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You have finally decided to join our global WoW Community. Now a huge and exciting road to realize yourself in the world of great opportunities, fascinating locations and unusual creatures awaits you. If you have just decided to start this road and feel a little confused, don’t worry, we will help you choose the right direction and share useful WoW tips with you.

Wow Best Arena Classes

The first thing you need to do to start your journey into the fantasy world of WoW Shadowlands is to choose a race and class for your character.

1. Choice of Shadowlands Best Races

The choice of race for your character is mainly based on your personal preferences. You just may like the appearance of a particular representative of any race. Maybe you will like some special characteristics. So, each race has its own unique racial ability. For example, the orc race has a passive racial ability Hardiness. It gives 25% resistance to stun and knockout effects. Orcs also have an active racial trait Blood Fury that increases attack power for 15 seconds. These abilities are very useful for PvP battles. The Night Elf race has an ability that increases your haste by 1% during the night and your Critical Strike by 1% during the day. Most interestingly, the night elves have the shadowmeld racial trait, which allows them to be invisible in combat. Also, using the shadowmeld ability at the moment when you are attacked by some kind of control, you can meld it. The undead race can similarly remove fear effects from itself. The human race also has a unique ability. Their racial ability Will to Survive allows them to remove all stun effects. It could be a great change in the course of a fight. Also all stats such as Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, Versatility increased by 2%.
When choosing a race for your character, study all of their traits and pick the one that appeals to you the most.

2. Choice of Shadowlands Best Classes

The choice of the class for which you want to fight should be approached more responsibly. You need to choose the class that you really like or the mechanics of which will interest you the most. You should enjoy playing as your class. At the beginning of your journey, you can try several different classes, because finding the best class for you may not be so easy. But sooner or later you will find it! And our WoW Tips will help you in your choice.

To begin with, when choosing a class, you need to choose the role that you want to play in the battles. There are three main roles: Tank, Healer, Damage Dealer.

Tank is the player who holds the bosses or mobs and takes all the damage. Such players are usually required in a dungeon or in raids. If this role appeals to you, then you should choose from the classes of warriors, death knights, druids, paladins, monks.

Healer is a player who heals members of his team during battles in the arena or in dungeons or raids. For a healer, such qualities as a large supply of mana, intelligence, and spirit are important. Healers can be druids, priests, shamans, monks.

Damage Dealer is a player whose role is to inflict maximum damage on enemy characters. Almost all classes are suitable for this role, whether it be a rogue, death knight, warrior or mage, warlock, priest, shaman, druid.

If you choose a class specifically for pvp battles, then you should still decide on the role first. However, there is no tank role in arena pvp battles. It is rare in pvp. Only Healer and Damage Dealer play in arena pvp. As a rule, arena 3v3 is played by two people who deal damage and one who heals. In arena 2v2, there are usually either two players who deal damage, or one who deals damage, and the second one who heals.

3. Character Leveling WoW

Now it’s time to do Character Leveling in WoW Shadowlands. To level up a character, you need to complete quests and go through dungeons. The maximum level that can be reached in WoW Shadowlands is level 60. Leveling is best done by combining both quests and dungeons. In the dungeon, it is very important to take quests in advance in order to maximize the amount of experience gained for completing the dungeon. Collect quests that need to be completed in a particular dungeon, and go through the same dungeon. Some players don’t like doing Character Leveling on their own. Maybe someone considers it not interesting or there is not enough free time to complete all 60 levels. In this case, we can offer WoW Character Level Boost. (link to section) By choosing this service, you allow our booster to help you. The booster will go to your account and, playing on it, will boost your character to level 60. We will boost your character quickly and efficiently, using all our secret techniques, so that everything is perfect for you and your character.

4. PvP or PvE

Thanks to the completed stages, you have a full-fledged, boosted character. Now you can choose what you will be interested in next. There are two ways here: PvP or PvE.


