the mechanics of each boss and trash encounter, offering insights into effective strategies and the valuable rewards that Everbloom has in store for adventurers.

Originally introduced in Warlords of Draenor, the Everbloom dungeon has been revamped as part of the Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic Plus roster. With four challenging bosses and a trove of valuable loot, Everbloom presents an exhilarating adventure for bold adventurers. Through this guide, our aim is to equip you with the knowledge needed to conquer the challenges within Everbloom and reap its rewarding offerings.

Where is Everbloom Entrance

Everbloom is situated to the east of Gorgrond, and you can find the entrance nestled in Everbloom Wilds, close to Grove Warden Yal. To access Mythic Plus Everbloom conveniently, you can utilize the portal from Valdrakken as the most efficient route. From there, travel to Millennia’s Threshold and enter the second portal on your left to swiftly reach Gorgrond. Upon arrival, mount up and follow the pin on your map to discover the concealed Everbloom entrance among the lush vegetation, which is identifiable by a pink glowing portal.

Witherbark Trash Guide

  • Prioritize interrupting the casting of Choking Vines by the Everbloom Naturalist, as it stuns targeted players and deals significant damage.
  • Support your Tank by interrupting the single-target damage from Dancing Thorns.
  • Be mindful of the heavy damage inflicted by Dreadpetals on the tank, which applies a stackable Dreadpetal Pollen debuff that increases damage taken and reduces movement speed. This debuff can be removed by kicking or dispelling it.
  • Watch out for Rockspine Stingers, as they debuff random players with a stacking Venom Burst effect, causing a potent damage-over-time that explodes after a few seconds, damaging all within a 5-yard radius. Use Poison removal for this, and exercise caution not to aggro too many Stingers.
  • Interrupt or dispel Enraged Growth to prevent a nearby enemy from enraging.
  • Interrupt the casting of Healing Waters by the Everbloom Menders to stop enemy healing.
  • When Gnarlroot spawns a root at each player’s location, gather together for this cast and swiftly eliminate the roots before Living Leaves is activated, or face being silenced.

Witherbark Boss Guide

To start with, the tanks must position the boss at the edges of the arena, ensuring it is far from the water. It’s essential to consistently direct the Parched Gasp away from the group and use defensive abilities during this frontal cast.

When the boss’s energy depletes, it will be affected by the Brittle Bark debuff, making it more vulnerable and causing it to receive 100% more damage.Once the energy bar refills, the debuff dissipates, and the heightened damage phase ends. During this phase, Aqueous Globules emerge from the lake and slowly progress towards the boss, granting him 25 energy for each Globule that reaches him. Allowing four of them to reach him would completely recharge his energy.

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Another important mechanic is the Unchecked Growth, where marked players are pursued by vines that trigger Unchecked Growth upon reaching their target.

As outlined in our Everbloom Mythic Plus guide, the recommended strategy for this situation involves using the Unchecked Growths to create a barrier, trapping Witherbark in a corner or near a wall. This approach aims to extend the Brittle Bark debuff and hinder the Aqueous Globules from reaching the boss and replenishing his energy. The Unchecked Growths destroy Globules upon contact, saving time and maximizing the damage inflicted on the boss.

When the Globules come into contact with the Growths, an additional enemy will spawn, so the tanks need to handle them while the rest of the group focuses on dealing damage to the boss. Furthermore, healers must keep their teammates’ health at an adequate level, as each Globule swallowed by the Growth causes damage to the entire group.

Ancient Protectors Trash Guide

In this encounter, you’ll face mostly the same enemies as before, but with some additional bonus foes. The Twisted Abominations are a significant threat due to their Noxious Eruption, which is a large area-of-effect attack that also inflicts a damage-over-time effect. You should focus on healing through this damage and using defensive abilities to mitigate it. Additionally, the Poisonous Claws ability will cause heavy damage to the tank and apply a dispellable poison damage-over-time effect. Defensive abilities should be used as needed to handle this.

Be vigilant of the Melded Berserkers’ Bounding Whirl move, a leap that targets random ranged players. These foes consistently Enrage themselves, so use any available Enrage dispels without delay.

Ancient Protectors Boss Guide

The encounter with the Ancient Protectors is structured as a council-style battle featuring three bosses, each with separate health pools. Delhu is a mobile boss, while Telu and Gola are stationary casters, and traditional tanking methods are ineffective against them.

