WoW Supreme Soloist Achievement Boost

WoW Supreme Soloist achievement Boost
  • Description: Our team of highly skilled players, who have achieved numerous Rank 1/gladiator accomplishments for themselves and our clients, will execute a series of critical measures to assist you in obtaining the extremely sought-after Supreme Soloist achievement boost for the Dragonflight PvP, which is widely recognized as a notably difficult achievement to acquire.
  • Rules: Character level 70; decent PvP gear for arena
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How to get the Supreme Soloist in Solo Shuffle DF

Solo Shuffle is a newly added PvP format that is exclusively available for solo-queueing in rated 3x3 PvP. It was introduced during the later stages of Shadowlands and provides an opportunity to acquire both standard rated PvP rewards and exclusive Solo Shuffle rewards by participating in the rotating Solo Shuffle Arena.
So in order to obtain the Supreme Soloist achievement and the accompanying Soloist title, you must win 150 rounds in the Solo Shuffle arena.

Why you should choose our boost service

Don't worry if you don't have so much time and effort to spend a huge amount of time at Solo Shuffle Arena for the great achievement of the Supreme Soloist. You can always request the support of our team. We will gladly assist you with this challenging mission. However, our professional players have extensive experience in the arena, having assisted numerous players over the years, making this task easily achievable for them. As a result, you will be bestowed with an exceptional title, signifying that you are among the top players in your class!

How it works

  1. If you're interested in acquiring the Supreme Soloist Boost and wish to purchase it, simply add it to your shopping cart and validate your purchase.
  2. We will then be sure to contact you to get account info for account sharing
  3. The FrostyBoost team will assign the most suitable boosters for you, who will immediately start the character boost.
  4. The boost will be completed as soon as possible, after which you will be asked to approve and pay for the order.

Our requirements

  1. The details of your WoW account where you would like to get the Supreme Soloist Boost boost
  2. Active subscription Dragonflight
  3. Max character level 70
  4. Good PvP gear for the current 1st DF arena season

You'll be among the only few to receive the Supreme Soloist achievement

By using our services, you can easily obtain the highly challenging Supreme Soloist achievement in the beloved game of WoW. This will make you one of the elite players to have achieved this prestigious feat.

What else can I get besides the Supreme Soloist achievement?

Additionally to the title you will get the PvP Tabard and some other arena achievements.

What is Solo Shuffle?

Solo Shuffle is a unique 3v3 PvP format where teams are reorganized after each round, with the first team to eliminate an opponent securing the round. It primarily operates as a rated PvP activity and rewards are based on the number of rounds won.

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