PvE is a battle with computer-controlled opponents. In WoW Shadowlands PvE is the passage of dungeons and raids. Usually 5 people are required to complete the dungeons. Raids are high-level content. Players of characters with a higher level are sent to pass the raids. It is a group of 20+ people. If you are interested in finding a group for dungeons and raids you can join a guild WoW or WoW community.

5. Joining a guild or community WoW

Joining a WoW guild and community is very important if you want to do PvE. For example, if you want to go to raids, then you need to join guild WoW. A guild can consist of many people: 100, 200, 300, 500 or even more people. The guild helps people to cooperate, successfully interact with each other, and visit dungeons or raids. A guild is a group of like-minded people who help each other in different situations. Each person can have his own profession and everyone can help each other thanks to their professions. One character, for example, can make stones for another, another can enchant armor, and a third can make the armor itself. The most important thing is to find a good guild with good people.


PvP is battles with real players. PvP in WoW Shadowlands includes arena and battleground battles. In order to succeed in battles in the arena or on the battleground, it is very important to consider a lot. Here are some very important and effective Pvp Arena Tips WoW.

6. Regular practice

One of the most important things to do in order to be successful in WoW PvP is regular practicing. You need to play regularly and play exactly for the class you have chosen. We have already told you about the best way to choose a class: your class should please you and meet all your desires and goals. Only then can you enjoy your game and practice passionately and regularly. Regular training will improve your game. The more practice, the better you will play, the less practice, the worse the game will be.

7. Watching your games

Another powerful PvP Arena Tip WoW that we share with you is watching your games. You can record your games so that later you can carefully review the recording and look for your mistakes. It is very important to understand your weaknesses and actively work on them. Working on your mistakes is the most important thing in WoW PvP. By reviewing your game, you can see your mistakes, minimize them and not repeat them again. The one who makes the fewest mistakes in arena PvP wins. One way or another, everyone makes mistakes, but the one who makes fewer mistakes will eventually win.

8. Streaming

In addition to watching the records of your game, it is also recommended to view the records of streamers, tournament players and celebrities from WoW, who can show something interesting in terms of playing the game. It affects your gameplay and how you feel the game.

9. Your Teammate

When choosing PvP Arena WoW your one and only road, it is very important to have a person who, like you, wants to develop in the PvP arena. A teammate who does not have the desire to develop will drag you down. You should have a common goal – achieving new heights.

10. Mutual Understanding

Above we shared a WoW PvP tip, in which we talked about the importance of having a faithful teammate. Now we’ll talk about the importance of the whole team and, most importantly, about mutual understanding in it. Whether it is passing dungeons or raids or playing arena 2v2 or 3v3: a team, mutual understanding and mutual assistance are very important. If there is mutual understanding in the team, the team will have both high efficiency and synergy, and all this will lead your team to victory. The more victories a team has, the better its results and rating. This team will succeed. If you want to win and achieve more, then all members of your team should support each other, help improve everyone’s playing skills and aim high.


We have shared with you our most actionable and important PvP Arena Tips WoW. Following at least part of these tips will definitely help you on your way and lead you to victories. We wish you good luck!

What type of players is the most popular in WoW Shadowlands?

Damage Dealer is a player whose role is to inflict maximum damage on enemy characters. Almost all classes are suitable for this role, whether it be a rogue, death knight, warrior or mage, warlock, priest, shaman, druid.

Top 3 most important aspects for success in WoW Shadowlands

If we are talking about playing in arena 3v3:

  1. Team. The team should have players who strive for professional skills development and support each other.
  2. The choice of class. Classes should be meta. For example, rogue + mage + priest.
  3. Personal skills.

In arena 2v2:

  1. Personal skills
  2. Team
  3. Class

Which games do I need to watch 2v2 or 3v3?

2v2 games carry low trainability. In these games, there are fewer players, which means that the variability of actions is less. In 3v3 there are many more players and more variability of actions. This is where people make more mistakes.

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