Vault of the Incarnates Mythic Raid Boost

Vault of the incarnates mythic run
  • Description: Wow, there is the new Dragonflight VotI raid in the Mythic difficulty! It will be hot! Join our team of expert and talented boosters, complete the new raid as best as possible and get the most fabulous gear! It's worth it!
  • Rules: Character level 70; Active WoW account with Dragonflight expansion
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WoW Vault of the Incarnates Mythic Raid Boost and get the startling achievements in VotI

Now it's time for the very first and most difficult raid. It will be a truly exciting event. Players will have to gain patience, strength, experience, skills and courage to go to the new WoW DF VotI Mythic raid and get all its stunning and advantageous rewards. And the rewards will be just that. By completing the raid and defeating eight of its bosses, players will be able to obtain 424-437 ilvl gear and the finest top-tier set pieces, which will bestow new and useful benefits on your character's class. It's all very cool and grandiose, and if you want to have it all, with just a couple of clicks, it can be yours. Join our team and you will get what you wanted so much!

Here is the boss order in VotI boost on mythic difficulty:

  1. Eranog.
  2. Terros.
  3. The Primal Council.
  4. Sennarth, The Cold Breath.
  5. Dathea, Ascended.
  6. Kurog Grimtotem.
  7. Broodkeeper Diurna.
  8. Raszageth the Storm-Eater.

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Character level 70

Active WoW account with Dragonflight expansion

We are ready to run this new VotI raid and achieve the highest goal for you! If you are ready too, then you know what to do! Join us and let's achieve the finest results together!

What is the duration of the boost?

Boost duration is about five hours.

What gear will I get?

You will be able to get gear from 424 to 437 level. Its level will depend on the number of bosses you have defeated.

How many bosses will need to be defeated in this raid?

You are waiting for a battle with eight bosses.

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