Telu and Gola unleash Water Bolts and Nature’s Wrath at random intervals. It’s imperative to interrupt these casts and reserve at least one interrupt ability for their special moves: Toxic Bloom for Telu and Revitalize for Gola. Allowing Toxic Bloom to succeed will stun all party members for 4 seconds, potentially leading to a swift defeat. Revitalize must be interrupted to prevent the boss from healing.

Gola and Telu take turns casting Terrestrial Fury and Torrential Fury, inflicting substantial group-wide AoE damage. DPS should utilize defensive capabilities, while healers must prioritize healing to counteract the high damage output during these casts.

Tanks should be vigilant about their positioning: when Delhu triggers Noxious Charge, they need to distance themselves from the group. Following the targeting of the tank, large swirls will appear under each player within a 10-yard radius. It’s crucial to avoid the swirls in melee range to prevent Nature damage.

The most effective strategy for this battle is to position Delhu on top of the active boss for interrupts, with DPS concentrating on Telu since he poses a greater threat among the two casters.

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Archmage Sol Trash Guide

The pathway leading to Archmage Sol poses the greatest threat in the dungeon, as most of the creatures there are resistant to crowd control (CC). Your only option to thwart their spellcasting is to rely solely on interrupting their actions.

  • When facing the Infested Icecallers, make it a priority to disrupt their continuous casting of Frostbolt spells and watch out for their Cold Fusion ability, which summons a circle of ice orbs moving inward. To avoid being stunned and taking significant Frost damage, steer clear of these orbs.
  • Beware of the Pytrid Pyromancers’ Pyroblast, a particularly dangerous spell if it goes off successfully. This should be your utmost priority for interruption. Additionally, exercise caution when dealing with Cinderbolt Salvo, as it inflicts substantial damage by launching bolts randomly at players. While your healers work to counter this onslaught, remember to use defensive measures to support them.
  • When confronting the Addled Arcanomancer, focus on interrupting their Arcane Blast, an ability with the potential for fatal consequences, and evade Spatial Disruption by luring it far enough away to prevent widespread AoE damage.
  • Lastly, the Hapless Assistants will relentlessly target your tank with auto-attacks and utilize Fungal Fist, which can be either outranged or diminished with defensive measures.

Archmage Sol Boss Guide

This particular encounter is the most challenging battle in the dungeon due to the complex rotation of abilities and the overlapping spell casts.

Throughout the fight, the boss will cycle through three different types of magic: Fire, Frost, and Arcane, using Cinderbold Storm, Glacial Fusion, or Spatial Compression as her ultimate abilities. Additionally, starting from the second cast onwards, a Growing Infestation spore image will mimic her previously used spell, leading to difficult ability overlaps.

The battle commences with Cinderbold Storm, which inflicts significant damage to the group and leaves fiery swirls on the ground. It’s crucial to avoid these swirls and to use defensive abilities when necessary. Healers should prepare for intense group healing during this phase.

During the Frost phase, Archmage Sol summons rings of frozen spheres with Glacial Fusion, similar to the mechanics of the Cold Fusion cast. The approach here remains the same: evade the spheres to prevent stuns and high ongoing damage. When the first Glacial Fusion is cast, Cinderbold Storm will be replicated, so Healers should be prepared for the increased damage output.

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As the battle transitions to the Arcane phase, Sol conjures Spatial Compression orbs. Players should position themselves so that a ranged DPS stands as far away from the group as possible to handle the orb’s pull effect, ensuring that there is enough space to evade the mirrored abilities.

Yalnu Boss Guide

Yalnu, the final boss of the Everbloom dungeon, presents the easiest fight of the four if the team effectively manages the additional enemies.

First and foremost, it is vital for the tanks to draw the boss’s attention and orient him towards a wall or a cliff to protect the team from his Colossal Blow frontal assault, which causes substantial Nature damage and stuns. Evading this attack is paramount for the team’s well-being.

Throughout the encounter, Yalnu is vulnerable to three times more damage from the Brushfire debuff. However, this effect is nullified in the presence of Flourishing Ancients in the arena. These ancients, spawned by the boss’s Verdant Eruption, pose a threat with their frontal attacks and need to be swiftly dealt with to restore the Brushfire damage amplifier. Healers need to be vigilant in mitigating the ancients’ significant AoE damage.

When Yalnu initiates the Genesis cast, sproutings emerge, which must be promptly trampled before they transform into Feral Lashers. Movement speed buffs should be saved for this mechanic to ensure fast and effective clearing. If Lashers do manifest, interrupting their Lasher Venom cast is vital. In the event that not all the Lashers are eliminated by the end of Genesis, the tank should lure them under the boss for efficient simultaneous elimination.

