WotLK insane in the membrane
  • ETA: 12-14 days (without Darkmoon Faire). With Darkmoon Faire reputation, up to 8-12 weeks.
  • Description: Only the most daring and skilled boosters will dare to earn this WotLK achievement. But what won't you do for your clients? Our boosters will farm your toon's reputation until they reach The Exalted reputation level in 7 required factions.
  • Rules: Character level 70+; Account sharing
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WotLK Insane in the Membrane Boost

The Insane Title is rightfully considered the hardest achievement in all of WotLK. In order for your toon to have this bright title, our team's boosters will have to achieve the highest Exalted level of reputation in 7 factions: Everlook, Ratchet, Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, Ravenholdt, Darkmoon Faire, Shen'dralar. Such a task is only possible for the most diligent and purposeful players, which are our PRO boosters. Farming a huge amount of the rarest items, hundreds of mobs, dungeons is not a task for the faint of heart. Let yourself get rid of this hard task, and just buy an Insane Boost service and enjoy the result - the Insane in the Membrane achievement and the Insane title! With this title, you will impress all the players and everyone who meets you will experience admiration and respect towards you. Don't miss this amazing opportunity and buy WoW WotLK Insane Boost offered to you by the Frostyboost team.


Character level 70+

Account sharing

Service Progress

  1. You pay for the service
  2. Share your account with the booster who will provide the service
  3. The booster of our team begins its activities to improve your reputation:

The whole point of this process is to get the Exalted reputation in 7 factions. However, this is a very long and difficult process. For Ravenholdt, you will need to get Heavy Junkboxes and farm mobs until a certain amount of honor is reached. And for Shen'dralar, you need to go through the Dire Maul dungeon and collect unique Librams in-game items there. With all this, a long work with other factions still awaits.

  1. Having completed all these tasks, a player with a clear conscience will return your account to you and you will be able to proudly carry this title.

You are one of the luckiest

The Insane Title is rarely seen in Azeroth. This is not surprising, considering how difficult this title is to obtain. But we are ready to make every effort to ensure that you become one of those rare lucky ones who has the right to wear this proud title!

What is the Insane Title in WotLK?

This is one of the hardest titles to achieve! Only a few have it.

What is the lead time?

About 2-3 months.

What level must a toon have to be eligible for this title?

Character level must be 70 or higher.

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