The primary objective of this encounter is to eliminate all spawns to maintain the 300% damage debuff on the boss. In the event of additional spawns, the tanks should swiftly secure aggro, while the rest of the team focuses on dispatching them. It’s imperative to maintain control over the additional enemies and prevent them from overwhelming the group.

Everbloom Loot Table

The dungeon offers a variety of valuable items, ranging up to ilvl 470 upon completion and possibly reaching ilvl 483 in the Great Vault. Refer to the table below to see the unique boss loot available in Everbloom.

Name Type Boss
Bracers of Swirling Light Cloth Wrist Archmage Sol
Coagulated Genesaur Blood Trinket Yalnu
Desiccated Husk Shield Shield Yalnu
Gauntlets of Burning Focus Leather Hands Witherbark
Hoof of Yalnu 1H Mace Yalnu
Interloper’s Mossy Skull Off-Hand Ancient Protectors
Leafhide Penetrator Crossbow Witherbark
Morningscale Cowl Mail Head Archmage Sol
Rivet-Sealed Waistplate Plate Waist Ancient Protectors

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Everbloom Achievements

The dungeon presents a total of six distinct achievements for players to pursue. The initial achievement, “The Everbloom” is obtained by vanquishing Yalnu. Its Heroic and Mythic versions can be acquired by defeating the boss on the corresponding difficulties or higher. Furthermore, players can attain “Keystone Hero: The Everbloom” by completing the instance on M+20 or higher within the designated time, along with receiving “Teleport: The Everbloom” as a supplementary reward. For those striving for the “Water Management” achievement, it is imperative to overcome Witherbark on Heroic or higher without allowing him to replenish his energy bar. Lastly, the “Weed Whacker” achievement is bestowed upon those who successfully conquer Yalnu while preserving the lives of all Kirin Tor mages on Heroic or higher difficulty.


With that said, we conclude our Everbloom Mythic Plus guide. We trust it was beneficial and aided your group in enhancing its readiness for the dungeon, leading to a smoother clear.

If you’re venturing into M+ dungeons for the first time, we suggest referring to our Mythic+ Guide for Newbies, where we explore the mode, offer valuable tips for novices, and present our other M+ guides. Additionally, watch out for our upcoming guide, which will provide a comprehensive walkthrough for WoW Dark Heart Thicket.

Having said that, best of luck with those keys, everyone, and enjoy your gaming experience!

Where is the entrance to the Everbloom dungeon in WoW Dragonflight Season 3?

The entrance to Everbloom is located in the eastern region of Gorgrond, specifically in Everbloom Wilds near Grove Warden Yal. Alternatively, you can use the portal from Valdrakken in Millennia’s Threshold for convenient access.

What item levels can be obtained from loot in the Everbloom dungeon?

The dungeon offers loot with item levels reaching up to 470, potentially going up to 483 in the Great Vault upon completion.

How many bosses are there in the Everbloom dungeon, and can you name them?

Everbloom has four bosses: Witherbark, Ancient Protectors, Archmage Sol, and Yalnu.

Are there achievements associated with the Everbloom dungeon in WoW Dragonflight Season 3?

Yes, there are six distinct achievements, including “The Everbloom,” “Keystone Hero: The Everbloom,” and “Water Management.” Completing these achievements can grant additional rewards.

Can you provide tips for handling trash mobs, especially the Witherbark trash in Everbloom?

Prioritize interrupting abilities like Choking Vines, Dancing Thorns, and Enraged Growth. Be cautious of debuffs like Dreadpetal Pollen and Venom Burst from Rockspine Stingers. Coordination is crucial when dealing with mechanics like Unchecked Growth and Gnarlroot’s roots.

What is the recommended strategy for the Ancient Protectors boss encounter in Everbloom?

Focus on interrupting Water Bolts and Nature’s Wrath. Handle special moves like Toxic Bloom and Revitalize carefully. During Terrestrial Fury and Torrential Fury casts, DPS should use defensive capabilities, and healers must prioritize group-wide healing. Positioning is crucial to avoid Noxious Charge swirls.

How can players effectively handle the complex abilities of Archmage Sol in Everbloom?

Pay attention to the rotation of magic types (Fire, Frost, Arcane) and corresponding abilities. Avoid Cinderbold Storm swirls, evade Glacial Fusion spheres during the Frost phase, and manage Spatial Compression orbs in the Arcane phase. Coordination is essential to handle Growing Infestation spores and overlapping spell casts.

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